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  1. I don't think it is necessary to go outside of peoples homes unless they are purposely evading the public. He has an office... go there if you have a problem. No laws were broken. However, the optics are not good. If anything it will just serve to embolden Mr. Levine and increase his demand for gun laws and confiscation. He has a long track record of scooting around the nation to push progressive agendas. One look at his wiki gives you an idea of what kind of a person he is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Levine_(politician)
  2. Let's try to get a 'Four79' meet up scheduled. I have a thread under the Arkansas section, so, this would be open to anyone in Arkansas to attend. No uniforms required, nothing official so to speak. Just an opportunity to meet and greet. Maybe a centralized location. Perhaps a place to grab a bite to eat and chat. Heck we could just brown bag and meet at my church if that would be agreeable. Let me know what you all want to do.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here with us. I'm also in the 479 - Pope County.
  4. Not sure if anyone else has shared this yet: Looks like a group in VA is planning a second rally for July 4th. According to the Facebook page Senator Amanda Chase will be the featured speaker. Appears that the Virginia Knights are organizing this. ***FEATURED SPEAKER: Senator Amanda Chase*** A call for all militia units from Virginia and any other state and any other person interested in rallying in support of the second amendment, has hereby been extended to you. PURPOSE: To Rally for a second time to show Governor Northam that we stand strong as patriots, Americans, and free men and women!! Make it bigger, better, and longer this time!!! The purpose of rallying after the laws go into effect (July 1st) is to show we have no intention of obeying the unconstitutional gun laws. Rallying before wont stop them. Rallying after will just be another speech. Holding out for peace, no compromise, but willing to do what it takes for freedom. People will be off work for the federal holiday. Hence more likely to attend. Whether the governor is there or not is not our concern. We are here to make a statement and to announce plans!! ORGANIZATIONAL TEAM: Virginia Knights MODERATOR: Mike Dunn SPEAKERS: Mike Dunn Chris Rickman Senator Amanda Chase (message us if you would like to speak) We will be speaking from the capital square. Contact me personally at vkpatriotsprintingpress@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/events/richmond-virginia/gunstockrally-20-richmond/2571458589776699/
  5. I have a fairly 'traditional' pc setup. Three to Four mag pouches on the front that can hold two mags per pouch. So I can run 3-8 on my chest - with the obligatory 1 in the rifle. Just wondering about retention systems and personal experience from others. Bungee cords can break, but, they are quiet and easy to use. Velcro can be a bit noisy, but, if you're having to reach for a second magazine... noise isn't likely an issue at that point. Velcro can also get cruddy and not stay closed as well when packed with debris. Haven't had any hands on with Fastex buckles to see what that is like. I suppose at the end of the day there is no 'best' retention system but only a number of useful systems dependent upon preference.
  6. Yeah, this is a common argument these days from that end of the political spectrum. The assumption is faulty in that they assume that the military will not fracture in the event of a civil or revolutionary war. It is also faulty in that only an absolute moron would nuke their own country in order to stop any form of an uprising... not only do both sides lose in such a case... so does the entire globe. I always point to the insurgents in the Middle East, as much as I despise them, as an example of how flawed their argument is regarding armed civilians not being able to fight back against a large military force. After 18 years against the U.S. and coalition forces... and about 10 years before that against the Soviets... the camel fluffers are still around. Biden's talking points sound rational to people who have no knowledge about history or the human spirit (whether for good or evil) to endure and persist in the face of incredible odds.
  7. After purchasing a rifle and getting used to the platform... magazine acquisition and magazine management / load out are generally part of the next step. Different philosophy and circumstance will dictate just how many mags a person is going to attempt to carry at any given time... whether one or two in a pocket or 8-10 loaded on a carrier/vest on the chest. There are a ton of different brands at various price points on the market. There are also some different styles out there. Would like to hear others thoughts on the subject. Granted, training / muscle memory probably plays a factor into your individual preference as to what style you use. Just curious if you prefer to run open top bungee style or closed top pouches. Maybe you prefer to just stick them in your pocket. I've gone back and forth, currently leaning toward closed top surplus double M4 mag pouches. Any reason why you choose to run what you do? Any particular brands you've found to be more durable? What about quality on a budget?
