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  1. I am moving to the PHX area (Maricopa County) from Washington State in the next few weeks. I have been a part of other groups but I'm looking to get more involved, especially in light of recent developments nationally. I have a background in leadership and organizational development and training. Was a part of senior leadership team for a nationally affiliated group. I look forward to making contact with other like minded individuals.
  2. This is a Twitter account for a political group of like minded patriots that help to encourage and promote the stance of our Founding Fathers. Posts happen periodically due to current political news and events as we respond to those situations around us. This is also an account that is not based on a particular group or specific beliefs but more of a place where encouragement and a call to action happens. Please follow this account as it helps get the word out about those things that matter to us as patriots and defenders of our freedoms.
  3. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia. This mymilitia.com is actually quite resourceful in plugging me in with people around me. I know I'm in Los Angeles and you're all the way out up north in Washington but I'm trying to get it together and figure out what I got to do to get started. Plus I guess the more connections I make the more informed I'll be.

    1. Red Dragon1

      Red Dragon1

      Sorry for the late reply to your message.  There are a lot of various groups on the west coast.... It seems to be whatever you are looking to do or what interests you will be able to find a group of like minded individuals...


      As for me, I have been active with groups nationally and also statewide... but I have recently decided to take a break from that activity and have decided to focus on my personal health and other areas as well.


      You are right in that getting in touch with others is a good thing.... especially down south where you are.


      Chat with you soon....


      Red Dragon1

  4. Sent an email with the name for my account.

    1. fixer



    2. Red Dragon1

      Red Dragon1

      Thanks brother!


  5. King County here.... Kent/ Covington May be looking to join another group or team.
  6. It is great to be a part of a group of fellow patriots that are willing to sacrifice for our freedoms.

  7. Red Dragon1

    Erich Barlow

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