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  1. Hey Brothers, I'm located on the Wisconsin, Northern Michigan [email protected] Iron Mountain. All Wisconsin groups are way South. I'm a three time combat Vet, and retired military. I've trained military on everything from fire team movements, first aid, and buddy care, all the way to expedient field shitters. I'm looking for a Malitia Team in Northern Michigan to be a part of. I'm American through, and through, and believe that dedication is just short of murder, and treason. I hope to match up with a Michigan group that are serious about training as a team, and becoming a for
  2. Darren Sexton


    That's funny, I don't care who you are!??
  3. FINALLY, There is a postI like, straight, and to the point! Our minds should be set just like 187 has explained it. No bullshit, right to the heart of things.
  4. Hi guys, I hope all are well. Looking at the map I seem to be the furthest North. One is way North West, and the rest are pretty central Wisconsin. I would travel in a heart beat to maybe spend some time on a range, and at least put faces to names. I have some nice hardware from the largest shoulder fired, all the way down to my side arm. All my black weapons, and yours could make for a good productive day. Please let me know your thaughts. If we can show some activity between the team, we could sure bolster some interest. Having said that, I'm not here to step on a
  5. Good morning Brother J. Morris.  I've been on the site a few times, and I don't find anything current for the Northern Wisconsin group.  I was wondering if it was due to my inability to navigate, or that's it.

  6. Hi Brian, I'm located in the Northern Marinette County,  Niagara area.  I'm glad I found ya Brother, and I like what you've done for this world, absolutely selfless, you have my respect.  I was 21 years Air Force.  Attached to the 10th Mountain in Afghanistan, Convoy Duty in Iraq from Baghdad International, to the Obugraib Prison, and back.  I have the full fireteam compliment starting with the Bushmaster 50 BMG, on down.  Maybe we could get together at a range, shoot, and talk.  Hit me up Brother.

    1. Brian L

      Brian L

      Hey bro. I have a place in the more southern end of marinette county.  Middle inlet. Know of it ?   I was also in the 10th of ft drum New York 2000 - 2006 approx.  been all over that sand pit.  You part of us militia ?? 

  7. I understand what your saying Rev. I've played the SOF game a few times at Fort Poke, Air Base Ground Defence at Fort Chafee, and Camp Robinson, security forces in the desert, and attached to the 10th Mountain out of Louisiana. Convoy Duty in Iraq. Not bragging, letting you know that a fire team should be consistant. A great fire team should consist of, but not limited to. Start with a big bore, Bushmaster 50 BMG, easily covers the area of operation got my team covered. Just like a barrel man on a light weight 60, I would send another man with the 50 BMG, armed with a 308, super
  8. You know, I don't agree with what that Prick did in Las Vegas; I hope he has a hot hell. When you get down to basics, he had the firearm, he had the ammo, he maximized with a bump stock. He had not a clue how to initiate a target, that's as far as I will take that. On to the best weapon, you would not want a rifle? I want to engage my target as far as possible. Hell even a man with a good attitude, and training cold take a 243 out to almost 900 yds. I wouldn't choose it, but you do with what you have. Remember, when the ammo is gone, you fight with your club. Let's hook
  9. Hi, I'm from Northern Wis, 21 years Retired Air Force. I can train on everything from fireteam movements, to expediant shitters. I have plenty of time on the battlefield, and can operate most every weapon known. With the growing distention in our country, I need to belong to something bigger than myself, and that would be you guys.
  10. I'm 21 years retired Air Force, three time combat Veteran. I'm alone in my town with Americans who are lambs to slaughter. All I hear is about what the crazy Demacrats are doing, but no solutions. I'm very much in need of like minded Brothers, and Sisters who can say the the tuff words, and make quick informed decisions. Like I told my Lord, and savior,"Use me as you will".

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