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  1. I have forgot about this book. First read back in 1971. later referred to when teaching Survival Tactics. This along with the Boy Scout Manual were the basic survival references back then and are still relevant today. Thought provoking read.
  2. Still operating in Pocahontas county WV. Quiet Zone
  3. RED 6

    RED 6

  4. I am a first responder (EMS and Firefighter) in a Rural All volunteer Fire/rescue Squad. I would suggest Militia members look into their community First response system and Volunteer, (get involved) You will learn a lot about your local area and Work with the folks that are like minded as far as protecting your community. You will know all about assets available if a situation evolves into a "Call to Arms". Make contact with Local Law, county Sheriff and 911 director and offer your assistance with personnel or what ever you have to help in situations such as a Mass Casualty Incident, Flood, Prolonged Power outage or anything else. get your Group (local militia) listed as a county asset.
  5. We all need to be on the same sheet of music if we going to play the same song. But lets keep it simple
  6. Recruiting new members in West Virginia Now

  7. The flyer should be a great help in recruiting. I like that.
  8. Road Kill Cook Off in Marlinton WV this Weekend 9/24 WV Citizens Defense League will be recruiting there, Yall come.

  9. Doesn't show my location in Greenbank WV

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