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  1. No, she has access to the Mercersburg Facebook group which is a private group for that community in PA. Someone must have shared some information on that page about a protest or rally or whatever you want to call it being planned in that community.
  2. Ok, that FB page is a private group. A number of patriots are supposedly heading to Gettysburg this weekend - about an hour from Mercersburg. There should be some presence in the region.
  3. Do you have a link to provide further details? Or screen shots? A simple protest is not a valid reason to deploy Miltia units. Are there credible threats to person or property? Will there be adequate law enforcement presence?
  4. Lot of references to God in there. Surprised the socialists are okay with that.
  5. You calling me chubby Saiga308Snipe? Welcome to the forum Tess. Hopefully you can get some of those conditions better controlled. That being said, the Militia movement has needs beyond people carrying rifles. There is always some way to help your local unit. Glad to have you with us!
  6. Three Percenters Ohio FB page group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TTPOOhio/
  7. https://abolitionjournal.org/studyguide/ https://sub.media/video/trouble-5-you-are-being-watched/ This sub.media seems to have a ton of stuff. https://sub.media/
  8. Gotta love how Gardner is more than eager to go after this couple for defending their property. Licking her chops. It's always nice when the leftist radicals show their hand so clearly.
  9. Central PA Antifa appears to be denying any plans for activity in Gettysburg on the 4th. They seem to indicate a planned protest in Philadelphia is planned for the 4th. That being said... Central PA Antifa does not represent all anti-fascists in the state of PA. Furthermore, it's not like we can trust them to actually inform the public of their intentions and plans across the nation at any given time. There may still be a small group of actors looking to cause some trouble outside of that particular group. As I state earlier, activities such as this are going to continue to be a problem all over the nation and will continue to occur until something forces them to stop. They have momentum and little to no resistance to their actions. They are emboldened at this point in time.
  10. Pennsylvania State Militia isn't the only Militia unit in PA. It is likely one of many - just as is common in every state. When they put out a request for help it is to not only mobilize out of state units but other in state units. I'm native to PA. It is a big state. There are folks in NY, DE, NJ, WV, VA, and MD that are closer to Gettysburg than some parts of PA. The bigger problem is how difficult it is for Militia Units both at the state level and national to effectively communicate with each other. Which is one of the reasons why this forum exists. Another challenge is that some units worry that if they deploy out of state or to a different region of their state they might not be able to assist should something break loose in their own region or state.
  11. The left wing extremists are already trying to push the narrative that celebrating July 4th (Independence Day) is white supremacy. I'm not sure who exactly they are trying to win over with those statements. They aren't going to stop. It may not be Gettysburg (yet). But, it will be somewhere. Until someone puts a boot up their backside far enough to pop toes between their teeth, this will continue to happen.
  12. Couple has been doxxed and are receiving threats. Had to board up their business location to prevent damage to their property. This to me, seems like a prime opportunity for Militia in Missouri to reach out to this couple, offer some security, and provide some firearms instruction and insight into how to better prepare their gated community against future threats.

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