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  1. Hi Claw Hammer. I am now an IIT-0, an are promoting AS in our area, Alamogordo/La Luz, NM. We had our first in May, and second one last Oct. We actually had one student traveled 200 miles from Albuquerque. He qualified Rifleman with open sights, then went on to qualify with his red dot. I learned a lot from that student. It works both ways!! LOL. Thank you for the compliment!!
  2. We found an single old "Appleseed" flyer at our local county gun range near La Luz, NM. last year. My wife & I found an Appleseed event in El Paso and attended (my wife just wanted to watch as she really doesn't like guns). I thought I was a good shooter until I tried it. Boy, I had a lot to relearn. But it wasn't the shooting aspect that touched my heart, it was the history. It touched my wife so much she decided to shoot, too. She got her adaptive "Rifleman" patch the second day!!! I didn't. We attended a second event 6 months later, again in El Paso. I got my patch. Huzzah! But the history has spurred us into action. We are repeating history, and it doesn't look good. The sacrifices of our forefathers were all for naught if we just stand by and do nothing! The torch has been handed to us, and it our obligation to roust people out of their stupor and SEE what is happening rapidly before our eyes! Our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS are being stolen from our very eyes!!! Sound the alarm bells!!
  3. Good afternoon. Just checking my latest news feed and the situation in Virginia just got a little more crazy. Appears wantabe-baby murderer governor Northam and his cronies are anxious to get things rolling as they added $250k to the prison budget in anticipation of additional prisoners who don't comply with the new gun laws coming down the pipe. More fuel to the fire. Hope everyone is prepared! We've had plenty of time!! https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/24/virginia-governor-northam-increases-corrections-budget-in-anticipation-of-jailing-gun-owners/
  4. Good afternoon. Just checking my latest news feed and the situation in Virginia just got a little more crazy. Appears the baby -wantabe-murderer governor Northam and his cronies are anxious to get things rolling as they had added $250k to the prisons in anticipation of additional prisoners who don't comply with the new gun laws coming down the pipe. More fuel to the fire. https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/24/virginia-governor-northam-increases-corrections-budget-in-anticipation-of-jailing-gun-owners/
  5. Here's some more news about Virginia. Seems like one county, Tazewell, is drafting some ordinances to protect local officials, the sheriff, and law enforcement to allow them to protect them from state laws and to organize a county militia. An informant told the county commissioners that a small group of democrats met with the governor and his team to discuss ways to remove law enforcement that are 2nd amendment friendly. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/it-begins-virginia-forms-active-militia-to-protect-sheriffs-citizens-from-unconstitutional-laws/ Virginia is heating up!
  6. Good morning, Dav! We're on the east side of Orlando. We are exploring around the Hawthorne area as we found some good old conservatives who have similar views, as we contemplate moving from the EVIL state of NM. Of course, NM is not the only evil state. We really want to be closer to our grandkids. There are so many people, its hard to comprehend how this place can survive. Really, if things go bad, this is not a good place to be. I'll visit later. Keep on posting. Maybe get some other people on-board. Grandpa Chuckie
  7. Hi Dav, Seems like not much activity here in southern NM. We are currently in central Florida visiting grandkids. Too many people around here!!! Heading back to the socialist/Marxist state of NM after the first of the year. Looks like constitutional citizens of Virginia may stage a state-wide protest against their Demorat legislature and governor! He, the governor basically said he will teach the law-breakers a lesson after all 8 anti-gun laws get passed and he signs them into law. Citizens are organizing and preparing protests (90 of 95 counties signed 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County agreements) against the proposed new laws. Citizens stated they will not conform. Assistant to governor stated they may call in the national guard and set up road blocks into/out of state and confiscate guns. National Guard Lt Col stated he's not making any statement except to be patient and see how it all works out first. Here's one reference of many: https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/national-guard-responds-to-prospect-of-enforcing-gun-control-in-virginia/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20191220_FridayDigest_257&utm_campaign=/digest/national-guard-responds-to-prospect-of-enforcing-gun-control-in-virginia/ Could get interesting as I've read several adjoining states militias are organizing to lend help if needed. Especially with the bogus impeachment of POTUS, constitutionalists around the country are on alert. Get prepared, brother. There's smoke on the horizon.
  8. Hey Grandpa Chuckie, sayin HI,hope your good**

  9. I am so sorry about your situation. We all know that the courts are no longer common-law courts, upon which the constitution was written. You as an individual cannot even defend yourself before your peers, as you have to have a "learned" lawyer to represent you! We have heard some supreme court justices speak of the constitution as "outdated". It's not the document that's outdated, but the person needs to be updated! This is what happens when people are left to their own means without a guide book (Bible, constitution, etc). Once the manual is not obeyed, chaos ensues along with selfishness & greed. This is happening to you, Killbird, in your court. All the courts! We the people need to take a stand and get back to the standards of the Bible and the Constitution. I truly believe God helped the founding fathers establish this country, and if we all turn back to Him, He will help us gather the strength and wisdom to re-establish this country to its roots! But we have to ask for His direction, then act on it!! Hang in there, brother!
  10. Hey Cowg1rl. I agree 100%. This "Land of Enchantment" is going up in smoke, literally, as they work on legalizing pot. They need a bit more delusional thinking and pot will help as they commit atrocities as in the Land of the Cananites during Joshua's time, and the sacrificing of children to Molech/Baal! One good thing, the anti-gun laws that they are passing will not be enforced by any of the 27 county sheriffs! At least they are holding to their oath of office! They need our help! Thank you for posting the information on the governor impeachment!!!
  11. Along time ago I took that oath which in part states "and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies; foreign and DOMESTIC:". I'm afraid we are almost at that stage. Of the 4 boxes of liberty (the soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box) I, personally am working on my soapbox. Cause we don't want to use the last box. The liberals cannot be reasoned with as evident by their actions after the elections nor now, they are totally unreasonable!! If Trump goes the same as JFK, and we all really pray that does not happen, then there is no choice left as all chaos will ensue, and the USA will no longer be United!
  12. To quote "Patriot nurse" on YT, "These radical socialists in one house have done more in 2 months at removing our 2nd amendment rights than the entire Obama administration did in 8 years." Time for us to follow Mr. Robertson's lead!!!!
  13. Yay...someone from NM. welcome aboard**


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      Grandpa Chuckie

      Bunch of like minded people here but nobody wants to post for fear of reprisals. They just aren’t upset enough yet. It’s coming. 

  14. Since it is against the US Constitution, and against our God-given right to self-defense, we will not comply!
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