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  1. I disagree with the above link. Not only do I NOT believe Lyin' Biden nor Kabala will enter the Whitehouse, but many others believe the same way. Mike Adams of Natural News is one of many. Here is his latest info: https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-01-18-situation-update-jan-18-2021-trump-pathways-to-victory.html Mary Fanning and Alan Jones also believe the Communists will not possess the Whitehouse but their website is currently down: TheAmericanReport.org Everybody stay away from capital cities. Do not protest in any city. Agencies are looking for a reason for "false f
  2. To follow up on my previous post, I want to give some positive info. Both links to the videos are earlier last year, but encouraging. The first is only 13 minutes and gives a brief overview of events of the big plan: https://www.bitchute.com/video/T46Y1OH7aMHG/ The second is from the Netherlands. But the DS is worldwide. And that is why the world is watching OUR country! This is a documentary that is really good! https://www.bitchute.com/video/MYHTpUW9KAXQ/ God WILL Bless our Country!! Be safe my friends!
  3. First off, to be prosecuted for fraud is difficult unless the criminal actually enacts on the fraud. In the case of election fraud, Biden really isn't involved, unless he is sworn in. At which point he is complicit. I believe the National Guard troops, put into DC by the mayor and Maryland governor, will be used hijacked by Trump to be used to round up the traitors. The Insurention act has been signed by Trump, but not activated. "The Art of War" is at play here. Why did Trump fire DOD secretary and then install acting Chris Miller (classmate of Gen Flynn) and former special forces
  4. Latest info is DS is wanting a false flag event, especially for patriots protesting at state capitals. Like the one in DC, with antifa, and blame the patriots. It's happening folks! NM governor just declared a state of emergency https://www.koat.com/article/governor-issues-state-of-emergency-ahead-of-anticipated-inauguration-day-protests/35217655 And Trump is in charge, and will be. The commies will not take charge. We have the republic back. Trump dissolved the USA corporation on July 4, 2020. It's going to get bumpy. What is coming will be historical. One we can tell our grandkid
  5. I have found that those who call out evil to others, usually it turns around and bites them in the ass! Jan 6, Trump asked for everyone to go to DC and said "It's going to be crazy!" I know Trump pulled in at least 8 special forces teams into DC early Dec. And according to Monkey Werx, (ex intel/comms) AF1 & AF2 have been been doing practice evasive runs to the north of DC at the same time as fighters running escort, and UH60 under 500ft on the southside. Practice for what? Trump is holding a "Trump card". Buckle up. It's going to be the ride of a lifetime!
  6. Thanks, fellow Patriots, for the encouragement! T. J.: Yes, Ivermectic, will prevent and I've read treat symptoms. You can get it (or used to before Covid) at vet supply stores for parasitic infections. Another preventative/treatment is vit C, D, & E along with zinc. Prevention: 5-6grams (5k-6kmg)/day for adults. Being water soluble, it must be taken throughout the day. I take 1000mg first thing AM. 1k breakfast, 1k lunch, 1k dinner, 1k between each meal, and 1 k before bed. Then 2000 units vit D, and 400 units vit E (fat based and are stored in body so once a day dose is fine). And 50mg z
  7. T.J.: We have the same philosophy as you outlined. I am so mad right now. Lawlessness abounds, with no consequences! LEO go after business owners who are trying to earn a wage, and pay their bills, while rioters/looters destroy and steal with immunity. Everything is backwards/opposite. We are attacked for not social distancing nor wearing masks and yelled at cause we are the cause of this virus spreading. (Actually, it has nothing to do with lockdowns nor masks. We were told couple weeks to a month of social guidelines and this will be over. Then it was when the vaccine came out it will be ove
  8. Welcome, Beerman309. Been quiet on this forum. The only one I see on this forum is Dav. He's in Cruces area. He led a meet up about 6 months or so. I've been pounding the ground over here in Alamo challenging the whole plandemic thing. A few of us spreading the truth about the whole planned global control thing. Not many people listening! Sort of like this forum, not many doing anything. Most have their heads in the sand, saying we're conspiracy theorists. I am afraid we are fighting a losing battle. Despite showing facts exposing this whole social distancing/face mask compliance is all a frau
  9. Dav, wish I could. Heading to east Tx for family gathering. We're packing and prepared what we may encounter. Avoiding major cities. Thanks for invite!!!
  10. Welcome, Jonathan. Check out this link for members closer to your area:
  11. Dav, thank you for the update. Sorry we couldn't attend! Dealing with attacks on several fronts. We feel like the "Lone Ranger" right now. One adult child in Wichita Falls, Tx (a top notch nurse) thinks we're crazy thinking this "plandemic" is not bad (yet she knows only a couple covid positive patients and they are fine). Also dealing with local issues (NM SP "discussion", sheriff opinion, several business owners options, plus our own). And I am trying to get a public info event started here in Alamo. Seems people are sleeping/going along with the plan, or something. I'm trying to
  12. I'm not sure I'm posting correctly, but this is important. Like Urgent. I got this info from a friend and it was posted on U.T. 4 hrs ago. You NEED to READ the report from the United Nations. That's right! It's published at "www.UNNWO.ORG". This is absolutely crazy, but true. The whole corona virus we all know by now was planned. That is the stepping stone for this New World Order. They are already recruiting for major cities. My fellow patriots, the only thing we can do is warn everybody. If this gets rolling, which already is, especially in blue states, we may be history. Here is a undercove
  13. OK fellow Patriots! This is not a joke!!! Pay attention as we are under attack and have been. I just received this info. Posted on U.T. 4 hrs ago. I checked it out myself. Go to UNNWO.ORG. Stands for United Nations New World Order. Read it. If this doesn't get you riled up, nothing will. Here's a short 45 min presentation about what is happening now, here in the USA. This reporter, "Helenof Destruction" actually applied for a job and past the test to be a "Contact Tracer" in NYC. Listen to what she has to say. And it is in that website UNNWO. Holy CRAP!!
  14. Welcome to all.... The 'New Mexico Civil Guard' and the Texas State Militia' is having a joint training exercise , on sat May 23rd,

    12 miles southwest of Vado N.M. All are welcome Some are overnight so it can be two day event.

    Please message me for details or questions.

    1. Grandpa Chuckie

      Grandpa Chuckie

      Hey, Dav. We are interested in possible attendance. Any idea number of people? What do we need to bring? Can only do one day, possibly. Start and end times? Approx location? Agenda?


      Is it public land or private? ย If public, federal or state or county?ย This could be a big deal with state. Jurisdication for LEO.


      Thank you.ย 

  15. Vaccines are coming. I have my "Care-Giver's Guarantee of Safety" ready along with my "Notice of Liability". That's the paper part to resist vaccine. If they force vaccine on us, I'll give them an injection of lead. (Read the ingredients in any vaccine and that alone will make most people refuse-and look up the chemicals you are not sure) The more they push me, the harder I push back. We are sick and tired being quiet and pushed around. Just like in school being pushed around by the bullies. They only thing that stopped them was for me to give them fair warning, then lash out and b

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