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  1. I know that a day after the election, no matter who wins, the other side will not agree with the outcome. I have told this to my wife for over a year now and predicted a possible civil war. I do not want to be correct on this but all signs point to conflict. I pray each day for our country and our imperfect but better than any one else's system of government. What is happening to our nation is a waking nightmare even now, and to think it can turn so easily into civil war.

     All I can say is stay ready and use some of that ammo you've been hoarding to train, pray for peace and prepare fore war.

  2. Hmm, crickets. No matter though, I'm headed there whether you like it or not.
  3. I am a descendant of a 3%er, and I am about to move from southern Colorado to Maine to either Jonesport or Phillips in about a month hope to meet some like minded folks out there.
  4. I grew up with German shepherds as my family were breeders and trainers including Schützen training of German shepherds in particular with no less than seven or eight dogs in our home and I have to say German Shepherds are amazingly intelligent and loyal dogs who will not hesitate to give their lives in defense of their homes and family
  5. Hey Runner, nice to meet you.

    1. mm-stanford


      Welcome Runner,  we are more or less informal here for now and I am not on everyday just know for now that we are here. I myself am in Canon City and I have friends not even associated with this site, there are more of us our here. Just trying to stay safe from covid right now but I myself am training and prepping for whatever on a budget of next to nothing. other than that were just regular people.

  6. Yeah, mine kinda looks like that too.
  7. Thanks, Ill be here holding the fort so to speak.

  8. Both "people" who have joined my 719 militia are all but non-existent, have no profiles or any info about themselves whatsoever and amount to having no one in my area militia as far as I am concerned. I have tried to make contact but have as yet received no response, so I think it may be safe to say these may be trolls and I am alone here. Probably better that way.

    1. RevRifleman


      It's possible they joined and asked to be removed.  It's possible they are trolls.  Hard to say.  Thanks for sticking in the 719.  Keep checking in and others may join in the future.  It takes time to build an online presence.  

    2. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      had the same thing here, have two in my town, no return contact...finally a third guy came around, he spoke up right away.

    3. mm-stanford


      Thanks for your input Dave.

  9. My town of Canon City in Fremont county was the very first second amendment sanctuary in the U.S.
  10. Ok, I have to say this and it may not make me popular with some folks out there who love their social media and see it as a way to find like minded people and to voice your opinions and I understand the need for sites like this one but it is a double edged sword.

    First of all it might be wise to assume that most of you who are on daily are most likely being monitored by uber liberal, socialist trollers but also maybe F.B.I., N.S.A or D.H.S at some level. And although we all love the constitution, our country and freedom we may be seen as a third faction and nothing more than insurgents or separatists and yahoos who are out of control and need to be reigned in.

     So why, I ask, do we show them our faces and weapons and  troop movements without a care in the world of who is also seeing this. People, please stop using facebook, twitter, snapchat or whatever incel tools that are out there. Stop showing your faces, location, how and where you train, your guns, ammo and equipment. Rather do this in private if you must and know who you are dealing with. Go low tech.

    1. Dav Harzin

      Dav Harzin

      agreed on limiting how much info that gets shared , But at the same time we must have a online presence to gain members and promote our side.

    2. mm-stanford



    3. Doug1943


      Every militia unit of any size, which is more than a few friends who like to get together occasionally and dress up in soldiers' costumes ... will have an informant for the government in it, either now or in the future. The informant will be tasked to give an early warning of anything crazy being plannned -- not just a massacre but, say, an occupation. It's an unfortunate fact that the history of groups calling themselves 'the militia' justifies this, as does crazy stuff that some members of the militia say now.


      The people running a militia unit can take some obvious elementary precautions -- it's not really necessary to show everyone's faces in a photo, for example, and any membership lists, digital or hardcopy, need special care. But the government is there to listen, so ... don't say anything crazy -- "We ought to arrest the governor and try him for treason!!!" and if you have a member who persists in saying such things, just throw them out.  We're not a group therapy session. Everything must be subordinated to completing the mission.


      Then there are non-government infiltrators. They may engage in provocateur work -- "Hey, if we're really serious ... I know where we can get some dynamite" -- or they may be there to collect names and addresses, for future doxxing. It may or may not be possible to weed out some of these people by proper background checks, and there ought to be centralized place to come for that. But probably some will get through.


      Again, elementary security with membership lists -- people should use what we used to call 'Party names':your right first name but an acquired surname. No one needs to know where you work, etc.  Membership lists held digitally should be encrypted, and all of them should be 'poisoned' with the names of real people who are not members. It won't fool the government but it might fool the people who are infiltrating on their private initiative.


      And again, no crazy talk. If someone posts a scary image saying "We will not succeed until we hang the traitors in our midst" -- as someone did on this site a few weeks ago -- then they are doing the work of the enemy, whether they know it or not.


      Finally ... the militia movement should be as open and public as possible. It should seek out opportunties to integrate with the local community, to help in disasters, to give free classes in first aid and firearms safety. Its members should be active in local politics and even run for office. It should be absolutely ferocious in insisting that we are an open, democratic, legal, Constitutional, peaceful group of citizens who are not anti-Government when government does what it is supposed to do and refrains from doing what it is not supposed to do.


      And ... if we can get some good legal advice here ... we ought to be looking to bring a lawsuit against anyone who claims otherwise.  This site ought to aim to produce a document that sums up the legal situation with respect to lawsuits.


      The vile Southern Poverty Law Center had to pay a million and half dollars to a moderate Muslim group that the SPLC labelled a 'hate group'.  They've got plenty of money left, and we should be aiming to get our share.



  11. Why are you even using facebook at all, they are not your friends.
  12. I am a constitutionalist and an descendant of an original patriot hailing from canon city. Good to have like minded folks nearby.

  13. Love it. This is the land of the free but it is also a land where the rule of law and personal liberties including property both public and private are protected under the preamble to the constitution. Life Liberty and the persuit of happiness cannot exist if citizens are not allowed to move and express themselves freely and safely. If you prefer to act like an irresponsible, self serving or destructive anarchist, there are so many hell holes in the world where that kind of #^%$ is welcome. Not here, not in my country and on our soil.

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