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  1. Contact Myself ([email protected]) or Scott Pierce ([email protected]). We NEED people like you that believe in things as we do. See my very recent post right here on the Utah Roll Call page for my other posts. We are planning a meeting for Sunday, October 6th (time not yet set). You are more than welcome. Contact either of us if you wish to join us.
  2. Yes, Scott and I along with 2 others are still trying to make things happen in the SLC area. We are still working towards building our ranks up. Those who feel the same as we do are welcome to join us. I have posted here in the past as to the kind of people we are looking for. In a nut shell we are looking for those who still believe in God & Country. DO NO take to those in favor of activities such as ANTIFA (they are basically CRACK-POT LIBERAL SOCIALISTS as far as we are concerned) or in ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM think that OPEN-BORDERS are a "Good Thing". We are are people who believe in the FLAG, OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT and what he STANDS FOR. Some of us have FORMAL MILITARY TRAINING, others have OTHER USEFUL SKILLS that in time crsis will be INVALUABLE in their skills. BUT EVEN THOSE WHO AT PRESENT ARE NOT FORMALLY TRAINED CAN AND WILL BE USEFUL! All that's actually required is the WILL TO MAKE THEMSELVES A PART OF THE GREATER NEED! ALL of our current members DO have weapon skills and ALL at present OWN their own firearms... That part is MUST. But the real question here that we try to answer is that MOST OF THE TIME if ever this Country falls into CHAOS then the time may come when we may not able to live where we do now. We MAY have to survive off what God provides us... aka. the wilderness. We may have to help protect others who did NOT prepare for a Civil War... IF WE ARE NOT OURSELVES READY FOR THAT WHICH MAY COME then we OURSELVES WILL BE THE ONES AT FAULT FOR NOT BEING READY. WE KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT THIS TASK HAS FALLEN TO US TO GET READY NOW! That is what Scott & Myself with our other allies are ALL about. Now, are there OTHERS who will ANSWER THE CALL? It's time WE take up where our FOREFATHERS left off. In 1776 MANY answered that call... Now we just call it AMERICA. And right now, SHE'S IN DANGER!!! All it takes now is for you to become a bit ANGRY too. All you have to do is listen to the MORONS at CNN and EVERY OTHER DAMN NETWORK (besides FOX NEWS) to see where this country is headed towards... When this Country that WE LOVE begins to ACTUALLY BURN it will be WAY TOO LATE then to get ready. And I think MOST EVERYONE that's a part of the My Militia here KNOWS IT!!! So what are you waiting for? !!! THIS IS YOUR ENGRAVED INVITATION !!! CONTACT MYSELF ( [email protected] ) or Scott Pierce ( [email protected] ). WELL? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???
  3. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia and this mymilitia.com page which is actually quite resourceful and plugging me in with people around me I'm trying to get together and figure out what I got to do to get started

  4. Ahh! I see you finally got it!!! WAY COOL Scott!!!
  5. Hello, how did your meeting go in salt lake? I would like to meet with you at Denny's. 

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    2. DOCACE2000


      I can again meet tonite. Is the same time available (9pm) for you?

    3. Brandywine


      Yes, 2100. It will have to be brief as I am currently an otr truck driver with a demanding schedule. I'll be at the counter at Denny's  9th west and 21south wearing woodland cammo pants, black shirt,  Patriotic baseball hat.

    4. DOCACE2000


      I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you.

