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  1. Nice to see you here brother, I find most folks here are affiliated with other groups and are corresponding through other channels. I'm a lone wolf in here. I don't get out much. Between work, the kids and the wife ( honey do list ), not much time left. I like popping in and out just to keep up with everything. Our family is non participants in the 3% at this time. The few groups I talked to just weren't what we were looking for. It's nice to know where to turn if shtf. If it comes down to it, we're ready and if we can be of assistance, we will do what we can
  2. Look no further than yourselves. Set up some meet and greets between yourselves. Keep contact on here and things will happen. Be patient
  3. It's putting people in front of the train. Facebook is a scam! They sell your Info plus the weak security. No thanks, any intelligent American won't stick around. I'm here to recruit and I'm gone.
  4. Not for the intelligent. How many "breaches" are acceptable. They sell your information. It's all public. This site wont last long.
  5. Very unorganized and unpopulated forum. Anyone serous about being in a militia isn't going on facebook. This is a joke right?
  6. No thank you. Facebook is junk. Keep to your own platform. You won't find me on those sites.
  7. Not sure how many of you are a 3%we but I would start there. Personally I haven't had any luck with the NH chapter. I don't use social media other than this and the 3% forums. As of now my next available weekend is the second week of April. I will be doing a 36 hour camping / training weekend rain or shine. I usually do these solo a couple times a year just to stay on my toes. All are welcome as set location date and time are not set in stone. Feel free to contact me in regard to the event or other matters involving NH.
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