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  1. I'm in S. Reno. I'm a 59 year old manager with a very large multi national corporation. Not at all interested in any group that may include racists, homophobes, or Right/Left wing totalitarians/fascists. My views are Libertarian & Republican and I wouldn't be here except that I see a civil war coming between left wing socialist fascists & everyone who supports the Constitution. Further, I believe folk's on the right need to have systems in place to deal with the eventuality of the coming conflict. These would include communications, encryption, intelligence, identification of friendly forces, tactical capabilities, rules of engagement, and command & control at the local level. Early target selection and local/regional strategy might be a good idea too. And, I wouldn't mind knowing some trustworthy folks to practice and train with. Especially those interested in 1000+ yard precision rifle. That's my new thing. Thoughts? Mocadon
  2. Well, it seems I'm old and slow. I can't scramble around like I used to. Getting off the X is harder than it was years ago. Hmm, what can I do to protect freedom at my age and with my experience? How can I stay far enough away to survive while still contributing to enemy attrition? Oh, got it! I can just lay down with my new best friend. 🤗
  3. Still here. As always, alone, in the dark, cold, hungry, and heavily armed.
  4. It's interesting to me that so many people focus on their life mistakes when considering a restart. I've certainly done some things I regret, but that's just part of the human condition. Sure, there's always thing's I'd want to not do or even not see, but that's stuff from lands far away and long ago. And, who's to say the new me wouldn't do worse things? Time, that's the thing I'd like more of. And I'm not that old. Just slower.
  5. Well, life is good. But, do I get to restart as a strapping 18 year old? Cause then I'd gain 40 years.
  6. Hmm, I'm basically just wondering what will happen when the day comes, and it is coming, when we need to take up arms in an aggressive way. Not defensive, not reactive, but in a proactively offensive way to strategically and then Tactically eliminate the enemy. At this moment we don't know exactly who the enemy will be, whether government at various levels will be with us or against us. And, we don't know whether we will be able to act overtly or we may need to act covertly. What rules of engagement are we going to follow? But, Nevada and Reno are currently under Democrat control. Locally law enforcement is mostly on our side. But what I'm talking about is direct lethal action. Of course, only in the foreseeable extreme circumstances. So, you can guess what comes next. Target selection, identification and location, methodology and planning. That's the sort of thing I'm interested in exploring. Not exactly politically correct but certainly not illegal since the sort of circumstances that would allow such action does not exist and probably can't exist under normal rule of law. We're talking civil war and basically WROL. In that situation it would be nice to have good teams and plans in place that ID targets, locations, and methodology. Because, the internet isn't secure and may be down when we need to locate a targeted person's address, etc.. Secure communications is also a requirement, and since truly secure combat communication systems are prohibitively expensive, code systems must be developed and distributed in advance. Lot's to think about, and none of it requires running around in uniform. Thoughts?
  7. Mocadon


    Me and my AR180 circa 1981.
  8. Yeah, I boycott Facebook. My employer looks at Facebook. I have an account but I only about once per year.
  9. I just discovered this site as I'm back to thinking there's a need to know who shares my basic values and world view. Especially near where I now live in Reno Nevada. My first rifle was purchased in 1979 in Glenview IL. An Armalite AR-180. There was rioting in Miami and cars were being burned. The news was asking "could this happen in Chicago" and I had a brand new 1980 VW Scirocco. I had a clear line of sight from my Uptown Chicago room to where I parked on the street. In 1986, I felt no further need for this weapon and traded it for some original art that I was collecting at the time. I was also then focused on shotgun sports and combat pistol shooting. Despite living in AZ for some 6 years, I just didn't need the range or capability. In 2013, I recognized the need to be better armed again. I built several Spikes Tactical ST15 lowers and mated them to Adams Arms uppers. I was living in CA then and have adult stepsons. I armed the family. Surprisingly, those Voodoo barrels all hold 1/2 MOA to 300 yards with 75 to 77 grain MK262 type ammo. I prefer the Hornady 75 gr Superformance ammo. Now that I'm getting older, and my eyes don't track fast moving targets so we'll, even longer ranges seem a better fit should I ever feel the need to reach out to a target. I'm thinking a small frame AR10 variant in 6.5 creedmoor is in my future. If the time ever comes, I'm ready. My stepson's are ready, and I'll make sure my grandkids are as well. But I hope that fear is never realized.

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