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  1. I actually joined patriot prayer around 2017, which is why I am so concerned. They preach an amazing message. Hope more people realize Joey is actually right and not some bad person.
  2. Thanks Dav. I really do hope that People on our side can unite against the hated of the far left. They preach inclusion and tolerance, yet they attack and terrorize Christians and patriots. It’s time for this to stop, I hope we can stop them before it’s too late.
  3. My Brothers and Sisters of Patriotism The time has come for action, not thoughts, but action against the so called "anti-fascist" groups in America. No longer am l able to sit down in my own home, which Is near Portland Oregon, and know that these terrorists in black clad mask are being treated as such, terrorists. They are becoming more and more aggressive, and must be stopped. I may only be 15 years old, but I believe in a community where I feel safe to express my opinions, and that is not what is real. You may agree with me, like me being a trump supporter, christian, and believe in conservative and patriotic values, but if I express those in public where I live, I will be beat and maybe stabbed. Even in the private sector, like social media, I still can be attacked and doxed. I have been threatened, harassed, and bullied online and offline for believing in what I believe. Enough is enough, I believe people like us can change this, but it may mean taking the law into our own hands. The pussy mayor we have in Portland won't allow the police to arrest these commies, so us citizens are the only last option to uphold law and order in these communities. I'm not saying we should commit crimes or break the law, but instead protect and defend those who are being targeted by Antifa and others to help save our republic. First, we must plan, and here is not the place, this is public, Antifa may try and gain intel on us. Any suggestions? Thank you and please further the dialogue. Long live the republic
  4. Welcome to the United States National Recon Force. This militia is a movement of individuals who want to teach others, no matter sex, race, religion, or political affiliation the importance of emergency preparedness and response. Citizens, like yourself, should always help their fellow citizens and communities, in any crisis, whether a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. This group is not any way affiliated with far left or far right people, nor will tolerate hatred or anarchy. We help all citizens in the event of an emergency, and for any reason that we can deal with. This unit is just the National command unit, managing other units in each state or province within the United States borders. If you wish to create a unit in your state please contact the owner of this group.
  5. Thank you for responding. This group is an old group I made, but feel free to make your own. It is more of a movement, you can create your own group under that name in your state.
  6. Thank you so much. I’m really glad that lots of youth are finally seeing the truth, a lot of teens at my high school are conservative or republican. I’m glad I can get on board with you guys!
  7. I probably have at least 20 different books and manuals on survival and emergency medicine in my room. I love learning about it and practicing my skills in the woods. I could always learn more though! Thank you for asking.
  8. Hello fellow patriots! My name is NeverDie55 and I am very excited to join with you guys. I am however 16 years old. I’m not a left-winger, I’m a total trump supporter, and I have been training, shooting, and receiving training from my father who was in the army ever since a very young age. I’m very smart, and have experience with patriot groups, as I was a member of Patriot Prayer for a while. Thank you and I hope this community can welcome me, I really hope it does. Thanks!
  9. Hello fellow co-patriots. The group I am representing is the Anti-Communist Brigade of the USA. We are a nationwide militia looking for members to actively prepare and talk about how we Americans can stop the ever-growing communist and socialist movement here in modern day America. If you interested please Respond, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!
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