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  1. It's always a good time to buy in my opinion. The only bad time to buy is when you can no longer buy. It depends on your needs too. If you have a couple AR15's you probably don't need a couple more in the urgent sense of acquiring rifles. If anything, ammo should be your focus along with spare parts - Palmetto State Armory and other companies that sell kits and parts that we should have stored away just in case are a good source for keeping our currently owned rifles running. If you only have one rifle, definitely get another one. After that, get some spare parts. Maybe an extra upper with a different caliber or barrel length. Stuff like that. Or... if you want something other than an AR15... that's a good reason. Just make sure it isn't some odd caliber that is impossible to stock pile.
  2. American gun laws don't make sense. The constitution says 'shall not be infringed' yet we have all these laws that infringe on our rights. Of course, he's arguing a different angle. American gun laws don't make sense to commie's... how are you supposed to enslave and oppress a nation when the citizenry is armed?
  3. Primary Defensive/Combat would suggest two legged pest control. I'd go Primary Arms or Vortex with 1-6 or 1-8 magnification. This is where we have to separate theory from reality. Theory states that it would be ideal to engage a threat when the threat is as far away as possible. More space between you and your enemy is to your advantage. A big scope giving you a clear view to send a 5.56x45 out to a 1000 yards and drop the evil bandit planning to steal your corn supply is the stuff that gets our blood pumping. In reality, I can only think of a few scenarios - even in the worst case of shtf - where it would be ethical/moral to drop someone beyond 200 yards. Mere presence cannot indicate intent or threat. It's easy to romanticize sniping bad guys at 1000 yards. We can blah about this person walked onto 1 of my 500 acres of land and therefore... no. He may not have seen a sign, he may be looking for help, you cannot know unless you have some form of verbal engagement. Communication at 1000 yards is pretty limited. Theory tells us to get space between us and the bad guy. In reality, most encounters requiring the exchange of gunfire will be close range - it's the only way to determine threat unless the enemy is wearing a uniform and can be identified as hostile at distance. Hunting and long distance target are the only practical reasons, aside from building a dedicated DMR / Sniper platform, to get a scope with more than 8x in my opinion.
  4. What is the intended use? Hunting? Target practice? I'm a big fan of Vortex and run a Strike Eagle on my primary AR. I'm not out in the wide open ranges like you, but, I wouldn't push my AR past 600 yards even if I was. Opting for a 1-6 or 1-8 set up gives you better close quarters and keeps the medium range capability you'd get from a 3-9. A better idea of use can tell us a lot more. If you're popping varmints and small critters, higher magnification can be beneficial.
  5. Very true. Granted, snow and ice often found in colder climates can provide an abundant source of water whereas in the desert/arid regions you don't have readily available water sources just laying around on the ground. The key is to remember to not eat snow or ice as they lower your body temp - stick them in the canteen and use your body heat to melt or use a heat source to melt into warm/hot water. Also, as we all know, the yellow snow is not lemon flavored.
  6. How ya carrying that liquid? I have a 3L on my pc, a 3L in my pack, and a nalgene molle pouch strapped to the side. I also have lifestraws. I could theoretically strap a second nalgene or canteen on my pack. But, I'm not in as much of an arid climate as you are. They advise against using liquids other than water in the bladder systems. You could go for something like power/gatorade in your canteen to help keep you hydrated a bit better.
  7. I support 2A Foundation, GOA, and NRA. I will admit that of the three, the NRA is the one that lets me down the most often. Given the number of anti-gun crazy laws and lawsuits being fought against them out there these days, we have to pump our funds somewhere. Everything comes down to dollars and cents in this era of out of control lawyers and activists.
  8. Statements on the United Constitutional Patriot FB page seem to indicate that the Militia Member who was arrested by the FBI has been released - no charges. Not able to find any news articles to confirm whether or not this is true (won't surprise me if the media refuses to report that info).
  9. Shall not be infringed. I agree with all that you have written. That being said, the unconstitutional laws that exist are the ones being followed/enforced in order to arrest individuals such as this Militia member. Revisionism on all ends has done a great deal of harm to our nation and citizenry. Unfortunately, those laws are on the books for now and the Supreme Court doesn't seem to care enough to do anything about them. The Communists are doing their best to legislate our rights and freedoms away. They're suing every conservative voice and organization into financial oblivion and cutting off the means for financial support of those voices and orgs. They have the schools, they have the media, they have the borders, they have financial power, and they have their own private militia forces via groups like BAMN, BLM, Antifa, RR, and the list goes on. People like to talk about Conservatives as being the rich and wealthy CEO's and heads of the rich corporations. Anyone with half a brain could research who the largest and most wealthy corps are in this nation and discover who those corporations fund politically and socially. They're overwhelmingly leftist and progressive. Silicon Valley is just one example. Being a patriot will eventually be illegal in this nation if the communist leftists get their way. Time is ticking. The question is... when will the camel's back break?
  10. If there is any consolation on the matter... nobody has been arrested for the actions taken at the border by the Militia group. His arrest was solely for being in possession of a firearm when he was not supposed to be due to a past felony charge/conviction. As has been said, we do need to keep an eye on this situation. The ACLU and other elements of the Communist machine most certainly have their eye on it as well.
  11. That didn't take long. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/20/fbi-arrests-member-of-rightwing-militia-accused-of-detaining-migrants
  12. https://www.infowars.com/paypal-blacklists-united-constitutional-patriots-after-they-helped-catch-illegal-aliens-invading-u-s/

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