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  1. Spectre 6-I am in Huntsville and have had transportation difficulties for a while so I had to stop going to FTX's (too far away); all that has been fixed recently, and I am wanting to resume training with an active group in my area (close by).  That encompasses areas like Leon, Madison, Walker, Grimes, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Liberty counties.  I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.  Message me at this site and thanks.

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    2. Max


      Sorry for the late response.  I'm in Huntsville, Texas.  I was not aware you were in Oregon-a very scenic place.  If you've got any leads...great, but if not, and since you are out of state...no sweat.  Thanks.

    3. SPECTRE 6

      SPECTRE 6

      If you're down there you should have piles of guys. I bet if you went to a fun show you would find lots of dudes ready to train or already doing it. 

    4. Max


      That just might be the ticket.  Will have to pull up the list of local gun shows.

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