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  1. Dont get me wrong, the silent majority will forever go down in history as the tipping point to the great awakening ( the rest of the world's sm's included), but now with that in the book, we may want to go onto the next goal and that is to become the silent maturity...this is what the q army is heading toward whether they are conscious of this fact or not.... my suggestion to yous is to read demonbusters.com and if you come out of that feeling good, your ready for some serious soul searching and maturing ... many of you may be way farther along and closer than you realize, but what good is your gun if you don't know you have it... When the mountains are low and the valleys are filled and q is doing the rest, then you will be the mature... But nothing is fulfilled without the Realationship... true that... Have a weekend
  2. my people perish from lack of knowledge... but, we are waking up and while knowledge is increasing, it is finding its way to the heart...there it will become ingrained and a lifestyle and not forgotten... and when ego, greed, fear, timidity, patience, understanding, discernment and obedience level out, then the student will be like the Teacher ...and America will no longer be defined as the land of snakes, but the land of His...and His students. this is the height of what is at stake; will you get ready ... you people know how to train, why will you not train for Him... He asked you to Become, why will you not take Him seriously... noone has talked to you outside of parables and qlues, are you ready... thank you Father and Brother... Theirs, Cen
  3. We have contact... Sooooo, this statement, evidently doesn't involve a shovel, hammer, dozer or a prybar... So, what is God trying to expose here...
  4. I am assuming that most of you believe you are awake and out of the matrix...but are you really... you may need to clean house to really see the enemy.... get through demonbusters.com without getting pissed or locking up and then you will be clean and really awake..(when you lock up, breathe out until it is gone). Seriously... you saw the demons last night during sotu, time to get serious and the more the merrier... get er done and then United we will truly be....
  5. A student is not above his teacher ..but everyone who is Fully...trained...Will...be like...his Teacher... And yes, swords are in this reality...but, when the thought, word and the outstretched hand are your first manual of arms and does not cause repentance and harm is still in your future, then the arm is presented and used responsibility...this is not murder. This is freedom in servitude to God...the true God. And in the Family...;)
  6. It was the year after Katrina and I had met the medicine man (Sid) southeast South Dakota res. Online and he said some things that made sense, so he invited me there and I went... that was the first time I had experienced uipi...and seen the other side...the bright blue light... it is amazing how similar the native American belief is to the Christian one, the only difference is they are still in allegory land and haven't crossed over to the truth outside of symbols...and quit worshipping the moon for starters... The good news is we all have the puzzle in us, we are just missing a few pieces and when enough of usq figure this out, you will all be free men, just with freedom comes responsibility, so you might as well work on that while we are waiting for the millennium because that's what's next... You know what the big secret is;. Psychology without a relationship with God is death... psychology with the Relationship is maturity and Christlike... Seek first the kingdom...:)
  7. you know what it is coming down to... they are fighting the one promise he made at his inauguration... the big one...actually 2 if you think about it. power back to the people... and in God we trust... the criminality is just their vice, the power is the source... the question is, can you handle running this Country... i know we all want leaders, but it your not pushing yourself to become one, then what's the point...and I am saying without ego and immaturity... are you there yet....you may need to look harder and usually within is the wise choice, though both are important to fulfillment... when the hills are low and the valleys are level... then ----------- as far as the wall, we need a barrier for worst case scenario...invasion of a fighting force is up ultimately why they are having their tantrum... and since it is Superbowl day;. If what we are going through currently and will...the game today would be the Patriot vs stealers... thats what's going on
  8. A voice of One calling in the wilderness... Prepare the way for the Lord... I would be very impressed if someone understands this in all it's heights...and can finish the statement... You have no idea what power you could hold... Nice to meet everyone and I mean everyone... His, cen

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