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  1. Deep State politicians playing fowl in impeachment, Shifty Schiff changing the laws to trap Pres. Trump, not allowing Reps in room with door Guarded. The lynch mob votes thrusday. Hitlary Clinton prepares to be appointed puppet President to U.S. for life by the One World Gov. along with demoncraps Pedosi, shifty and schumkers. Pray for God's help to protect Trump-Patriots-white Hats. God Bless America. 10-30-19. Ps U.N. Blue Helmets Took control of compound in Salt Lake City, Ut yesterday ! See something say something we are nearing Hell.
  2. Dog lover I am . Military policy makers need to give more humanity treatment to these special furry soldier & hero's by allowing dogs to stay with handler when discharged or make sure they are adopted back home....never leave a SOLDIER behind.
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