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  1. Hi I am in Kalispell Mt- looking for more Militia. Found a couple around- I am a watchman for the sphere of Mt- I am protective of The People- would give my neck for a American ♥️ Passionate about our Country and feel it has been murdered by criminals-
  2. I have not heard of that! I will look into that. Thank you!!!! At this point I’ll try anything. Mandy Hyatt
  3. Hello! I am so new at all of this- I just feel lead to be around like minded Americans! I really feel alone in my area- a lot of people are asleep- I believe in gun rights! I believe in the Constitution! And I believe our Country has been murdered by criminals. I feel the need to educate myself and learn how to protect myself. My husband is battling cancer. Stage 4 - he is 37. I don’t know how long he has and I feel lead to just I don’t know. Are there people in a kalispell I can connect too? Seek, learn... thank you for your time. Mandy Hyatt Kalispell Montana
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