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  1. So much is happening to this country so quickly. If I was in my hometown I would know exactly where to go and what to do if Shit hits the fan. I do not have the same family and friends here near Las Vegas. My wife and I are searching for a Like minded group of Patriots who are training  to be prepared for whatever comes.  We are God Fearing, Law abiding, Constitution/Freedom loving, Proud American Patriots. Looking for some Friends to have our backs like we have theirs when it’s needed.

    1. Militarybrat77


      I’m with you guys. I feel the exact same way 🇺🇸

  2. Mastadon of Nevada Security Force III% will take command of 775.
  3. We'll get there Doug. Stymie is doing what he can and I'll see what role I can play in the near future. For now, if folks in Nevada want a group they can reach out to Stymie and he'll set things up. ?
  4. Certainly interested in getting together and seeing what all it's about. Facebook said something about sending me some sort of vetting form, but since I'm only on Facebook about once per year that will be tough. Also, my Facebook tends to get reviewed by various agencies for security vetting so I basically stay off it for years now.
  5. Went to the III% Facebook page, I hate Facebook and keep it uninstalled, and it said it was going to send me some sort of form. Lol, don't know where they'll send it cause I only get on Facebook about once a year. A little advice; get a private server running basic Appache. Use private email. Send forms via Signal. I imagine I'll never hear from them. ⚖️??
  6. I would get a quick wind and weather forecast, seek the best shelter I could, and wait. Anything within 5 miles is basically death. Outside of that, you'll want to know wind direction and weather forecasts. Head into the wind if that's away from the blast, otherwise head perpendicular to the wind and away from the blast. That's about all one can do without a bomb shelter.
  7. So, somebody asked me what's the bare minimum they need to be ready. Well, here's the list and it's a bare minimum, but with what's going on in Virginia we're about to hit the fan in Virginia. Are you ready? The very basics for a combat engagement; 1. AR-15, AK-47, or AR-308. I highly recommend the AR-15 if it's your only combat weapon. Every rifle must have a sling and be zeroed! And; 2. At least 500 rounds of the same ammo your rifle is zeroed with. 1000 rounds would be better, 2000 is even better. And; 3. A minimum of 14 loaded 30 round magazines. Standard patrol loadout is 7 mags, so 14 is a double loadout, or 420 rounds. And; 4. Some form of good hearing protection. And; 5. Hiking boots, or similar footwear for your climate. And; 6. Cargo pants suitable for hiking with the pockets full of heavy stuff. And; 7. A shirt that wicks perspiration and is suitable for your climate. And; 8. Coat, jacket, or vest with lots of pockets and suitable for your climate. And; 9. A good hat. Fleece beanies are good for winter and baseball type hats are good for warm weather. And; 10. A backpack at least large enough to 4 1 liter bottles of water and dry food for 2 days. And put that in it along with your extra ammo and any medication you require. All your clothes, pack, and preferably your weapons should blend in with the environment around you. But, avoid camo clothes or anything camo as that'll put a target on you. Also, avoid bright colors, earthtones work best. To a large extent you want to be able to look sort of normal. You also want to be comfortable outside for 24 hours. There's many things not on this list, but, if someone shows up with only what's on this list, then I can immediately put them into the fight. They are immediately able to engage the enemy and stay in the fight for 1 full day, maybe 2. They are useful and not a burden to the unit. What do you all think is a minimum? ??
  8. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/12/democrats_are_pushing_america_into_civil_war.html#.Xep9gg_Kqco.facebook
  9. Thanks Doug. Yeah, Everytime I watch a zombie movie I think what fun it would be to run around eliminating zombies. But, one might want to leave the zombies alone long enough to secure a reliable source of potable water, seal off the zombies at certain choke points, and protect important resources. I wish I was wise enough to know the who and the when of all this, but the where and the what is a much more static set that will tend to remain constant over most scenarios. I've always believed that life is a journey to be enjoyed while one does what they need to do to be responsible. So, until the war starts I can enjoy a bit of target practice, and it might be nice to know where the critical infrastructure is and from where I can observe or secure it. ?
  10. I'm in S. Reno. I'm a 59 year old manager with a very large multi national corporation. Not at all interested in any group that may include racists, homophobes, or Right/Left wing totalitarians/fascists. My views are Libertarian & Republican and I wouldn't be here except that I see a civil war coming between left wing socialist fascists & everyone who supports the Constitution. Further, I believe folk's on the right need to have systems in place to deal with the eventuality of the coming conflict. These would include communications, encryption, intelligence, identification of friendly forces, tactical capabilities, rules of engagement, and command & control at the local level. Early target selection and local/regional strategy might be a good idea too. And, I wouldn't mind knowing some trustworthy folks to practice and train with. Especially those interested in 1000+ yard precision rifle. That's my new thing. Thoughts? Mocadon
  11. Well, it seems I'm old and slow. I can't scramble around like I used to. Getting off the X is harder than it was years ago. Hmm, what can I do to protect freedom at my age and with my experience? How can I stay far enough away to survive while still contributing to enemy attrition? Oh, got it! I can just lay down with my new best friend. ?
  12. Still here. As always, alone, in the dark, cold, hungry, and heavily armed.

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