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  1. Fixer, my area code is 817 but I live in 254 area. Also, I would like to change my profile name jcassell to JERICHO please Thank You
  2. Hey Clay86, this is your neighbor over in Whitney. Which TSM unit are you suppose to meet with. I am with the Austin unit. Contact me on my email [email protected]
  3. jcassell


  4. Are you in a unit now, if you are where do you train. You can reach me anytime at 817-929-7682 would like to talk to you. Thanks, John
  5. Ben where in McLennan county are you located, I am in Lake Whitney
  6. I am in the Waco area looking for a group to join or like minded people to start a group in that area. I can be reached at [email protected] I live in the Lake Whitney area.
  7. I am 68 years old or young. I live in the Waco area (Lake Whitney). I served 4 years in the Navy/Marines as a corpsman. I am looking for a Militia unit in the Waco area to join. I would like to do my part in protecting our Country and our Countries future.

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