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  1. When do you guys get together?  Hit me up on google or FB.


  2. Anyone can join as long as: 1, You stay loyal and do not disobey the rules 2, You are willing to fight for your freedom 3, You are physically capable of assembling in a time of need 4, You have a functional combat ready firearm that is legally bought and owned, including but not limited to (AR-15's and other semi automatic rifles, ccw or self defense caliber pistols, shotguns, or hunting rifles) 5, You will be involved in group activities such as discussions and preparation 6, All members are allowed their own ideas and opinions, this is a free militia, all are welcome and all are appreciated, and most importantly all are equal, in times of need there should be no hate. (More rules may be added soon) Any questions I will be willing to answer on FB messenger or this website, my name is Kayden Campbell and I care about the state of our country, that's why I'm starting this militia, is too keep the American people free.

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