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  1. Spectre 6:  FYI-the Texas National Militia and the United III%'s of Texas are hosting an FTX at the Hicksville Gun Range (225 Dusty Ln.) in Gatesville, Texas.  It will be from Friday-Oct. 19, 2018 (1400) until Sunday Oct.21, 2018 (1700) and the cost is $15.00 for the three days.  One of the benefits is, It'll give the Texas militias an opportunity to train with different groups.   Max

  2. I watched a power point one time on M270 MLRS operations and procedures...
  3. Are those ,"Crash Course", DVDs I've seen at the gun show his?
  4. It's all TCCC now. There's a SEAL guy who teaches in Portland. I haven't been to his class though. Doc Mead on ParagonPride.com teaches a very extensive class but he's out of state.
  5. 11 is a solid number. That gives you some options for maneuver elements and options in mission planning and on contact. Individual skills are you important but with that number I'd also spend some time developing some solid team leaders. Solid TLs really help build Esprite De Corp and can get people motivated and on task when you are not around to do so.
  6. The ,"I'm gonna sniper cuz I'm too fat ta move", one I've heard so many times. I had originally made a separate team for the snipers* but after some training iterations with other small teams around the area decided to split them between the fire teams. I think it adds some flexibility for each team and if the mission dictates you need to use them in a more concentrated capacity you can pull them out. We are still playing with it though and will see how applicable it is. One thing I believe teams can benefit from is getting in the habit of building mission specific load outs. Most likely we will see alot of vehicle use and lower intensity engagements and filling every molle/pals spot inst necessary. Each guy can have a few options for what is required for the specific mission needs and the TLs can verify each man in his team has what's needed.
  7. I think with the 3rd man teams you go to individual bounds similar to a 4 man team taking a casualty. I personally prefer the 4 man teams in a 3 team squad with one SL team. But that's just me. 3 man teams work as well. I think after all the big names fell apart and anybody with some semblance of SUT skills left the company of keyboard warriors the small teams formed from that. The large blob groups are too easy to target and too easy to infiltrate. I've got a copy of Light Foot Militias standards.... There's about 4 pages on rank and 1 on shooting, with about half on PT. 3% was even worse. The events at Sugar Pine mine and Burns definitely had impact on splitting those who took this more seriously and professionally and those who get mad when you say PT is one of the most important things you can focus on and no your Chinese optics are not good.
  8. Did I just read ,"PMAGs suck, Hexmags are good"? You are a NO/GO at this station.
  9. www.mymilitia.com/threads/spectre-training-group.13986/
  10. I would agree there are civilian schools that teach shooting on par or even better than some of the military classes. But they usually are one weekend with what you can supply yourself and infantry range time is often and consists of thousands of rounds being available each time out. It really comes down to who the Cadre instructors are and how much your BC wants to dedicate to Marksmanship and rifle training. I'll however say there are zero schools that adequately teach any small unit tactics to any level approaching what is required for unconventional warefare or even basic infantry work. They are great at marketing though. Ripcannon is correct in that groups that can walk the walk need to separate from ones that focus more on the political end. A decent amount already have separated and gone off the radar so to speak. Those groups focus only on SUT and don't concern themselves with the politicing and internal power struggles of the big blob groups. Before you dismiss any chance remember the people we have been fighting in the middle East have little to no education, subpar weapons and only the locals that won't turn them in as logistical resources and Intel. Some of our continuous failures come from the over reliance on tech and massed fires. This has been American fighting policy as far back as WW2. John Poole expertly points this out in his book the Tigers Way. I've seen officers hold back on decisively engaging to call for CAS to then fight the same guys the next day that slipped away before we had anything on target. Contracting work is where you really see the meat and potatoes of what skills and tactics you need for effective guerilla operations. The broad support structure of the DOD isn't always their and you have to make do with what you bring to the table and what you can resource locally. But the operational limits are less restricting. In unconventional warfare you still need intimate understandings of METT-TC, tactics, and your enemies typical COAs. Rolling up and taking shots at them will only go so far. We are seeing that start to peaceful resistance to those tyrananical laws. Hardly any of those bump stocks have been surrendered in states that now require them turned in. We can only hope this continues. It could be a foreshadowing of what any gun ban would look like. But then again Americans will actually have to get off the couch and miss the next episode of Dancing With the Stars.
