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  1. I am here to meet up with patriots to train and protect my fellow Americans 

  2. hi ,looking to join to train and be educated on how to help keep local and surrounding states. safe from vandalism, looting ,anarchy. Helping with community elderly or handicapped to insure they know their not alone. To join a patriotic group established already .  I am a conservative American wanting to do my part in protecting and preserving. Life ,liberty, pursuit of happiness in the Greatest country in the world. God bless,thank you

  3. Hello

    I've been training since 1994. I see you have stepped down  but you are still active.

    We need to get organized. I see no organization on this site. BLM, Antifa....they are organized and funded.  We need to get everybody in each particular state under one command structure. 

    John Connor 

  4. Inside information all hands on deck.....the Pentagon was shut down two days ago... anyone else with better information?  I need my unit to be on standby! 

  5. Hello patriot I am trying to meet someone in sandpoint Idaho I believe that we may be able to help one another it's important for us both that I can meet with someone in the ranks I have important information that I want to brief you all with lives are im in Spokane but because what I know I don't feel safe meeting anyone here I have messed with and stalked as well as being psychologically mind bend because of many things I believe they may even make hard for me but please take me seriously because I am there is lots for me to share and I want to but need help with this please get back to me I am real and what I have to share could help prepare you all across the country please get back need your help thank you 

  6. I'm looking for a local militia to join. I am 58 yrs old, have been shooting most of my life on and off. I've owned a half dozen or so firearms. I don't like what I see going on with abuse by mostly Democrat leaders. Its sickening, akin to early Nazi Germany.


    6000 seniors sacrificed in New York and nothings being done. Is this what we've come to?

    1. Saiga308snipe


      me tooshooting most of my life 


  7. If I'm correct,you are in SC..I just joined,I'm outside Westminster,SC..We had a run-in with blm(they don't get courtesy of capital letters),on 06/18/20,threatened to burn a woman's business down.I just happened to go in that day....luckily.When they showed up 5 middle aged white men fully outfitted were waiting,it lasted 10 seconds.....the end. Which now has lead us to try to reach out to others,in case they want to come out of their holes again.We are few,but well meaning folks,and now have figured it is time for us to contribute,get acquainted with other like minds possibly in our area.We believe the inevitable is upon us,could be quickly,Nov.2020.So,if you can point us in the right direction,it would be helpful to the cause,thank you,John.

  8. Roll call

    Be noticed that the New York lounge shows the oldest post first.  Any way to reverse that. Had to jump 7 pages to get current. 
    thx bro!

  9. Hello, 

    I am a member of the VCDL, just joined My Militia, and am interested in joining a militia very close to Winchester, Va. I posted a short intro about myself on My Militia. Can you help me?


    1. Constitutional Patriot

      Constitutional Patriot

      Search out members of mymilitia that are local to you. Direct message them.

    2. TEEBONE


      Thank you I am trying that.

  10. I am looking for groups in the Nashville TN area. Six years Army Captain grunt MOS 1542 airborne. Older and wiser 73.

  11. Not going to be a big speech. We got alot to do. Everybody has a place. We are going to run this smart and not just regurgitate 90s Militia SOPs. This is a new era with new threats and capabilities that we need to adapt to. We need the right people in the right places and to constantly be evolving to be more adaptable to anything we encounter.
  12. Hello...My name is Grant, and I am very much interested in joining. I am retired and worked for the Federal Government for nearly 28 years. I would greatly appreciate any and all information regarding the initiation process. Contact information are listed below:


    [email protected]


  13. You could just connect with one that's been training for years. Eeehemmm.

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