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  1. Ok. That makes sense. Still doesn't hurt to be watchful, since we're not told everything our government is up to.
  2. I knew we built many, or most, of the UN vehicles. I also have heard that they do send troops here to train. Just wondering what people are seeing.
  3. Has anyone seen any of the UN troops supposedly observed here in the US? According to the Common Sence Show, they've been seen mostly in the Trump states. And that mixed with the activation of Marines.
  4. ✝️Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter from down in southeast Texas. God bless y'all.
  5. Grab your bag n guns and get the hell outta Dodge...
  6. I hope everyone had a great New Year. Now it's time to prepare for SHTF, whatever it may be. You should also get closer with God. 

    God bless y'all.

  7. ??Happy Memorial day y'all. Let's not forget about those who gave their lives for our great country. Also, as those of you that are traveling, be safe and never drop your guard. Bad people like to do bad things. Keep your head on a swivel, not only for yourself, but for your friends and family. God bless y'all, and have a great weekend.
  8. That is definitely a good price. Wish I had the money.
  9. Good early morning. I hope everyone is safe and doing well.
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