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  1. Good concealment but zero cover. Nice pic.
  2. Greetings all..  

    What are we up to?  What is our mission?

  3. I happened upon this site on Face Book and decided to give it a try. I served in the US Army for just under 6 years, helping to develop young leaders. I worked for the Boys & Girls Club, became a Club director who helped design a facility for my community. I did my best to mold productive young citizens with positive moral compasses for 14 years. I have a degree in History and have even taught Sunday School for young men. I suffered for 8 years while our Nation slumped during the Obama years. I support President Trump while I will always attempt to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic (democrats as well as the looney left with few exceptions). Now I am a disabled vet who needs to serve his country in any way possible.
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