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  1. My friends in NW PA have informed me that they are experiencing a spike in robbery and break in's (primarily targeting small businesses that have been closed).
  2. You're in one of the absolute safest parts of PA that a person could find themselves in. I realize that your governor is a bit of a moron... but, the only people in PA who are going to be heavily impacted live in the corners east and west of you off of I-76.
  3. Depends on the state in which you live. Someone mentioned black powder options. Archery is also a viable option to consider if one is not permitted to own a firearm.
  4. You won't likely see any of the NG unless you're in the state capitol or a major population center. If you're in Philly or Pittsburgh, 7k isn't much considering the population size of those cities. Plus Harrisburg, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, Erie are all fairly large urban areas.... How many soldiers do you need to completely police those cities in PA alone?
  5. Check out the Area Code Militia units under the Militia tab. I believe the 717 has a few members that you could connect with. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Infowars is no more or less reliable than any main stream outlet in my opinion. Infowars typically reports on events and information already in the media - albeit with their own spin on it. Yes, they peddle some conspiracy stuff. The point of sharing the article is that we went from something someone heard on Fox News at 3 a.m. where we could find no written source to confirm... to infowars sharing a statement from the IFRC. Trying to create a chain of sources to either confirm or deny the original post. No reason to panic as of yet. Everything I wrote above regarding population centers is fairly accurate. Larger population centers suffer from higher degrees of unrest than smaller population centers. The number of military and law enforcement is far to small to effectively curb unrest in the nation. There were lessons to be learned from the events in Ferguson and other locations where people burned their own neighbors over a justified shooting... those groups involved even stated that it was foolish to burn their own communities and next time there should take it to the suburbs. If I'm not mistaken, there were instances of that happening in places like Michigan and Minnesota where suburbs were targeted after law enforcement shot individuals who had committed crimes. Politically our nation has been a powder keg waiting to pop for a while... add on military presence, shortages of necessary supplies, and further economic hardship... you get the picture. We are still a year away from a vaccine. We don't know if the summer temps will curb the spread of this virus. We are still a few weeks out from projected peak.
  7. Infowars recently posted this article indicating warnings of civil unrest that could be ahead in the weeks to come. IF... IF...IF things were to go down... you can predict to some degree where greater threats are going to be found. Not sure how remote rural populations would be impacted aside from supply problems, but, population centers larger than 5k should prepare themselves for slightly increased crime rates (especially if near larger population centers where supply seekers may venture out to a neighborhood near you). Smaller communities tend to be better at self policing and cooperating with each other, simply because they all know each other. You start stretching that community cooperation and familiarity once you break out of the 'teen k' size group. Populations over 20k should probably prepare for higher degrees of looting and theft if supplies run low. Populations of 50k+ could see coordinated protests, destruction, looting, and rioting from organized groups/gangs. Not saying this will happen, but, the larger the crowd the easier to hide your actions or at least have a reduced risk of enforcement cracking down on you. Evil people are opportunistic and won't hesitate to take advantage of a situation to not only gather basic needs, but, also gadgets and other luxury items. If you're in or near 100k threshold, you're likely to see National Guard or some Military force to help curb crime and riot. But, we simply do not have enough military and law enforcement to police every significant population center in this country. Big cities and state capitols are going to get first priority when it comes to societal support mechanisms. Supply chains will also focus on those centers for the sake of attempting to maintain stability. This is one of the harder aspects for small town and rural communities. Yes, we have the farms... but, we don't get the attention that somewhere like Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York City are going to get. https://www.infowars.com/west-faces-social-bomb-as-pandemic-sparks-unrest-among-poorest/
  8. What's wrong with being a group of crazy people running around in the woods with guns? Freedom always looks crazy to people who fear it.
  9. I love my magpul brand which is the tan sling on my PSA. The bungee on my Ruger... it's just a cheap CVlife sling from amazon. I'm around 6'1" so I don't know if height is a factor or not. I'm also around 230lbs at the moment, so width is probably a factor as well, haha. As I have it adjusted, it fits me just fine. Can't say how durable it is. It might start getting saggy over time. I just put my magpul sling on whichever rifle is my primary at the time... the bungee is on my secondary in the event I need to grab that quickly. I also have a single point which is bungee style... but, I'd rather not wear a cup if I don't have to.
  10. Some seriously shady stuff going on these days. While most probably aren't paying attention... quite a few people I know are waking up and taking notice.
  11. 350 million dollars to bring people into our country that we don't want or need at the moment. Economy has taken a good hit. Open borders are half the reason why Europe was hit so hard. Let's keep doing the same thing as before! Good to see our tax dollars hard at work. Senate voted 96-0 to pass this bill with junk like this shoved in by socialists. I wonder if they are under the impression that American Patriots just stopped being mad as hell because of this virus? I may be social distancing, but, I'm not in any better mood than I was a month ago. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/coronavirus-bill-350-million-for-migrant-refugee-assistance
  12. Thanks, Ill be here holding the fort so to speak.

  13. Plenty of reports seem to indicate that a significant number of those taking part in the panic purchase of firearms over the past few weeks are 'first time' buyers. Some reports seem to indicate that a number of 'anti-gunners' have jumped ship and purchased a firearm. It's probably too early to tell yet, but, this virus has just changed the firearm statistics of this country. That isn't to say that the progressive wing wasn't armed to some degree... but, those numbers just got bigger. Yes, some folks panic buying were probably hunters, prep types, and general firearm owners. But, what percentage of communist and socialist loving anti-gunners just got armed? We won't know for sure. But, the political tension is just on hold... it isn't going to go away. All of those things that were getting us fired up are still in the background... lingering and brewing. The risk of civil political conflict isn't gone by any stretch of the imagination. Some of those armed anti-gunners will likely be happy to give up their guns after it is all said and done with the virus panic, we might get some good deals on used firearms during that window before they get their rhetoric geared up again... but, the radical left who is coming for your guns is probably happy that they just bumped up their own useful idiot firepower temporarily.

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