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  1. Got a few in kenton co...not seeing much else..I thought it would be flooded...maybe this isn't the place
  2. I am hoping now this starts to expand..locking us up in our homes...Unconstitutional
  3. No way brother...will I ever give facebook anything...Gotta be other ways...It's a shame we cant meet on the bike trails like we did in yester years before we realized there was a deep state ...
  4. Facebook is the DEVIL...I shall never...I just cant.........won't........RAH!
  5. Northern Ky....looking for something around here ..Come on patriots you gotta be out there and sick of what your hearing and seeing..
  6. Looking for this very thing..Safety in numbers..we are everywhere..need common ground..Pray [prey]
  7. Absolute Patriot...Tired of watching the country I Love being ripped apart..Enough is enough!!


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