  8. Looking for 479? Can lead until someone more qualified comes along.
  9. Reporting in from and rocking the 479 Not sure if anyone else has reported in from this area code, but, happy to do what I can.
  10. Any others from the fine state of AR interested? Thinking sometime in April or May.
  11. Guns and Gadgets channel was encouraging folks in VA to write their state level senate reps to encourage them to shoot down these bills. Guess if they can get two of the senators to flip these bills will either stall or get gutted on a second go around. Big question is if any dems will flip. Not sure if any of them are in pro-gun counties where they might lose their job next election cycle if they vote in favor of the bill. How comfortable are these politicians with their voting block? I'm still curious as to how they intend to enforce these 'laws' when the time comes if they pass.
  12. Dreft is a great addition to the list. Woolite (Dark) is specifically for black and dark color clothing. The ABU pattern didn't have black included as it had the same colors as UCP. That may be why they felt comfortable including regular Woolite. Nothing dark colored in those patterns.
  13. Anyone from Arkansas interested in doing a spring meeting? Nothing formal. Just a chance to chat with fellow MyMilitia folks. Maybe visit a public range or something? If interested drop a reply saying so. We can narrow down a location and date if there is enough interest.
  14. The humor in this gals tweet is her claim of NRA propaganda... while she is spewing propaganda. Just saying NRA to a progressive boils their blood. That tweet is from the Senator who filed the Red Flag legislation in Missouri if you didn't catch that.
  15. Can't do the Tuna. Don't like it even when it isn't in an MRE.
  16. My personal favorites in bold. 1- Chili with Beans 2- Beef Shredded in Barbecue Sauce 3- Chicken, Noodles and Vegetables in Sauce 4- Spaghetti with Beef and Sauce 5- Chicken Chunks White with Buffalo Style Hot Sauce! 6- Beef Taco 7- Beef Brisket in Gravy with Seasoned Beef Brisket Slices 8- Meatballs in Marinara Sauce - Not a fan of the garlic potato mush tho 9- Beef Stew 10- Chili & Macaroni 11- Vegetable Crumbles with Pasta in Taco Style Sauce 12- Elbow Macaroni in Tomato Sauce 13- Cheese Tortellini in Tomato Sauce - INSTANT PUDDING FTW! 14- Creamy Spinach Fettuccine & Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce 15- Mexican Style Chicken Stew 16- Chicken burrito bowl 17- Pork Sausage Patty, Maple Flavored 18- Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce 19- Beef Patty Jalapeno Pepper Jack 20- Hash Brown Potatoes with Bacon, Pepper & Onions 21- Tuna, Chunk, Light, Water Packed, Lemon Pepper 22- Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables 23- Chicken Pesto Pasta 24- Southwest Beef & Black Beans
  17. Absolutely. These types of tests tell us not only about ourselves, but, how we interact with other personality types. MBTI is still useful and widely used in a number of fields.
  18. ISTP... better keep an eye on me. MBTI is interesting, but, somewhat outdated. Jordan Peterson and others have talked about the Big 5 personality traits... not sure how that one will fare over the long term. Also was some test in the past where you could be a lion, beaver, retriever, or otter... I scored Lion dominant and retriever secondary.
  19. Notice anything about the individuals wearing camo and carrying rifles that stands out? https://www.courier-journal.com/picture-gallery/news/local/2020/01/31/kentucky-gun-rights-supporters-rally-frankfort-2nd-amendment/2858967001/
  20. Looks like they're passing the laws that won't ruffle the feathers of their voting base. They threatened to cut the arm off so they could get away with chopping the hand off instead. That's what they call compromise.

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