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  1. Welcome to the forum! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do to serve this Republic.
  2. Not that I would ever want anyone to watch CNN... here is another gem from the event. Gotta love how CNN is permanently stuck on the spin cycle.
  3. Love the rifle build. How you liking the vertical grip? I haven't played around much with those.
  4. I got to listen to some guy at the local range carry on about how he felt that people should have licenses to own guns because we need licenses to drive cars. Of course, people tend to forget that you do not need a drivers license to own a car. You can drive a car around on your own private property all day long without a license as well. You only need a drivers license to operate a vehicle on public roadways. Not to mention the fact that firearms (along with pointy objects) are 'rights' and not luxuries or privileges. So... there goes that argument. Sadly, this guy probably votes.
  5. The thing is that we have known this about the political 'left' for many years. And, sadly, about some on the political right as well. The difference between then and now is that they are being completely open about it. I at least commend them for coming clean. I find them to be more tolerable than the cowards and weasels who try to take a little here and a little there with the long term dream of confiscation. I don't like either type when it is all said and done, but, at least the ones who are open and up front aren't cowards about their anti-American and anti-Constitutional views.
  6. I haven't had a chance to check much of the news today. But, the left is going to push that narrative and the rumor mill is indicating that antifa is planning to dress in Maga gear to give the impression that patriots are committing violence. These patriot groups need to take more seriously how they are dressing at these rallies. There needs to be some pre-planning and what not to make sure that the right people can be identified against impostors. Maga hats and don't tread on me t-shirts aren't going to cut it any more. https://www.infowars.com/report-portland-antifa-planning-to-dress-up-in-maga-gear-attack-people/
  7. I'm not opposed to carrying a pistol. Part of the conversation is to look at other opinions on the matter. I do have a thigh rig and could run it. I guess it all comes down to what LFR stated... what's the situation/mission? My issue is weight - ounces become pounds. If I'm running pc with plates, mags, rifle, water, food, med, bucket on my noggin, pack on my bag... that's weight I have to carry. Do I want those additional ounces of pistol and ammo hanging off my leg? I guess it depends. I could see having one or two individuals in a unit carrying a pistol in the event of a rifle malfunction or other scenario where the primary is down and out. But, I don't know if every guy has to be packing the extra weight. It's always good to prepare for the worst case scenario, but, statistically what are the odds of that playing out? Sometimes you have to stack odds against prep. It's nice to have when you need it, but, realistically what are the odds of being a lone survivor in a unit or separated from your unit with a malfunctioned rifle and the only way you're getting home is with your pistol and two magazines. You aren't going to be taking long range shots with it in that scenario - you're trying to survive and remain undetected in those situations. Up close encounter, it might save your neck if the event you happen to stumble upon an enemy combatant who also is a lone survivor or separated from his group. But, if you're that close to the enemy on your own without a rifle and there is more than two of them... that pistol might help you drop a few more, but, you're out numbered and way out gunned. Dirt nap is high probability. I suppose the consolation is that you might take a few down before you bite the dust. I think mission would heavily dictate whether or not I carried a pistol.
  8. I personally own a few handguns. I don't train with them as often as I should, probably. I spend more time with my rifles and shotguns. That being said, I've noticed on a number of Militia videos that many individuals and units seem to carry and train with pistols. I've always found this odd as I can't really think of many scenarios where I would want to carry the additional weight of a pistol and ammo for it when I could carry more mags for my rifle. Weight is weight. Also, the Military seldom has our boys and gals carrying pistols unless they are officers or serve some function where a rifle is too bulky and unwieldy to effectively use. I could understand if you wanted to train with a pistol for concealed carry purposes, but, a pistol is a dead weight insurance policy for a rifle failure (which if well maintained and cared for should not be a problem). If you're relying on a pistol in combat, you're not going to be doing much quick drawing and firing at your target. Seems like some of the training that is going on in these militia units is far more tacticool than practical tactical. What are your thoughts on carrying a pistol?
  9. There appears to be a Light Foot Unit in Charleston WV. Their facebook page has been removed which either means they are no longer around or their page was shut down. But, if you follow the link provided they do have an email address for contact. Hopefully it is still active. http://www.lightfootmilitia.com/unit-locator-map.html It also looks like there are a few different III% groups in WV as well.
  10. Welcome to the forum! If you happen to make that move to the Ozarks, look me up. Also remember that TX is going to be a pretty shade of political purple before too long.
  11. To be fair... we won't need body armor once they ban all the guns. I can't imagine any scenario where someone would illegally obtain a firearm and use it to harm/murder a defenseless citizen.
  12. Schumer sure has a lot of opinions about things that won't make a danged bit of difference. Then again, his body guards are well equipped and protected. That's all he really cares about. Best of luck to him getting steel and truck bed liner banned.
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