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  1. Your taxes will send illegal alien invaders to college. Can you afford to send YOUR citizen kids to college? "The House version, HB 1547, was introduced by Majority Whip Alfonso Lopez (D-49) of Arlington. Lopez is the son of a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, his father having permanently overstayed his tourist visa to the United States in the 1950s. “Every time I see a DREAMer kid, I see my father,” Lopez has said." Virginia Dems Plan Taxpayer Funded Tuition for Illegals, Receive Tim Kaine Family Endorsement
  2. Brainwashed by globalists and leftists and is there any surprise at the outcome when a Westerner embraces one or more invading barbarian filth? "A young Finnish women who had made pro-globalist posts on social media was found dead at her apartment as blood flowed under her door, leading to police to open an investigation into a suspected murder case. Sanni Ovaska, a young woman from Hameenlinna, a city which lies between Helsinki and Tampere, Southern Finland, was allegedly murdered by her migrant boyfriend, according to local reports." Pro-Migrant Woman Brutally Murdered by Migrant Boyfriend
  3. "Around the world, people who leave the faith of Islam face state persecution, imprisonment, torture, and even execution, as well as violence, death threats, and ostracization from their own communities." YouTube video Why I Left Islam & Became Christian
  4. The majority of news stories telling of an adult teacher being sexually promiscuous with an underage student(s) the teacher is a female. Rare are the stories involving a male teacher. Why are the feminists and the #MeToo and other female cohorts failing to mention the "female rape culture" rampant in the USA? All they ever mention is how evil and vile males are. Georgia middle school teacher faces deportation after allegedly molesting student, 13, reports say
  5. Trump-supporting patriot brutally murdered by scum. Leftist? Marxist? Antifa supporter? Democrat? Full story not out. Is this yet another of a multitude of cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)? The people already partially to totally crazed with madness are most apt to suffer TDS. The traitors of the USA are the first to kill and maim while patriots have a far lower crime rate and lower mental illness rate. Florida Man With Anti-Government Beliefs Killed Pro-Trump Boss
  6. Sure... President Trump is far from perfection and I believe he could do more to fight the evils confronting the USA but when I think of what miht have happened to us if Wench Hillary had won the election I shudder at the thought. Compared to the competition Mr. Trump is currently the best choice available.
  7. Kudos to all the 2nd amendment supporters who showed up and behaved in a civil manner. I watched on-line for a couple hours. I did not hear any cuss words or see any idiotic acts. I had to go cook lunch for the Legion post members who were desperately hungry enough to eat my cooking so missed the afternoon action at the event. Back at the computer I have not seen any mentions of anything bad happening so I assume all went well. Surprised that Antifa or other traitors did not use false-flag events to place patriots in a bad light. Also surprised that traitors did not use other nefarious and devious methods to make patriots appear to be the bad folks. I do expect the elite-owned tyrannical New World Order corporate-owned media to do their usual and use every method known to make the patriots appear to be the bad folks. To end this comment... TRUMP 2020!!!!!!
  8. “Latin American migrants eager to enter the United States but held in Mexico are praying for President Trump’s election defeat in 2020, believing that a Democratic president will open the borders again.” Scum parasites could have headed for ANY country in walking/riding distance. The parasites could have headed for ANY Central or South American country with a culture FAR MORE similar to their cesspool home country than what is found in the USA. However… the parasites know where the hand-outs exist. Illegal immigrants blocked at border pray for Trump’s defeat, ‘I want Trump out’ Patriots, my typical input links directly to where I saw the information source. I made an exception here. The link above leads to one of my blogs covering topics of this type. In the header at the page top are links to other parts of the blog. One of thee links is seen below: Militias, Preppers, Survivalists etc On that page are links I collect as I wander the Web. One of the links is to THIS SITE!!!! YAY!!!!! Free advertising. And placed in a location where it will not be viewed as spam. Proper placement is important to avoid putting this site in a bad light. Some sites with commenting/message boards allow "signatures" where a link to MyMilitia can be placed. That typically does not create discord but if it does simply remove it. Use common sense when placing a link to MyMilitia. If battling the enemy on enemy ground consider carefully the appropriateness of placing a link to MyMilitia in enemy territory. Look at some of the listed sites in my blog and maybe they would be appropriate places for a visitor to make a brief mention of MyMilitia or leave an comment appropriate to the current topic being discussed and simply place a link (or URL to MyMilitia if that site's software does not automatically create a clickable link out of a URL) at the bottom of your comment. Sometimes placing the URL within your comment can be done and be less intrusive than a stand-alone URL. Sometimes a comment can be immersed in a comment/reply/statement/etc and have continuity with the input so as to seem natural. Generally, avoid appearing as a spammer and being present only to place a URL. Regulars at that site may become offended and shun MyMilitia. Enough of that. Web pros already know this stuff. Eagerly awaiting news from Richmond, VA this Monday Jan. 20, 2020. Hoping all goes smoothly and that no opportunities arise that assist the evil corporate-operated elite-owned tyrannical media with putting patriots in a bad light. Hope Soros' Antifa and other lackeys stay home and the no black-flag operations occur since those can be hard to expose... especially with the media not wanting to expose those fiendish deeds done by traitors to the Founder's creation.
