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  1. If it is a gang related story... I'm sure the media has already swept it under the rug as a 'nothing to see here' event.
  2. Spartan Armor and Tactical Scorpion Gear both make Spall Containment Sleeves that you can place steel plates in. Bear in mind... the more layers you add... the tighter the fit in your carrier becomes.
  3. It's highly unethical (I'd go so far as to call it evil) and would result in numerous innocent casualties - American Citizens of every stripe. There are individuals who rely on medical equipment to survive ranging from elderly to young children. Nope.
  4. Explains why every time I hear a report on the ballot count process in these states that they keep having more and more ballots to count.
  5. D.C. could be a warzone by this weekend for all we know. As well as other regions come the weekend. 'Peaceful Protests' tend to have bigger numbers on Saturdays. I wouldn't discourage anyone who wants to go to D.C. In my opinion, at this point, we all need to be prepared to defend our own regions in the weeks ahead.
  6. Jorgenson was a terrible candidate to run anyhow. The Libertarian party hasn't fielded a decent candidate since Bob Barr. The idea of being a Fiscal Conservative / Social Liberal is just a rebranding of the old blue dog Democrats.
  7. Lolbertarian Party pooched results as well. They just helped destroy their own freedom. I see no path for victory for Trump. Someone asked what can be done about fraud. The answer is nothing. The system is far too corrupted. The fact that none of the elites caught in actual crimes have been arrested or dealt with is the evidence.
  8. I'm not optimistic at this point regardless of outcome. Looking at how damn tight the vote is as a whole... There is no silent majority. There is only a massively divided country. I'm sure there are some fake ballots scewing numbers one way or another. But, this just confirmed my suspicions.
  9. Funny how we are accused of 'lusting for violence' by the far left media. Yet, here are numerous videos from a leaked zoom conference and numerous leaked documents showing the plans of the radical Marxist left to create further chaos post-election day. It's interesting how they are connected with BLM and ShutDown DC. We all know how it works with the left... projection and gaslighting. https://www.sunriseexposed.com/

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