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  1. Sorry brother I’m in Waukesha. It seams to be a bit of a struggle finding a larger group in WI. I’m working on my own group here in the south east with a few Marines. Keep in touch if you need some help.
  2. I’m looking for a group to get involved with around Waukesha. Is anyone out there with information or contacts?
  3. I don’t have a Facebook (and don’t want one) but I’m actively looking for a group in south east Wisconsin. I live in Waukesha and really want to get involved. Please feel free to contact me with any information you have.
  4. I’m looking to get in contact and hopefully contribute to a group in Waukesha Co. I have a hand full of like minded friends who I can count on if/when shit hits the fan but I’d love for us to be part of something bigger and hopefully contribute to the greater good of this country.

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