  6. My hope for this country (and specifically Utah) was restored last night... It's not ALWAYS of quantity men... But RATHER, it is ALWAYS THE QUALITY of the of the MAN who answers when Our Lady of Liberty & Freedom cries out into the the night "I need you NOW! Will you answer me when the Tyranny comes?". Then, from the darkness FOUR did come! We Stood firm and resolute, shoulder to shoulder looking back into the bleakness night... Then, from a single steady voice WE shouted back to the void of EVIL the quote from Job 38: 11 ... "Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further!!!" This, IS how Freedom is kept! This, IS how I KNOW our cause is not yet lost! To you other three all I can say to you is THANK YOU!!! I saw in each of your eyes last night that same deep burning of the fire's of the freedom! I could feel in your heart's that same proud feelings that I felt when I stood in front of Mt. Rushmore! And finally, I could tell from your souls that this WILL NOT go pass unchecked!!! You, like me, will NEVER allow these fire's of Freedom to EVER go out! So men, we have much work to do and it's high time we get to it! In time our numbers shall grow, but, for now it's enough for each of us to learn that we four can at least be counted upon whenever She calls... Again, to you three THANK YOU! (soon I'll be contacting you in the manner we agreed to last night) Sīc Semper ēvellō Mortem Tyrannis!!!
  7. ok, I am leaving here around 8:30 pm should be there at 9:00 pm or so,

    1. DOCACE2000


      Looking forward to it!

  8. I have no list to work from here Scott, I only have this "My Militia" site to work from. I've posted on the UTAH roll call area and unless you know of some other way to "call to arms" others from a different place then that's all I know of to go from. BUT, you have the "Time & Place" at your disposal already. And, Like I have already stated. ALL ARE WELCOME to attend. If we find that there are WAY more people than we all expected to show I'm sure that 9 pm at night the people at the Denny's can easily help us out and provide more tables set up to accommodate us. If there are OTHERS reading this and have NOT spoken out yet because they KNOW they would not be able to attend I ENCOURAGE those to post in ANY WAY they know possible as to where we will be and at what time we'll be there. PLEASE, if YOU KNOW you would not be able to attend that DOES NOT MEAN that you could not still tell others and give them the info on this "Roll Call". That is what I mean by ALL ARE WELCOME to attend. And please, this needs to be stated up-front: IF YOU DO NOT HOLD A VALID CCW PERMIT FOR THE STATE OF UTAH THEN "DO NOT", I say again DO NOT carry tomorrow night concealed... You are MORE THAN WELCOME to carry openly abiding by our State Law's which states you MAY CARRY with your clip FULLY loaded... BUT, DO NOT HAVE ONE IN THE CHAMBER!!! That's the LAW in this STATE! And that ALSO means you can not have a concealed back-up ankle holster with a .380 etc.. BUT ALL THIS IS NEEDED TO BE SAID RIGHT NOW, UP FRONT AHEAD OF TIME SO NO BODY LATER GETS INTO ANY TROUBLE. I don't care what you do outside of our gathering but for this meeting those are the ground rules. Now, If you DO HAVE A VALID CCW WELL THEN YOU GO AHEAD AND CARRY AWAY TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!!! As for me, that is on my list this year to get my CCW, and if you pay a little more (like $35 bucks extra) you can get your CCW to be valid in I think AZ, NM, CO and KS as well as in UT. Now, if you want to carry your Long Gun tomorrow night I'd think for the moment that you reconsider that thought... Only because for right now I would not wish to piss off the Manager and employees along with the patrons in attendance. The time I'm sure will come later when we ALL carry OPENLY our long guns... But for now lets just keep this as low profile as we can. Again, if you wish to carry openly your sidearm with the chamber cleared that's fine with me as it won't really bother anyone when you're sitting down at the table and no one can really see it. Anyway, I think that covers all of that issue. No sense beating that dead horse into the ground.
  9. Glad to see the responses so far. I SHALL be there as I stated and I'M NOT HARD TO SPOT... It seems that I'm the only one in Utah that was ever a fan of the Oakland A's so as I said my distinctive GREEN jacket will be VERY easy to spot. The location can be found on any map program and it's also easy to find on the Denny's web home page using the "find a Denny's near you" thing. It's the one that I think is numbered #2 in the Salt Lake Area when I checked to make sure the address was right. As far as I know, there is ONLY ONE Denny's that is also next to a "Flying J's" Truck Stop that I know of in the area. Anyway, the point is simply this tho, I've made this as simple as I can make it for us all to meet up at. From there the agenda is open for ANY subject that needs to be covered. I have no qualms about leading from the front etc., after all this was my idea. BUT, I SHALL NOT be the only one speaking, I encourage EVERYONE to contribute to the discussion. In this way we will see where are at and where we need to go. That's whats on the agenda. I think that some of us are better prepared than others right now, that much is certain. Beyond that I'm sure that there are other topics that need to be covered of which I shall not speak of openly here. Those subjects are better left for face to face discussions. As I've said before, THE MORE THE MERRIER is what I'm hoping for tomorrow night. The Spring is close at hand (tho today's little snow fall was still a sign that winter is not done with us yet) and with that the time for getting out of our Bear Caves has finally come. Some of us wish to get some rounds down range and I'm ALL for that! That ALONE is a BIG PART of what we bring to the table, our skills came from some of the best teachers we could have ever hoped for! That makes us VERY valuable indeed, yet that is not ALL we are all about. If EVER the SHTF we may well find that WE are the only thing standing between ANARCHY and ORDER. That is a VERY sobering thought... So, if ANYONE wished to attend they are welcome. Tho for now, I suggest those UNDER the age of 18 do not attend as in some cases these discussions are not for those under that age. That's it for now, I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow night!
  10. i'll be there tomorrow at 9:00pm

