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  1. Yeah I'm not having any luck with getting hooked up with a group I'm ready head to Texas
  2. Hello thanks for getting back to me I currently live in Hartford CT I don't check email often enough I forget because it's usually junk so can text me or call @860-978-6947 thanks WAYNO
  3. Yes I would like training I can be reached out of Hartford CT.
  4. Hello I'm looking too join ya all to hold up the Constitution with my life you can bet on it I'm not a radical but I'm at wits end with what's going on please consider me thank you for being here reach me WAYNO AT 860-978-6947
  5. Hello ya all I'm trying to join you in preserving my children and grandchildren a life of freedom to up hold our Constitution so please consider my help if needed I can be reached at 860-978-6947 any questions or whatever thank-you your VB freind WAYNO

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