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  1. Welcome to the forum! And, thank you for your service! I believe there is a Lightfoot Militia unit in Phoenix if you aren't opposed to commuting. I'm sure there are others, but, I am not aware of them.
  2. Welcome to the forum! I know there are two Lightfoot Militia groups in eastern Michigan. There is also this group listed here on this forum. I believe it is in Lansing.
  3. Made sure to write my local politicians along with a helpful pre-written form email from the NRA.
  4. Sometimes a dirtbag can be your best friend on the battlefield.
  5. Might not be fighting too many commies in the farmland regions.... but, strange things can happen. Will a hay bale will cover ya in the firefight?
  6. Sounds like something you'd expect to hear from sjw professors at most universities - I can only assume she's parroting the same garbage she was indoctrinated with in the classroom. I'll give her credit in that she didn't think putting a cork in a cows rectum was a good solution to lower emissions as part of her plan to: work collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector as much as is technologically feasible...
  7. I don't think Militia's are dying. They may be a bit less in number than in 2010 - which you might guess why that is. It likely has to do with who is no longer in the White House. If anything, I think people are more on alert than probably any time in recent history. They may not be joining Militia's at the moment, but, it's on a lot of minds and a lot of folks have been purchasing firearms (a lot of first time buyers as well from my own anecdotal evidence: friends and acquaintances). Even main-stream media sources have asked the question since the election of President Trump... are we heading towards a second civil war? Time will tell. People are watching. People are cautious. People are noticing: The far-left is showing its colors in broad-daylight for the first time without apology - the State of the Union address made it pretty clear when the demo's just sat with sour faces when Trump let them know that we will never be a Socialist nation. Everyone is just waiting and watching. When the time comes where waiting and watching is no longer an option, we will know. But, we can't go premature on this. It's frustrating to sit and watch, but, we have to maintain the moral high-ground. We have to wait and continue to prepare. Let them fire the first shot. Especially considering that Civil War 2.0 isn't going to be anything like the first one. It's not something I want to see happen, it won't be a good sight. Hopefully politics can actually be beneficial and fix this ship before it sinks. I hope that we can get things back in order through using our voices and votes. I don't want to fight anyone unless I have to - and that is the way most people are. I cringe every time I see someone belt off about how the left would be crushed in 24hrs if they tried to start the fight. 'Urban combat is confusing and bloody - and the enemy won't be playing by the rules. Look at the recent election maps, the blue splotches generally coincide with urban centers. If a Civil War breaks out: Don't think Gettysburg... think Baghdad. There's a reason why I've picked up some ABU/UCP pattern gear... the future of combat is urban. If you're going to be uniformed with a small group in the event of warfare breaking out in the homeland, it's better to be wearing something that works in a rock quarry than a desert or forest environment IMHO.
  8. It isn't tacti-gucci... but, PSA offers a rifle length set up that is somewhat modern in configuration. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-20-rifle-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-lightweight-m-lok-a2-ept-rifle-516446246.html
  9. Gunna duck behind a tree? Or maybe the enemy thought it was safe to get skinny behind that birch? In reference to the Log Cabin video... remember, before it was a cabin... it was a tree.
  10. Buggin' out to the cabin in the woods? How much protection will those log walls afford you?
  11. Drywall won't save your butt... but, what about bricks?
  12. You may know the answer to this one already... but, hey, info is info. Hollywood would have you believe that the sedan you roll around town in is a great bullet stopper.

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