  11. Scott, for the moment I think it's prudent to just worry about yourself. I've named the TIME & PLACE. I NEED to know just who is SERIOUS about all this and WHO'S NOT. That, is the purpose why I'm doing this ACTUAL ROLL CALL. So, let's just see who here in Utah has any BALLS and who is just all TALK, NO ACTION. The days of just posting and venting for me are ALL OVER! I need to get to my VA appointment now, I'll see who is going to respond to all this when I get back.
  12. Oh for the love of GOD people! Fine, no one wants to step up here then I will. SO HERE GOES: I WILL BE AT THE DENNY'S RESTAURANT AT 2025 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 (it's next to the Flying J's Truck Stop... GOOGLE MAP if you have too...) @ 21:00 HR's (that's 9:00 pm for those who forgot how to tell military time) on SATURDAY, MARCH 9th (that's tomorrow NIGHT!). This will see if PEOPLE are SERIOUS about all this. I'm EASY to spot, I'll be wearing a GREEN Oakland A's warm-up jacket and wearing a ball cap that's in a sorta grey in color that says "RAMS" on it. I wear glasses as well and stand 6 feet tall. YOU CAN'T MISS ME!!! NO BODY could miss me in this getup!!! We'll JUST SEE who's SERIOUS about all this. THIS IS ON A WEEK-END SO THERE CAN BE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT SHOWING UP as THIS IS AT NIGHT AND ON A WEEK-END... IT'S NOT CHURCH YET YADDA, YADDA, YADDA... IF THIS AREA OF SALT LAKE IS TRULY RED A COUNTRY STATE THEN LET's just see who has the BALLS to show up. I WILL WAIT 2 HOURS... If NOBODY SHOWS AFTER THIS TIME THEN I'LL KNOW THAT NOBODY IS SERIOUS ABOUT ANY THIS... THEY ARE JUST WANNA-BE's!!! THIS IS TOMORROW NIGHT PEOPLE... I JUST HOPE I'M PROVEN WRONG AND AT LEAST SOMEBODY BESIDES MYSELF IS SERIOUS ALL THIS!!! So, there you have it. I have tried to get the ball rolling here. If you are in the Salt Lake area AND are ALREADY part of a Militia THAT'S GREAT, YOU SHOULD STILL SHOW UP FOR THIS (that means you come anyway!) as at least we can see who also is serious about all this. Look at this as a MICRO BUG-OUT DRILL... and I'll BUY THE COFFEE, that means YOU WILL HAVE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT COMING. I HOPE I'M OUT $50 BUCKS FOR THE COFFEE!!! I'll be there... God I hope somebody else is too!!! I'm going to post this also on the main page of this site too if anybody from IDAHO or Colorado etc. might also be interested in attending as well.
  13. I want to network and join any legit militia in Utah

    1. DOCACE2000


      Fine Scott.  Name the time and place.  As I've stated before, I have 2 appt. this week on Friday in the afternoon, evenings are better tho.  So, again, name the time and the place and I'll meet there and we can see where this all leads us.  The time for just talk online has passed now.  If you live here in Salt Lake then I can think of many local places in town that are open 24 hours a day.  Pick one and we can go from there.  It's now Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 2:30 pm so you see when I've posed this message.


