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  1. 5 meter targets....N.E. Of Nashville... R&S HUMIT CQB and stuff Good day fellow Patriots
  2. Smoke your meat. Lasts longer. Pack rice. It is somewhat light weight, cooks easy (when you procure water), filling and packs calories. Remember, when you eat carbs, you need to hydrate to help digest. Regular dry condoms (jimmy caps, rubbers, nasty shields etc) make awesome water storage devices.... cotton balls slopped in Vaseline (never shoe polish- smell is bad, makes you traceable) for fire starting.... maintains like a candle to get chunks of wood burning..... and of course, denies everything.
  3. Thank you. Good to be here. I miss the brotherhood of combat arms.
  4. Checking in. CQB, weapon handling/ shooting, long range reconnaissance surveillance, sere... mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight Robertson County

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