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  1. Not sure how to do this, but I can never have enough knives. I'm trying to enter the free knife contest. https://www.mymilitia.com/roll-call/
  2. Cortez took that off her website yesterday. IMG, the link gives to blank.
  3. Five years? We may not have our firearm rights in five years, just saying. Coconino National Forest is great place. If we can get a few good folks, I'd move there, build an off the grid home.
  4. Okay, I'll go first. Looking for land and like minded folks in western Wyoming. Hoping to go in on bulk property and divide depending on number of like minded folks interested. If anyone interested on forming a like minded neighborhood/community, please contact me. Could be another State, but it's necessary that State is pro-second amendment. BTW, thanks Let_Freedom_Ring for the great post.
  5. Thank you, Let_Freedom_Ring. That's very much appreciated. In the meantime, I need to get outside and plow another 8" of snow. I like snow, just not 6-8 months out of the year. Visit with ya later Folk's.
  6. Just keep in mind, if you plan to be selfsustained, on top of the Mesa it's pretty hard to grow anything because of the soil. Cattle can graze pretty well, but not much grass to offer. I think it would be pretty cool to find a group of same minded folks to go in on about 500-1000 acres of land in a mutual agreed place. Just like ammo land can be bought cheaper in bulk, otherwise pretty unaffordable. Split it up into individual parcels, home's, barns, and you get the point while independently working together for a mutual goal and create our own neighborhood. For instance, look what the Amish folks do. Any comments on this idea? Off topic: Even though we're good folks just looking for other good folks to share ideas about being self sufficient, everyone does realize that the FBI probably monitors these websites.
  7. Goodnight fellow Patriot's. Gonna watch an hour and doze off. Looking forward to keeping this discussion going tomorrow. Same time, same Bat Station!
  8. Busted, now you know why my first choice is Wyoming! 😂😂😂
  9. I moved up here from Seguin, Texas, folks were great but I got heater way too many times. I'd like to go to Flagg Staff AZ, if my Wyoming thing doesn't work out. Anyone want to go in on some land?
  10. I've been to all those places. The good folks in the South are wonderful people and great food. Especially The Great State of Texas, I love breakfast tacos and Christmas tomalli's. My only issue with State's of the South, is the humidity. Do yourself a good favor, mark sure you spend at least 30 days in the South in August. Better get a good taste of the crazy hot, sticky heat. The Mountains of Arizona and New Mexico are beautiful, get some snow, but not 6-8 months on snow. Good choice, Arizona Mountains.
  11. I beg to differ, Minnesota can turn into California. Trash, needles and human feces everywhere. Yes, it can get much worse. Instead of being infested with Mexicans, Minnesota is infested with Black Islamic Refugees. I remember when Minnesota used to be like the movie, "Grumpy old men", good folks helping each other and getting along. Nowadays, white folks can't even walk their dogs because some Black Islamic Refugees might get offended because it's against their religion. It used to be proud Americans, striving to be a better kind of good, caring and sharing kind of good ole bunch of folks. Now instead of sharing Minnesota with the less fortunate, White's have no-go-zones. Places that instead of assimilation, the Black Islamic Refugees have tribes! Don't anyone get me wrong, I have never been called anything but a proud American and never anything else. BTW, yesterday District 11 where I live had a special election. Where as a Democrat has always held the Minnesota Senate seat, last night for the first time in Minnesota history, it flipped Red! Bottom line is that it pays to go out in 5* below and vote!
  12. 😖Currently I'm looking for property in Wyoming. If I can find something in my price range, I'm getting out of the new state of Samolia. Roads don't have enough salt and everything is going straight to hell, cause Minnesota is spending too much money on fraudulent Samoli daycare centers instead of the Elder residents of Minnesota the way it used to be. What I think is going to happen is something is going to happen down the cities and City-it's will run for their lives and come North. People, I hope that you're active and support the State's declining second amendment. We're loosing right now and sure could use everyone's help and support.
  13. "Death of a Nation" is a good, informative flick too.
  14. I think I did post my location, but after seeing the members in Minnesota I did join the Minnesota Stray Dawgs. I'm looking forward to hearing from the other two.

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