  9. I wonder if Soros via his hired thugs will initiate a false-flag event performed in a manner that makes the patriots appear to be the bad ones? A multitude of ways to manipulate a media that is already anti-patriot and ready to show patriots as the evil ones. It is a wait-and-see affair. Until the even is done and all have returned home anything is up for grabs.
  10. Follow the link to read the entire essay. Share it with others. Wave it in leftist and New World Order globalist faces to help explain why patriots view them as traitors that deserve our wrath. Written with the USA in mind the contents apply to all Western countries. Prepare for war, patriots. Traitors in our midst are making steady progress with destroying our beloved Western countries. Do not allow traitors and barbarians to destroy our Western ways of life!!! "We are lectured by Democrats that we must privilege third-world immigration by the hundred million with chain migration. They tell us we must end America as a white, Western, Judeo-Christian, capitalist nation – to prove we are not racist. I don't need to prove a thing. Leftists want open borders because they resent whites, resent Western achievements, and hate America. They want to destroy America as we know it. As President Trump asked, why would we do that? We have the right to choose what kind of country to live in. I was happy to donate a year of my life as a young woman to help the poor Senegalese. I am not willing to donate my country. " What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right
  11. The war against White Western civilization continues. Mr. Jared Taylor warns the Whites of upcoming horrors if we fail to unite and fight!!!! YouTube video link below You Have a Duty For those that like reading: Never underestimate the immense power of corporate propaganda machines. Broadcasting and print. Entertainment industries with highly-paid lackeys spewing messages promoting diversity and multiculturalism and behaviors not conducive to the continuance of a civil society. Television vomits a constant stream of content that promotes diversity and multiculturalism... anything to dilute that which creates our Western ways of life. Politicians serving their true masters... not the voters...NO!!! Observe departing USA presidents. AFTER leaving office, if they behaved properly while serving, huge LEGAL rewards make them and their entire family multi-millionaires who never have to live or work among the despised common folks again. Even advertising promotes agendas intent upon destroying Western people, societies, countries and all of Western civilization. In the USA I regularly hear mention of horrid TV advertising actively promoting diversity and multiculturalism while touting the product. There are many other indoctrination/brainwashing efforts constantly bombarding us. Youth are especially susceptible to these unrelenting attacks. Even the educational systems are used to create White self-loathing. The attacks are real and unrelenting. Enormously wealthy and powerful forces are attacking us. Prepare, patriots. Encourage law enforcement and the military to be loyal to We, the People, not the evil minority within that currently holds massive wealth thus power.
