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  1. Any suggestions or recommendations on what you're looking for? Mass Private Message / Email or are you talking like a cell text alert? Would be nice if we had a dedicated subforum for Communication for folks who use Ham and CB to spread intel that way. I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive in on Ham but have been looking into CB.
  2. After measuring... do yourself a favor when ordering and opt for a pad upgrade if available from a manufacturer. I have an HHV ATE Gen I... the stock pads were comfortable but the upgraded pads were worth every penny. Far more comfortable, durable, and supportive. I believe they are now standard on the Gen II.
  3. Heck... in most countries at this point you'll get a visit just for even thinking like that. If you call someone a mean name in Europe they'll fine you for hate speech. There was a viral video of a Chinese man strapped into a steel chair being interrogated by the police for having said bad things about law enforcement on the wechat app. It is pretty hard to find that video at the moment aside from some spots on Twitter. Couldn't find it on YT. Found a reddit that was 'deleted' for the reason of keeping the reddit community 'safe' so couldn't share it here. I'm sure you've all seen it.
  4. If I were in your position I would just find an inexpensive book bag at the local thrift shop in black or grey - if you don't have an old book bag floating around already. I know it isn't as exciting... but... you don't have anything to put in the more expensive bag. I'd recommend using the limited funds you have for more ammo, mags, and perhaps load bearing vest with mag pouches for your setup. That being said you can find used surplus UCP assault packs for a decent price. I mostly lean on my light assault packs (1-2 days) as weight and maneuverability are things to consider when you start talking about ammo, rifle, plates, plate carrier, clothing, water... you get the point. That's my opinion. Other opinions above are also good.
  5. Another fine 'vote your problems away' article. Deja vu. Pretty sure I've heard this speech before... many times. I'm still waiting for it to work.
  6. I'd like to see her prove the point by getting rid of every object she owns that was invented by white people. I'm sure her lifestyle will remain very comfortable. Or perhaps she should move to a place where there are very few white people. She will find an abundance of freedom in those places.
  7. Satellite phone is the smart pick for quick contact and rescue. If that isn't an option and I'm in an actual survival situation... I pick the knife every day of the week. You can make a spear with a knife and a sturdy tree limb. You can start a fire without matches. Mud makes a great sunblock and insect bite barrier. Torch can be used as a light source once you get a fire going. Fishing net would be nice and so would a hammock... these can be built from natural resources using a sturdy knife. The knife can do it all.
  8. Anyone hear any updates on this event? Seems like most people were happy to swallow the narrative that was put out by media and LE.
  9. Most government organizations in general need downsized or outright chopped. State Department could use a good cleaning out. Federal Reserve isn't technically government... so doesn't count for conversation. But, that needs chopped as well.
  10. The same dimwits that do interviews with Vox and Vice are the ones who do articles and interviews with SPLC. Some people can't resist the opportunity to 'look important' and puff around. They're pushing the private armies language because most states have laws against private armies.
  11. Should have stuck it on someone else's car at the local walmart rather than keep/destroy it. Keep things interesting.
  12. Beyond WhiskeyWarrior... I want to know the circumstances of those 'Militia' and 'Citizens' that were also arrested. I'm sure some of them may be under threat of losing their 2A rights for their participation and response.
  13. Guys... dig up all the research you can on this situation. It gives us a good view into the tactics used. They shut off his social media and communications. They were spreading disinfo over the scanners to deter patriots from responding. 911 in the area was temporarily shut down due to individuals contacting and overwhelming the phone lines demanding the police desist. This is a learning moment. Not only for us... but for crooked law enforcement agencies as well. If people start showing up in protest... law enforcement is going to factor that in to their planning. They just happened to pick the wrong guy in the wrong town this time.

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