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  1. Screw you and your cowardice masquerading as some kind of grand scheming strategist. You and many like you are cuckolds sitting in the corner watching liberty be violated in every imaginable way. You watch and talk big but if you do anything at all you only do it to yourself. I'm sick and tired of castrated men thumping their chests and having the gall to call themselves my countrymen. We are at freaking war, we are attacked openly and without consequence in every imaginable way and still you sit around grumbling with your thumbs up your asses. At least half the damn government ope
  2. Honestly, this is why groups don't unite and are scattered in like minded bands that can and will do their own thing not caring the least bit about what anyone else in the "community" thinks or has to say about it. That's the kind of thing that gets rifles turned against people who are supposed to be allies in the cause of constitutional freedom. I'm not waiting around for anyone else if the time comes where I feel it's now or never. And honestly, there are many people who have these feelings. It's a bad idea to try and stand in their way, and an even worse idea to attempt to join
  3. I'll get on it, fast track you through. We're literally swamped with applications these days. Huge surge in numbers.
  4. The Proud American Patriot Network is active in NCWV, we're not against networking and sharing info and numbers with other organizations. www.pa-pn.org Reach out
  5. I used to hate that song, "Running with the Devil", because they would blast it during battalion runs in Ft. Bragg. I miss it now, not because of Eddie VH, just miss the runs.
  6. Social security and Medicare can exist as a voluntary opt in program where only those who opt in benefit. That's freedom.
  7. Truth. Bump stocks are stupid kids toys, in my opinion. If you want something reliable that will out shoot a bump stock and rivals true automatic fire, fork out for a BFS3 trigger system. https://franklinarmory.com/franklin-armory-bfsiii-ar-c1/
  8. One of my uncles was a combat photographer in the Army Air Corps. I remember when I was a boy, my dad would go visit him and they would pull out huge box after box of combat photos my uncle took during the war. They would compare stories and figured out that they were in the same place a couple times and never even knew it. I have zero clue what happened to all of those pictures after he died, I'd give pretty much anything to have a single box of his photos.
  9. Funny how the state didn't try to arrest him. That's sarcasm btw
  10. Well, invoking the aclu has just caused me to look down on you. The problem is people just tuck tail and accept things because they think they're powerless. Stand up, be loud, and be ready to fight. Our founders gave us the tools, it's up to each individual to use them. The one and only limit to any right is if it infringes upon the rights of another. Until then, they are limitless.
  11. They're saying that guy was a felon and had his gun illegally. I personally think once someone served their time, they should get all of their rights back. A lifetime of punishment is unconstitutional in my opinion. If the crime was that bad to warrant a lifetime of punishment, they should have just been hung. The 2nd Amendment doesn't say everyone has the right to keep and bear arms, except for felons. And my argument makes even more sense when you consider the fact that every single one of this nations founders and everyone who followed them were in fact
  12. The one and only downfall, besides feeding it, is if I don't try consciously not to shoot too fast, I'll have hammer follow down and a malfunction.
  13. I literally can fire faster than a full auto m16 any day of the week
  14. I'm not joking when I say I've pretty much turned it into a crew serve

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