  12. When appropriate (I avoid spamming for obvious reasons) when commenting at another site's comment section or message board I make mention of My Militia and depending on how that site is set up I leave an active clickable link or the URL that requires copying and pasting into the address bar. A link here and a link there and if several to many folks are doing it links are being left across the Web. Even after you leave a site the link remains behind. I have left comments at sites using commenting software such as Disqus that notify my when somebody reacts to my comment where a reaction occurs years after I left the comment. Those links and the comments they are embedded with have staying power!!!! Sadly, many Web sites use the Facebook commenting system. I can not leave comments there. I can not log into Facebook due to my refusing to bestow upon those tyrants my cell phone number. Screw those scum!!!! When time allows and I feel like doing it I notify those sites using their on-site non-Facebook communications, typically e-mail, to inform them of the negatives of using the Facebook commenting system. I am brief and concise and leave emotions out of the communication. I also tell them that I am sorry but since I can not comment at their site that I regret that I will not be returning... there are too many sites not using the Facebook system so I will use those sites. Surely, across the Web, I can not be the only one leaving anti-Facebook comments and encouraging sites to use a non-Facebook commenting system. All present should keep an eye open for a possible back-up site for My Militia. In case of server failure or Denial of Service Attack or whatever a back-up site is a good idea. It can also add to My Militia's usability of the alternate site offers features not present here. One possibility that I have never configured for group use is Pinterest. Here is one of my Pinterest sites: USA Militias Others can leave comments at each picture. I am unsure if several people can add pics to a Pinterest site... never dug into the ins and outs of the site. It would be a good place to collect graphics that all could use across the Web. It would also be an emergency back-up place for minimal communicating. Spread the word among the membership that a few certain pics... chosen pics that are obviously intended for SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS are to be saved for emergency communications to direct folks to another site where more expansive text communications can occur.... and there are many other sites available such as WordPress. USA and Western Civilization Under Attack Above is an informative type blog. A multitude of patriots use these trying to counter the immense power that corporations have regarding their ability to influence hearts and minds. There are many available formats of these blogs... some are made for groups to use while others are for a one-man show. MANY MANY sites upon the Web. Having several back-ups would not harm anything. Folks... shout out your thoughts, ideas, etc. Give us links to look at and consider their practicality. What I have mentioned above do have some to many limitations. Surely there are better sites that are user friendly and ready for My Militia to grab and use as a back up. Oh, all the graphics at the Pinterest site above are up for grabs. If you see something you can use... grab it!!!! There are other militia-related Pinterest sites with lots of graphics. For those who lost Facebook access Pinterest is an alternate source for graphics.
  13. "The 46-year-old teacher, who instructs at the Tokata Learning Center, an alternative high school in Shakopee, Minnesota, and who is an LGBTQ activist, was on the sidelines to be recognized by the state’s educational establishment. Holstine, who claims the pronouns “she/her” on her Twitter account, proudly announced her protest against Trump during the championship game, adding a photo showing her act of protest. “Honored as State Teachers of the Year at NCAA Champ FB Game. Given platform to stand up for marginalized and oppressed people. Like many before, I respectfully kneeled during Nat’ l Anthem because, ‘No one is free until we are all free,'” she tweeted on Monday, adding the hashtags #imwithkap, #blacklivesmatter, and #LGBTQ." Yes... the dame has the right to perform her little act but to what extent is she passing her beliefs on too her students? Folks... a few years back I did a mid-life career change. VERY ABBREVIATED: Grabbed teaching certificate. Substitutes can teach all grades and all subjects and work at multiple schools and school districts. K-12 grades. Saw a lot... of leftist PC crap. Experience anti-blue collar worker and anti-military bias among many teachers. Stopped eating lunch in the teacher's break room; ate in the student cafeteria. Three years was all I could stand. Left in disgust. Saw a LOT of leftist indoctrination. Administrators did not stop it. USA K-12 educations costs many BILLIONS of dollars and much of it is wasted. A HUGE SCAM!!! Complicated topic with many ramifications. Not surprised that CAIR is using K-12 public schools as a way to indoctrinate young easily-influenced minds. Beware, patriots. Things in general are far worse than what the mainstream media portrays. Those traitors will not harm their own efforts by shoing We, the Poeple the evil they are forcing upon us.
  14. My longest Facebook ban was 10-months. Multiple time-outs with 30-days a typical "bad boy" penalty. A week or so ago the Facebook Marxists refused my entry to my Facebook page demanding that I give them my cell phone number. I grabbed a cell phone a couple years ago to carry with me when I leave the house. It sits in the glove box. I do not use it. Nor do I receive phone calls with it. I have my land-line for that. No texting. To telephoning... haven't broke down nor do I roam the Web on it. It is for emergency use only. Facebook can crawl off and die. Screw those filth. I expect a viable alternative to Facebook to arise. Sadly, my Legion post uses Facebook to remit information and post news and other things. I can not access the post's Facebook page. Required to log in to continue. Other sites that want folks to register for full functionality will still allow access to view the site. Facebook is seeking domination of We, the People. Screw them. My Militia may want to consider a Facebook alternative... if there is a viable one.
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