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  1. Hey just reaching out to locals in my area I just recently discovered the California state militia. This mymilitia.com is actually quite resourceful in plugging me in with people around me. I know I'm in Los Angeles and you're all the way out Arizona and believe it or not I used to live out your way I lived in Rio Rico and worked at the Home Depot in Nogales just about 10 years ago. I'm trying to get it together and figure out what I got to do to get started. Plus I guess the more connections I make the more informed I'll be.

  2. We have plenty of room brother.....  One of the things I like about Arizona is the no time change stuff. 

    1. LetFreedomRing


      Indiana used to be that way but they changed about 16 years ago and I've been miserable about it ever since.  It's all part of elitist NWO control of the population and nothing else!  Now I have to get up an hour earlier for work now starting tomorrow because some a**hole legislatures decided to play with my life.  >:(

  3. Still have some tickets available folks, don't miss out. Only $10.00 per ticket for a chance to win a$1300.00 AR15. Contact me for details.
  4. Hello, we are looking for members and recruiting from all areas of the state. There is a place for everyone in our organization. 

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


  5. I am in Gilbert, we are looking for unit commanders across the entire state.
  6. we all always recruiting, we have chapters nation wide, looking for State Commanders and Leaders. If interested please feel free to check out our website at watchmenofamerica. Com when you decide to join tell them Anvil sent you. Anvil AZWOA CO.
  7. Good afternoon fellow patriots. Hope all are doing well? As we all know we face many threats from many different fronts. Our way of life, our thoughts and believes. Our freedoms are being challenged at every turn. The time is now to be involved and stand up to these threats and protect what our founding fathers fought and died to create. our borders are a disaster, there are illegal immigrants committing crimes in our neighborhoods and nothing is being done. The time to unite as one is now. These are trying times and it's time to stand together. join the Watchmen of America today and see what we can achieve together.
  8. Revised Ticket Count, as of right now I have 26 tickets available for the above AR15 rifle drawing. Tickets are only $10.00 and available from me. if you are outside Arizona and would like to purchase tickets, we can make that happen just let me know. Anvil.
  9. Anvil

    Radio debut

    http://watchmenradionetwork.homestead.com/index.html Great music, great talk, most of all great fun. Join us for the debut of our radio network and show.
  10. thanks for putting us in the loop of all the happenings , add your events to the community calendar 



    1. Anvil


      Copy that. 

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, the Watchmen radio network will be back on air. The debut date is March 20th, 2019. Come join us for great music, great talk, and most of all a great time. http://watchmenradionetwork.homestead.com/index.html
  12. http://watchmenofamerica.homestead.com/RED-FLAG-LAW-PETITION/STOP-RED-FLAG-ORDERS-PETITION.html Let's stop them cold.
  13. http://watchmenofamerica.homestead.com/2ND-AMENDMENT-DRAWING-DETAILS.html Visit the link to see all rules. I have10 tickets left. They're going fast.
  14. Here is a picture of the current AR15 we are giving away.
  15. Our Governor is at it again along with multiple other states. Sign the petition to shut them down. http://watchmenofamerica.homestead.com/RED-FLAG-LAW-PETITION/STOP-RED-FLAG-ORDERS-PETITION.html

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