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  1. This week I am not doing a regular Roll Call. I only wish to jot down a few thoughts... There are now 76 days left until the most important election of our modern times. Take a moment to think of the reaction by both, Americans and Detractors, regardless of the election outcome. Should Trump win, the Marxist movement will surely escalate exponentially. Leaving us to fend for ourselves locally, while Trump makes his move on every Democratic Governor to force law and order. Should Trump lose, two things may happen: 1) Trump may not wish to leave office. However, there is a slim chance of that happening. But if so, and he has the military backing him, honest patriots will pay that price collaterally. 2) Should Biden win, the Dems will use the system they created to impeach Trump (he was the lab rat— they knew he would not be removed) and force Biden out of Office within his first 6-12 months. Therefore placing they’re true candidate in office as president and another of their own, as Vice President. I would certainly imagine a black president at this point and a black VP at this point. most likely the resurrection of Bernie Sanders. Along with that, Marxist groups will also escalate the violence until The Dems give in. Then the terror will truly begin. Because even when the Dems give in, as we see today in Seattle, the mob doesn’t stop. We need to protect ourselves. We live on a island with limited egress. We live with a ‘as needed’ Food supply and if supply entry points are blocked, we will starve. We will be without proper medication and basic daily essentials. Those who wish to go about it lone wolf style will only be safe until everyone around them begins to starve. 10 days tops is what I give that. A single gunman Protecting his home can be easily overrun by a determined group of unarmed detractors. It’s not very difficult. No one here lives on a 30 acre spread. Think about all of this. If you are from Long Island and read this. My only hope is that you already have a plan, and man power in place. Like I say every week, no magical militia is coming to save you where we live. No ready made defense force is standing by in the shadows. You will be fucked. Sounds Crazy! I know! But then again so does the thought of ‘Black Lives’ painted on 5th Avenue. Yet there it is... [email protected]
  2. Well thought out. Every group should have a armorer and although a Barrett 50cal is good, there are plenty of other Lighter weight options. However, I do get your point. Use the tools that the left are already using successfully. When it comes to arms, create a arsenal equal or, superior to, the opposition. Anyone with me must contribute to the defense fund, even if it is simply a box of ammo.
  3. lol! Yeah well. We sure are good at adapting. Not by choice of course! I always appreciate your insight brother!
  4. If you believe some mysterious and ready made group will magically appear when the SHTF, you are mistaken. These groups do not exist in the 516:631. Which is why I will continue to Roll call weekly. Those of you who have spoken with me or corresponded via email or txt. We will be face to face soon. Im not interested in Zello or video chatting. Because who shot goes sideways, we will need to be there n person. Shoulder to shoulder. November 3rd is right around the corner and believes me. Whether Trump wins or not, there will be violence in the streets. The Left doesn’t want the White House. They want it burned to the ground. Trust me they are not stopping. Why would they? They truly believe they are winning ( whether that’s true or not). So why would they suddenly stop, when the election is over, either way? Think about this. Then think about you own safety. No one can go it alone. No matter how armed or prepared you may be, things never go as planned. So, I am asking you. If you’ve read this. Get your head out of your ass and make a commitment. Like I say all the time: I don’t need a ton of Patriots. I just need a few good and dedicated ones. Charlie Mike! [email protected]
  5. Within the next two weeks, we will be meeting up. All are welcome. The designated  time and location will be sent out 48hrs prior. If you are someone who needs more time to get someplace. This might not be for you. 
    [email protected]

  6. Get together guys and make it happen. Then network with the other groups forming outside your area. It’s all one mission! Charlie Mike!
  7. I am pleased to report that people from the 516/631 are reaching out, which proves these efforts are worth it! We live in a blue state and it is easy to feel like you are all alone. I am here to tell you that you are not! NY conservatives live in fear. Those who say they are not, already have a strong network, or are lying and have a bug out destination to run to. They’re not afraid because they believe they can run away when things get hot. Some will make it. Yes. But, many will not. Those who do not will be wishing they had someone to call. Does this sound radical? Sure does! However, it the Radical we are preparing a defense against. It’s the Radical we are praying will never happen. We all know the truth, however. The Radical is already here. They just painted BLM on 5th ave. Do you think they will stop with that! At what point will they stop, when they believe they are winning? They will never stop! We do not live in the mountains. We live among the Radicals. We live in the Devils Den. Do not just sit home and go about your life as if nothing out there will affect you. Trust me. No magical army will appear when things go south and you really need the help. There is no active group out here to plug yourself in to when you most desperately need it. The time to make that connection is now. You do not have to be armed. You don’t have to know how to survive, or even fight. You simply need to Love our Country and what it has always stood for. Everyone has a purpose as far as I am concerned. We will find a place for you, but you must make the first move! If anything I wrote this week rings true, reach out to me and get connected. Charlie Mike!
  8. It’s smart to look at other sides of this, as well. As Americans tolerance is key. People will say lots of negative things about us if we were marching, armed. I personally do not care what they chant. It’s when they act upon those chants that it becomes a call for action. Or reaction. That gentleman in the car was approached because they heard him laughing and thought he was laughing at them. This proves that even though they were well armed, They were still in great fear. Regardless of the threats they made about ending his day. Our aim should be to use their slogans and platform for our own ends. That’s what warfare is. We have battles on many fronts here today. The very last thing I am concerned with is a black national militia armed and yelling racial anti-white slurs. No matter how many they recruit, they are still limited to urban locations and 38million in numbers, if you want to include children and elderly, etc. Learning from other groups and using what is working for them is what will make us successful with our own mission. The men and women on this site are a drop on the bucket as compared to what we need in membership for our own local units and networks. Ive begin advertising mymilitia using road signs, knowing that those who visit this site will find me, and others like me. When you see moments like the GA video, gather as much intel as you can for your own means. They are not our enemy today. But they may very well need us as a ally tomorrow. -Charlie Mike!
  9. Roll call

    Be noticed that the New York lounge shows the oldest post first.  Any way to reverse that. Had to jump 7 pages to get current. 
    thx bro!

  10. Where are hailing from brother. We are planning a get together here on Long Island if you are local! Charlie Mike!
  11. Let’s get this going everyone in the 631/516. Reach out and get connected. We need war fighters, Because we are in a war for our freedom right here on Long Island. If you do not know how to fight I will teach you. We need communication experts. We need planners and coordinators. If you have a skill to list and are n the 631/516 area code go to The Charlie Mike Militia ( in the Militia Section). Join, Then make contact.

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