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  1. Inaction is compliance. All these people and groups on this and many other sites talk a lot of crap but when our cities are burning people run for the hills and hide. What if our founders had run away? We are saying to the mobs they are right and we submit to their wants. They are tearing down our civilization and ruining this country.

  2. Yes I have but I am also ok stepping into an established unit and serving as well so long as the mission statement and ethics aligned with our nation's Constitution and most of all the law of God which provided us with this nation.
  3. Morrow county here just joined this group testing the waters maybe for a group or to possibly start one in my area
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  5. Hey, I am 33 father of 5 a local truck driver and I live near Marengo,ohio. I am a combat veteran of Iraq 2006-07 where I performed a combat security mission and was a team leader in my platoon. The last couple of years I have been....reading the writing on the walls you could say and reading in-between the lines on the things happening in our country and my friend in my opinion we may be getting close to a crossroads and we need to band together as one nation and as Patriots. I look forward to getting to know others here thank you for having me I hope to be of any help I can be with any and all of my training (which is to much to list really) and my experience. Thanks again.

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