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  1. For those who are not in the know... check your laundry detergent before you wash your camo gear. Why? Optical Brighteners. The very things in your laundry detergent that keep your every day clothes bright and clean will make you light up like a Christmas tree through Night Vision equipment. Granted, you may not be worried about being spotted by NV any time soon... but, those optical brighteners require special cleaning agents to remove. If you want to go on the cheap and don't mind the smell, a bit of vinegar and water can get your stuff clean enough. Bear in mind... your washing machine may have residue from previous softeners and detergents having been run through in other loads of laundry. The Air Force lists these detergents as safe to use with their ABU uniforms: https://www.vandenberg.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/341031/optical-brightners-make-abus-dangerously-easy-to-see/ - Cheer (liquid and powder) - Cheer Free - Exchange Select Cold Water Wash - All Detergent Free Clear - Country Save Liquid Detergent - Allens Laundry detergent (power and liquid) - Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Detergent (powder and liquid) - Charlie's Soap (powder and liquid) - ECOS Free and Clear Laundry Detergent - Mountain Green Liquid Laundry Detergent - Nature Clean (liquid and powder) - Oxy-Prime Powder - Planet Ultra (liquid and powder) - Seventh Generation Laundry detergents - Sportwash - Sun and Earth Liquid - Surf Powder (not Surf Liquid) - Washeze - Woolite, original and dark
  2. Tennessee and Mississippi. I'm exhausted just from typing both of those.
  3. I'm sure a number of you have already seen this. Not likely to pass given the Republican Majority in both House and Senate at the state level in TN. But, the fact remains... these bills don't disappear. They become the frame work for future attempts. The enemy is busy laying foundations across the nation.
  4. It's a chess game where the rules aren't exactly fair. The politicians get more moves than the Patriots. At this point we have to wait for them to finish making all their moves before we can respond. They're working the Red Flag laws through as they realize most of the populace (aside from ardent gun owners) do not find such laws to be controversial or repugnant. They will likely have some form of laws passed that are slightly tamer than what was initially proposed. At a minimum I'd expect the limits of purchase and mag capacity restrictions to pass through. Time will tell how far they are willing to push and how quickly. We know what they actually want - whether or not they can get it all done as fast as they would like is the question to answer. When they finish making their moves, the citizens will have to decide what avenue to take. In the mean time they can try to rally support for peaceful resolutions. They can continue to exhaust political means: Recall/Impeach the Governor, leave the state to join West Virginia (wonder how that would actually work out - not sure the Federal Government wouldn't want to get involved in that), ride it out until the next election cycle and try to overcome the odds and repeal the legislation - hoping that they can continue to elect responsible and freedom loving politicians over the long haul (gun confiscation will always be waiting for the next opportunity). The natural tendency has always been to handle matters at the polling station. The risk of losing our freedom is always lingering in that regard - elections. We are always at the mercy of who is pulling levers (legal or illegal, dead or alive). We have a culture war that is hard to win due to infiltration at every level of our education system and Media. Train the people to vote their freedom away has been the mode of operation for the left. Undermine family, faith, morality, and national pride. The Media Industry reinforces that propaganda. My kids can't watch a cartoon without being bombarded with climate change propaganda. The 2A issue is a symptom of a larger disease. What now? We have to wait and watch to see what takes place before we react. We have to retain a defensive posture for now. Options remain that must be exhausted for the sake of retaining the moral high-ground. If the citizens of VA are convinced that they cannot regain control via the election process they have to either choose to leave the state via joining to WV, form a new state, or they have to fight to take back their state. It all comes down to whether or not the elections can be won or not at this point.
  5. Here you go. Bump for $199 https://www.hardheadveterans.com/collections/tactical-helmet-hard-head-veterans/products/tactical-helmet-ate-bump Kevlar is $465
  6. 3+ Steel and a Condor MOPC carrier... great bang for the buck. No reason aside from some economic hardship or machismo to not have a basic setup. I know there is some debate about side plates... added armor vs. mobility and speed. At a minimum, you should have your chest and back covered. Side plates are recommended if you can swing the few extra bucks. I have the build up coat on front and side plates. Only place I skimped was on my back plate with a base coat. Figured the likelihood of fragments hitting me off of my back plate was lower than my chest plate. I don't have my face hanging out over my back plate... if my face is... it's too late for that back plate to help me.
  7. I try to get the word out on BitChute. They don't censor as much as YT. I try to name drop the forum in live feeds on certain channels on YT.
  8. I mostly rely on the standard M81 Woodland camo pattern. Got a thing for Jungle Tiger Stripe though... I find it to be pretty awesome stuff. Got a set of it, contemplating picking up a second set. I think it's a bit more limited than Woodland due to its green and black dominant pattern. But, during the full growth of late spring and early summer, it does well. Probably holds its own as things drab out and brown out late summer... but, I think woodland would work better at that point.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Ranch is king of dressings. Hope you find some folks to connect with. Your medical skills will be highly valued by a number of groups.
  10. Red Flag Law advances in VA Senate day after VCDL Rally. Still needs final vote before sending to the house. https://wset.com/news/at-the-capitol/red-flag-gun-law-advances-in-virginia-senate-despite-massive-gun-rights-rally https://www.nbc29.com/2020/01/22/virginia-senate-advances-red-flag-law/
  11. The Light Foot Militia has several units listed in northern Vermont. Not sure which groups are active or not. That is one of the challenges... units form and then disperse. It's been a challenge getting a lot of Militia units to put their information out for contact. We're trying though. We have some folks on here that post fairly regular from NH and VT. Given your experience with the military, perhaps you could form a unit with a few of the other folks from that region if you can't find one to join in with. Thanks for your service and thanks for joining us here on the forum. We've got a lot of work to do. Hope you'll join us in doing it. Link below to some of the Light Foot in VT. http://www.lightfootmilitia.com/unit-locator-map.html
  12. To be fair to some of those wearing a bit of extra padding... I know quite a few farmers, mechanics, and other blue collar guys who got a bit of a belly going on who can still get with the program. They're out tossing the schiff with the shovel and pounding posts. They're strong and well fed.
  13. Well, according to the fact checkers (lady with a cat) at Snopes... that Antifa groups were planning to attend the VCDL rally was a hoax spread by Conspiracy Theorists. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/virginia-gun-rally-staged/ This does raise a question though... why didn't Antifa show up? We could say they were scared and call it a day. But, I don't think Antifa does much of anything under their own volition... I suspect their handlers called them off. The reason for that is worth pondering.
  14. Weight is hard to control when you're trying out all the different MRE's to see which ones you want to stock up on.
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