  11. It's voice to text. I run a country/rock club and it's fleet week. What's sleep? I don't know any LEOs that are involved in any sort of group. But I would stay clear of them unless it was a local sheriff. They usually have a better head on than metro PD guys. On the other hand I know loads of fellow ex Marine and Army infantry guys that are involved to some extent. Most of them are imvolved with the smaller groups you never hear about of see online. But they are out there and they train pretty regularly and pretty hard. I wouldn't say the militia movement as a whole is dead. There's just not as much activity on the giant blanket groups like the old state pages that would be completely dumb on OPSEC and post maps with zones and ask for role calls...and they where also open pages for anyone to go on. OPSEc is a huge consideration. Simply getting tagged in a Facebook post can land you on a liberal research page. There was a 180 page report put out by one after Bundy 2.0. Some people that were not even there had there names in it due to being tagged in a post. Some of the people at the reduge that did speeches to the press named off groups that were not even militias. One they named was a buisness a vet was starting to help Vets cope with PTSD. This sort of blatent OPSEC violation was warned by numerous VETS and people who understood it but nothing was done about it and I think the Bundy's liked the press coverage. What's the first rule of Fight club? This is part of why I said break up the responsibilities. A political action team can do and say alot more if they are not part of the security, A team, operators, whatever you want to call it. Nope. Never would I ever want to be in charge or even think about starting a national movement. Way too many Colonel's and generals floating around who I'd actually have to contend with to make it worth the effort. I was just givien some thoughts on what needs to happen to be more effective. The culture is what really needs to change. Talking to the press at all should be frowned upon. People in the hood don't talk to police. We can easily adopt that stance towards media. We already know they won't paint us in a good light. Why even bother? I think that's a move everybody can easily agree on. Start from something easy like that and work our way up. Not everyone is going to agree on everything so simple things that can be a small set of core rules or ideals would help. The ,"Trump Slump", is part of the down turn in activity too. Lots of people believe he's the savior and got lazier than they where before. Uhhhh guys, he may get voted out in 2020. Not saying, just saying. When Obama was in we had new guys wanting to train every week, now not so much. On the leadership end it may be best to break that up too. A guy that is good at political discussion and debate may make a piss poor leader in the field and have little to no understanding of small unit tactics or realities of infantry life. And vise versa. Most of those hidden small groups won't follow any one guy either. And actually that's a good thing. Think individual cells like the Vietcong. A snake you can kill it by cutting it's head off but a Hydra has multiple heads. They are only really needed if shooting starts anyways. No you don't need guys in Chinese chest rigs and ARs providing ,"security", at rallies. They just look Fuddly and we need to win those soccer mom's on the fence. Not scare them with Zeke and Skeeter looking like Walking Dead extras. Security could easily be polo wearing, professional looking guys with CCWs. Antifa has some really nasty plans they hope to use in the future like goading conservatives to open fire on them so they can advance the total gun ban agenda. That makes it easier for them to attack us in their mind. To that end we have to watch the more unhinged people on our side and try to control them. On the non compliance, that should be on all our minds with some of these laws going into a vote. How much do your natural rights matter to you? We can grumble and point our how's it's illegal for them to pass laws like it but if we won't even practice non-violent, non-compliance then we should just give up. The question of wether the laws have reached a point of being tyrananical is a moot point. They already have. We just have to meet that as a whole and not as a few individuals. Even if it's just letting others know that there's alot of people who won't follow them and getting them on board. The media would kill to cover conservatives disobeying those laws and being arrested. It would inevitably work in our favor by showing moderates that their government was arresting peaceful people en mass. Violence only happens in defense of their violence. Make them take the first punch and you have the moral high ground as long as people on your side don't use brutality. That will be a hard one though with lots of chiefs trying to take the whole village for themselves. In all though this all goes back to how much motivation people have to actually get up off their asses and do even little things. We could all use more PT. Don't lie you know you could. So could I. We could all probably be better off turning the TV off and reading a book or 30. We could all network a little bit more and find something productive to prep or train in. On another note is that breaking up of different duties an idea worth exploring or am I shitting out of my mouth?
  12. Everybody is welcome but they need to be mentored and if they can't fall in somewhere because they have personality issues then bye bye.

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