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  1. I can promise you im not just talk but it will take more than me and you to fix these commies !! im in Sulphur la i never hear from anyone in my area .
  2. I Agree 1000000% its past time we get the right equipment to communicate and organize asap !!
  3. Joey Smith Sulphur la yep I agree brother but who knows we might meet down the road when it when it all goes down. God Bless
  4. Im in the Sulphur ? Lake Charles Louisiana area and im looking for a group of Decent Patriots that will stand together when it hits the fan .
  5. Is there anyone from the Sulphur la or Lake Charles area here?
  6. Its Past Time for us to Stand The Enemy is being Voted in our Political System by the Demoncrats and telling us that they are going to take over our country yet we sit here , If Everyone is Waiting for the Blue Hats/ UN to Finally Realize that We have Been Taken Over It Will Be Too Late !! The Demoncrats are Just as Bad as The UN They Have Let The Enemy In Our Camp !!
  7. Yes im so sorry , looking forward to meeting some good patriots here.

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