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  1. I was born a patriot. I will gladly die a patriot. My first memories on Earth was looking up at the Stars and Stripes listening to bugles play the taps. I was born on an airbase. My father was a combat veteran fighting in one of the first units to land in the beginning of the Korean War. His company was wiped out in one night. Shot thru the mouth, he and eight other survivors fought their way out of enemy lines to live and fight again. My great great grandfather and other relatives fought for the South in the First American Civil War. I grew up in the military environment. I enlisted and served my country for 5 years. I love my country. I love the basis for its founding, the U.S. Constitution. I love the 2nd Amendment and understand that, without it, the Constitution cannot exist. Like many of you, I have witnessed America descend to a level of madness, chaos, and disintegration over the last decades that has filled my heart and soul with both sadness and anguish...and growing anger and rage over what the Leftists and their Communist/Marxist ideology has done to our country. Our nation is falling apart due to the Marxist takeover of major institutions of our country like the education system and the mass media as well as the intense corruption of our political establishment that have sold out to the globalist agenda for a One World Order. The spirit of our Founding Fathers to establish a lasting a political system that would not impose state tyranny over its individual citizens is a spirit that will never die as long as there are Americans alive to preserve it. The dark and foreboding clouds of a Civil War grow over the horizon of our nation. The wheels are in motion. Fate is what we face. America is divided down the middle between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness created by the Marxists. This struggle is a struggle between two wildly opposite ideologies. This ideological war has been non violent ... so far. But, it is only a matter of time before significant political violence is instigated by the Left to provoke hostilities. Our political system was never meant to harbor political parties/factions based on the insane ideology and anarchy of the Marxists/Communists/Socialists. Our political system was based on sane, reasonable, nation affirming dialogue and peaceful compromise. What the Marxists have managed to do over the last 80-90 years is to create the impending destruction of our nation because they hate America and everything it stands for. They worship dictatorial state power and tyranny over the individual. The Left wants the destruction of our nation. They want the destruction of each and every American who loves our Republic and everything it has stood for the last two centuries. I pray to God for strength in the coming struggle. WolfStrike??

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