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  1. Vicky-I am north of amarillo in fritch slightly south of Lake meredith.
  2. I'm 69, retired, live about 1/4 mile from Lake Meredith (Fritch TX) as the crow flies, 4 miles driving, live off the grid with only water as a utility, solar and wind for power, raise chickens hence the chickenman moniker. Have a lot with enough space to shoot and practice @ about 50 yds max range. Known in the area as "Chickenman". Ex Navy MM1(SS)(SW) Nuclear trained, Vietnam 3 mo brownwater Navy, NECs 9593/3365, hold marksman medals rifle/pistol, have current Tx handgun license (originally CHL), reload my own ammo and cast my own bullets, also proficient with black powder weapons, and have a bunch!!!!
  3. Vicki Champagne-Doug Ogle(ctunaman UID) here-for your AR15 purchase-I would suggest you check out Sportsmans Guide. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/ I have been a member since 2010. Membership is cheap, discounts are great for members, best of all they sell GUNS!!!! As a member, you can also set up to purchase anything over $200 on a four pay system-and after paying 1/4 down (and getting their approval) they will ship the item(s) to you. Including firearms!!! Naturally the firearms must go to a FFL holder, but that is the law anyway. Most FFL dealers don't charge more than 25 for doing the paperwork. Just sayin' Here is good example: https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/anderson-am15-br-semi-automatic-556-nato-223-remington-16-barrel-301-rounds?a=2181877
  4. Hello from Texas-anyone going to the oath keepers wall at Eagle Pass from the Amarillo area? Live in Fritch, north of Amarillo.

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