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    Retired ER Trauma RN for 35 years. USAF jet engine mechanic early 70s..... bombers, tankers and fighter jets.
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    1. Judith Plis

      Judith Plis

      I applied....waiting for a response.   Thanks!

    2. Mustan9


      Did you go to the site?

    3. Judith Plis

      Judith Plis

      Yes...I'm a member

  1. Judith Plis

    Judith Plis

  2. Hi Howard!  I think we live close to each other...  Do you go to the range??  Like to shoot?  I go to an indoor range off Copens... 

    Thank you for your service.

    Im a USAF Veteran....early 70s....

    1. Howard


      Hi Judith. I am in Margate. I do not go to the range anymore, cost of ammo is a little high for me. I'm saving all the ammo for when the time comes. The photo of me, is of all different materials. My helmet and bullet-proof vest is from my time at the Coast Guard as a citizen working in the Galley. Not a correct uniform.

  3. I am a retired ER Trauma RN, and a Vietnam Era Veteran; USAF. Looking for others in the south east Florida area.
  4. No... not back then.... when I enlisted, I was the only female in my field,,,, Nope,,,, but willing,,,,
  5. Looking for folks near Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale,,,,,If traveling, will be able to provide food and shelter. Retired now,,,,was a RN for 35 years after serving in the USAF as a jet engine mechanic ,,,, Vietnam Era Veteran,,,early 70s,,,,,,?♥️?
  6. Checking in. South Florida here

  7. USAF Vietnam Era Veteran

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