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  1. This should be steered back to the OP. Standards where the topic and every serious group should have challenging standards in place. Physical, technical, and tactical proficiency should all be in it. Making up scenarios future scenarios to justify lax standards will get you dead. Guys who can't cut it can always help with the varied other tasks of supporting a group. The biggest think is holding everyone accountable. No cronyism with your buddy's friend who's hooking you up with a sweet deal on something either. People WILL find out you slid s guy through and then your postion as a leader gets a giant brick of that foundation of trust knocked out of it. And if you are the group honcho you need to lead from the front and pass those standards as well. Set the example and others will follow you. You also will increase the likelyhood of more squared away guys joining your group. Nobody who knows a thing or two about light infantry/guerilla warefare will join a group lead by a fat ass, shit shooting, non battle drill knowing couch commando.
  2. Midwest. Born in Wisconsin here. Now in the Northwest. A comms package wouldn't be too hard. If it's RF we could use HF and in all likely hood the Alex Jones giant over night event probably won't happen. We will have indicators and have some time before the whole thing get shut down. Encrypted email(Protonmail) is probably the best thing to use.
  3. I go with 16 ish. 3 fire teams, SL, RTO, Medic, DMR or poor man support rifle. It gives me the best tactical flexibility and enough punch to deal with a range of situations. If I get guys that have a completely different mindset they get sent packing. There are plenty of airsoft teams around if they only want to play dress up. Supreme Balogne Commander of the Ruffles Original Brigade.
  4. Move on away from those people. They won't come around until it's too late. But it does take a while to get groups comfortable working together. Some times it's a dick measuring contest.
  5. Yup. At best most of the really solid groups will have 12-16 guys. Or a couple of smaller teams that work together. Most of the Facebook groups are just lard sacks LARPing on square ranges. Maybe it will really be 3%....minus the original kind.
  6. Exactly. When shit goes live though you need competent guys watching their teams. When it's a two way range there's no time for a committee meeting and a vote. Solid leaders in a fire fight can save the day. Head Fabricator General of Dildo Flinging.
  7. It only makes sense in terms of actual unit size. If you have 10 guys you can have 2 TLs a SL and an RTO, Medic or DMR guy. The whole Colonels, Majors, Generals, blah, blah, blah is fucking stupid. If you can't even have a full platoon of guys you don't need those ranks.
  8. Ya that guy smoking people was at least making them do something physical. He was still a Fudd.
  9. And that documentary had guys with guts big enough to serve dinner on. They had to be idiots in the first place to agree to be on something that would be made to vilify the Militia.
  10. P T. or Physical Training has been part of military training since the dawn of organized militaries. From being able to fight effectively in armor with a shield, sword, or spear to today's requirements of fighting with plates, combat load, ruck, rifle, mission specific gear, and spare ammo for the support guns there has always been a need for warrior to be physically fit. In the pursuit of martial skills that we as a movement generally lean towards none can be stressed more so than physical fitness. As a first world society we have enjoyed automation and computers to do alot of what just 100 years ago would have required alot of manual labor to accomplish. We have also at the same time become a society with obesity as a major health risk for many Americans. That natural exercise which people would get in everyday work is gone in alot of career fields. Now to stay in shape we have to put mental effort into planning work outs and gym time. The good news is working out is free and the internet has 1000s of pages with info to get you on the right path. Now for the guy check. Anyone on here who has been on a two way range will tell you how much physical effort is exerted in contact with the enemy. That's not to mention the additional energy it takes to hump to that fight and possibly back or on to a follow on mission. Too often I see well meaning people who want to train in all the Cool guy operator stuff who won't get out of Fort Living room to square their bodies away. Are you that guy? Do a bounding drill in full kit for 50m. If you want to die after that then yes you are that guy. And I've already heard all the excuses against it. "But we are survivalists, Militia don't train that way, I'm too old, I have an injury, I don't have time", etc, etc. First off if you're part of any sort of group that even has a hint of security then you need PT. If you have a static retreat and think you are going to rain precision fire down on a group of guys with basic fire and maneuver skills your dreaming. You will have to move and displace at some point. Single snipers that take more than 2 shots from a position end up being dead snipers when a team can find them, fix them with suppressive fire and maneuver on them. Sorry to ruin the fantasy but you will have to cut out the Red Robin all you can eat fries. Now if your with a group that is training for light infantry tactics then you will need PT. If you think your going to survive contact at 40% body fat you need to really rethink that. You may be breaking contact and falling back to an emergency rally point miles away. You also may be dragging your buddy out of there because he just got swiss cheesed. Can you haul your own load plus him to that RP? What if it's winter in your current A.O. and you have to hump all your winter gear plus your combat load? If your in a group that's on the right track your leaders should be nagging you more than your wife about getting in shape. If they are not then they are doing you and the group a disservice. Bottom line is that on a two way range you will need good PT. Your own personal slacking on it not only hurts you but also your team in the long run. If you collapse after 2 bounds from physical exertion then your team is down a gun it may need at a crucial point during that fight. "Militias don't train that way.". I have heard this one more times than I think I want to. It's quit literally saying that because you are lazy you want to get deader faster. Militias that do field training need PT Period. See above for reasons. "I'm too Old." No you are not. Some of the most in shape people I have meet are in their 50s and 60s. A couple can out run me any day of the week. I have a 55 yr old guy in our group who can ruck 70 lbs and full kit with rifle all day with out bitching. Once again it goes back to how much effort are you whiling to put in. "I have an Injury.". Don't let that defeat you and give up. I know a guy who has both his legs missing at the knee from an IED and he runs marathons with specially built prostetic legs. There are some pretty cool inspirational stories out there of people beat up from an injury who pushed through it and did whatever they could when they could and now don't have any issues with pain and are fit. It may mean you have to fill a support role in your group due to limitations but be honest with yourself. Are you hurt so bad you can't do anything or is some of it a lack of motivation? "I don't have time.". This one is probably the most common excuse. I bet if you sit down and really look at what you do during the day you have plenty of time to work out. There are a plethora of workouts you can do on the fly for different muscle groups and all sorts that take maybe 20 minutes. Put down Facebook and stop arguing with people who won't change anyways and get your ass sweaty and your legs burning. If you have kids that's a great way to get some exercise. You do an activity that requires physical effort like sports, hiking, airsoft, etc and they will love it too. Diet is as important to this as well. But that's a whole different subject we can get into later. If you are the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man in multicam then you probably shouldn't eat the whole Pizza Hut dinner box. Diet is all self control and discipline. The big picture plays into this as well. The stigma of Militias and like minded people being fat, and lazy needs to change. We can't win hearts and minds if we are giving the stereo type exactly what it says. In addition to the need for it in the field do it for your own health and for your family. They probably don't want to see you die from a preventable disease due to lack of fitness. Well enough on that. It's nice out and it's a run day so I'm out.
  11. Spectre6, is it possible to setup and run my own group out of this site? I control all content of the page/within the group and I control who gets in and or out? Just wondering. I currently have four secret pages on fb and am looking for a new home. Am willing to consolidate all into a single group page. The groups is "Guardians of Duty" out of the Western Slope of CO.
  12. SPECTRE 6


    Classes every month up here. Good field ones with no bs. You will sweat and feel pain from working hard. Chances are your going to get rained on in 36 degree weather too.
  13. SPECTRE 6


    We do classes every month in Oregon.
  14. SPECTRE 6


    Sniper Team Engagement Class
  15. It should be pushed more in the militia community. Its the building block for every WARNO and operational planning. I push it to the point of sounding like a nagging wife. I want everybody not just team leaders to be thinking about it.