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  1. This is extremely terrifying to say the least. No longer does the Left have to look at your social media posts to see who you support. This is now a one stop shop to potentially threaten those of us who have given money to any particular campaign. If you are on the list or any other site that might be out there. You need to take precautions, cause the violence against those that are on them will be coming. Especially is things are overturned and thrown out altogether. We will all be targets. You think the Liberals were upset before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  2. Welcome to the group here in Arizona! I have posted here as well about getting folks into leadership positions that may have military or political leadership. There is a HUGE lack of this in the various different groups. Also, COMSEC should be followed. As it has been said elsewhere, don't want to share too much info on here. DMs should be used or other such apps. There are trolls here that are documenting convos. This site is available publicly, so please keep that in mind as well. Feel free to DM me if you guys want a side convo about things.
  3. If the Left are permitted to continue this sham election, then you are correct in that the bureaucracy will be used against us. But there are many states, including where inlive that we have those in government supporting our efforts. So stay where you are and fight on the ground you know. Moving may be an option later, but if we use those of us that are in these locals, then we might stand a chance. Losing numbers doesn't help the cause in any circumstance.
  4. Also, I would encourage communication amongst the various states as well with different groups and units. We are going to be in a HUGE fight and we may need to draw back or advance to other areas that we may not know or where we don't have contacts for. Start making sure that areas of "friendly voters" are understood and where that support would be. Locations of supplies and material may also be needed to help when the time comes. Do what you can, when you can! You may not be in the fight, but providing support in material, safe space, or resupplies, may be as important as bein
  5. I think that we need to have a phone call or conference call first. That way we get to know one another and then decide on who will do what. I am up to do this anytime if you guys are as well. We can exchange numbers or someone can provide a link via DM. These public posts should not happen during the planning phase. Thoughts?
  6. We need both a political leader and a military one as well. I know we have dozens of ex-military personnel apart of this community and there are also political leaders as well here. We just need someone to step up to the plate and take the post. While there are some of us who will work in the background to help support and organize (myself included). We need a face and a voice and someone with the political will to get things done. While the day of the election is behind us, the fight for our liberties is approaching fast. If we don't get organized and start working on resisting,
  7. http://Exclusive–Leaked Document: Leftists Fear Trump May Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’ https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/10/29/exclusive-leaked-document-leftists-fear-trump-may-win-minnesota-plot-post-election-mass-mobilization/
  8. We need to be actually doing something instead of just talking about it. At this point communication and a game plan needs to be the focus as well as potential and actual resources to support the plan. Additionally, we are stronger together than we are as individual groups or units. If we are supposed to be the ones that defend the liberties and freedoms of our fellow citizens when nobody else will, then we need to make sure that we are ready to step into that breach and be able to provide a last line of defense for our neighbors. Part of that is getting organized in a manner that
  9. I'm afraid that when things hit the fan we will have folks that will have stockpiled gear and equipment with nobody able to use it. The same goes for medical supplies and support. We have folks able to provide it, but we don't know them and they don't know us. Also, the lack of leadership is glaring in most groups here. And the lack of communication is hurting everyone. Additionally, the lack of any sort of intel or planning seems to be at most an ad hoc endeavor by some. We are either going to start working for a common goal or we are going to be hung out with our pant
  10. I have been asked to spread the word down here as well about some similar things that are happening north of the boarder as well. Fellow Patriots all across Canada are noticing that things are heating up and that the government in Ottawa is conducting a war on their own people by creating "concentration camps in all of the Provinces". Additionally, as reported in this thread, the UN has been asked help the RCMP to confiscate weapons from the population due to the PM signing legislation that declares them as being banned. This is specifically related to the AR-15, but the legislation basic
  11. I have recently been reading a few news articles and watching a number of news shows and that claim that Arizona is going to become a blue state and may side with the Democrats come November. I can only pray that this is not the case and that there is a "silent majority" out there that will come out and vote for President Trump on election day. Additionally, there are numerous reports already out there that are saying that there may be a landslide in votes for the President on election day, but over the course of several weeks things will slide to Biden and the Democrats. This is what is al
  12. Welcome to the group from Anthem!


    Red Dragon1

    1. Blidged99


      Thank you! New to all this so here to learn and be informed in these crucial times.

  13. Recruitment through Social Media As we all feel the growing since of urgency with the coming election, and we all know that this will be a changing event for our country. We are seeing a number of groups reach out the community through social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube in order to connect with folks with like minded goals and political leanings. While this may seem like a great way to get the word out, you are also putting a target on your back. Facebook in particular has been on a rampage against folks that don't lean to the Left. They continue to close Patriot sites an
  14. Let me know if you want to connect sometime. DM me with your contact info.

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