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  1. We're alive and well in Northern NV! West Coast Patriots 3% is actively recruiting in all parts of NV - please PM me for details!
  2. @ BigDog-75 Glad to know you're rolling strong! I ended up finding an awesome group for me here in Nevada that also has established groups in most other states. West Coast Patriots 3% Nevada - just like you, we're growing like crazy right now & actively recruiting. We do active training several times a month.
  3. @ AlanDk we have people in that area - look up the facebook group called West Coast Patriots 3% Nevada, and request to join. If you need help, PM me.
  4. Glad you reached out, Alpha 5-1! Grateful to have you on board!
  5. Anyone interested in joining an active militia in Nevada is encouraged to reach out! We train several times monthly in my area of Northern NV, and have leadership in Southern NV as well. Please PM me if interested, or find us on Facebook at 'West Coast Patriots 3% Nevada'.
  6. I live in stagecoach NV. I am looking to start training with other people that believe in the constitution. I am a former infantry mortarman. I am getting a little bit older. But I can still shoot, move and communicate. Just have to knock the little rust off. 

  7. Hey there Battery, I'm in Fernley & my group is recruiting. I try to get out at least twice a month for drills & practice.
  8. NVMikeG


  9. @ Stymie which part of NV are you looking to recruit from?
  10. @ Mocadon that's been my biggest hurdle with getting to know groups here - they all seem to only use facebook which I won't use.
  11. Hey all - I'm a veteran (former JTAC) in Northern Nevada looking to join a group. Is there anyone actively recruiting?
  12. Anyone know who to contact for info on this group? I'm in Northern Nevada & looking to join.

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