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  1. I'm just going to go ahead an say it..... if your waiting for a "local" group i hope you find one but now is not the time I waited and waited for that local group and never found what I was looking for... now I drive 3 hours to train.... why? Because its the best group I have found. No other group like it..... now is not the time to wait... especially if you have little to no training prepping and other experience..... just my 2 cents not that nobody asked 🤣 but if you want to be serious about it and train and so on send me a message
  2. Randolph county

    1. Breach NCDF

      Breach NCDF

      Are you willing to travel?

  3. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it we have ftx that weekend
  4. Well when ever yall ready let me know ill hook it up
  5. Nah your right but getting people together is like pulling teeth we have people from all over from (me) in Lexington to New burn
  6. I know a group for yall but you might have to travel a bit... i travel 3 hours and wouldn't trade it for a group in my own neighborhood

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