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  1. This account is dead.


  2. This is what protects me every day.
  3. Scandinavia


    Just keep poking them with a stick. we will have our day!
  4. Get my friend's and start up a survival base in sulfur gulch, Parker, Colorado. At that point, I already have a shelter made. I would use shovels that we have there until I find other weapon's (Like a knife or chainsaw). stay out of the main area's. I would use my ACR ResQLink which I carry with me everywhere. This send's a international distress. I would then wait until the the US allies arrive. Food is not a worry for me. I have EFP with me at home. If I was near my house I would take my dad's rifle to protect myself. I am a better shooter than all of my friend's so I would have the 2 other best shot's take the other 2 nine mm's. assuming that help would be coming I would use my computer to get on my militia and see location of other colorado groups to potential move to their location. It would be best to do it at night. It would limit possible search party and tracking risk's. assuming that US force's stop the advance and trap them, that is all I will say.
  5. Guess what! I have my own troll group! Who knew! 

    1. KillBird


      We are working on that you may need to setup a new account from a library or public wifi. I want you to be careful the net can be very dangerous

  6. I would recommend looking at fixer's page on how this site has grown. If anything, patriot's are meeting and connecting now more than anytime ever! I think that if anything we are growing stronger!
  7. This is so much more simple in these term's!
  8. Welcome to the club! I hope that you feel welcome!
  9. I might of got them mixed up. Is proverbs the one that is mostly songs by david? I am not best with chapters of the bible
  10. Psalms is a good chapter for advice. If they get into the bible than maybe you could tell them to read one Psalm a week. I know it has improved my outlook at life.
  11. That is great! So everything is ok? Is your daughter ok?
  12. Everyone please pray that the people leading the McMuffin attack (that is what I am calling it now) See the light and truth and pray to make them stop and maybe even change their views.
  13. This person should be thrown into the pit's of the sea with a brick on there foot. Sorry if i sound extreme but I am frustrated with these people


  14. I know that I joined a Marine Youth Program. I am still a youth so I guess it counts. I also am trying to lead one of my miss lead brother's of god to christ. He is a Hindu and I am trying to the best of my ability to show him the true path to Christ. By the way, If you can please pray that I can show him the light, I would be very grateful

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