      Waiting to hear from you.

    2. Scott Pierce

      Scott Pierce

      i replied to your other post

  14. Then name the place and the time brother... Evenings are a bit better as I have VA appts. from time to time. As I've said, I'm in Salt Lake City area so you call it and I'll be there.
  15. All that sounds great. This is what I came here looking for in the first place. That is to say, why I went looking for ANY place in the Salt lake City area which in the end led me here to the so aptly maned My Militia site. Even those who's time for quick bodily actions are well behind them can still serve in times of action. That is what's true in my case. I'd be better used as one who could help train rather than the one who was doing the actual training. My fused spine just won't allow the kind of bodily actions my mind still thinks it can do. If there is (or are) groups here all the better. I've dug my VERY FAIR share of fox holes in my day. Yet beyond that I was put into positions of power well above my lowly rank of E-4 because I was the driver for my infantry company commander for 2 1/2 years (inc. in the R.O.K. on the DMZ). It would take volumes of books describing just all I was made privy too there. Suffice it to say I had an AWESOME First Sgt. that knew me from the 8th week of Basic Training till the end of the 3rd year of my military life (we ALL were kept together for 3 years, we were an experimental COHORT company/Battalion). When we all arrived in country (R.O.K.) for the last 14 months of our time together our original Co. Commander was forced to go to Command School (so he could attain the rank of Major) so our co. commander's spot was left empty. Unfortunately for us we sere stuck with a Captain who was in Infantry Officer name only... Since leaving OCS he had been in the Signal Corps till he had been sent to us.... We found out on the very first day of our unit in country just how LITTLE he actually knew about being in the Infantry. Next to nothing would be the kind way of stating it. Yet between the 1st Sgt and myself we were able to take command of our company and continue on with the field problem. The X.O. had his own issues to deal with. Anyway, this was only possible because my original Captain firmly believed in being prepared for ANY eventuality. Many was the time when out of the blue my captain would turn to me and say to me "I'm dead, now what are you going to do?... This taught me how to be on my toes to say the least. You can't just read these kinds of things, you HAVE to experience them first hand on a continual basis over and over again until they become second nature to you. Anyway, I won't write a book on it all here as is my tendency to, suffice it say I had learned my "shit" from the best. My point now is just this: I came here (this site) looking to FIND someplace to belong too. I thought about the VFW, but they are more of a ROTARY club, more designed for BINGO and their bar tab than preparedness. And, I can see the need as well for some secrecy as well. In this day and age of OVER-ZEALOUS liberals who think we all want to do is take over the country (well, in some ways we just want it returned back to us) we ALL have been forced "under-ground" even tho we have the Constitutional Right to form and keep militias. I understand it all, but, hiding in the shadows away from all the prying eyes also prevents any real way of growth too. That's the real rub isn't it? So I'll try to make this as simple as possible then. I'll meet anyone here in the Salt Lake Area at ANY time. Day or night. All I want to do is to get started, not just sit around and type back and forth for next 3 years getting no where. I've already been doing that now ever since I came to Utah in 2015. They can give me their position on this matter, I can give mine. If we find we don't see eye on things we can go our ways: no harm, no foul. But, If instead we find we have common goals then we can move forward plain and simple. I'll be looking forward to ANYONE responding to my request here. If I have to look outward beyond the state then so be it, I'd rather it would be more local tho, gas won't be $2.00 forever.

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