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  1. If the cops were smart, they would put a real barrier/fencing around that area just outside Antifa barrier. Nobody out, and nothing in. Armed guards on perimeter. Then post notices for to those "locked in" that if they come out now, they will have food and shower privileges in their new government provided housing and free medical care. If they try to escape, they will be shot. And the residents, being complicant, rules apply to them as well. Problem solved. Oh way, the mayor doesn't like the police. She is welcome to attend the "lock-down". I'm so sad this happened to such a beautiful city.......NOT!!!!
  2. Welcome, Jonathan. Check out this link for members closer to your area:
  3. Dav, thank you for the update. Sorry we couldn't attend! Dealing with attacks on several fronts. We feel like the "Lone Ranger" right now. One adult child in Wichita Falls, Tx (a top notch nurse) thinks we're crazy thinking this "plandemic" is not bad (yet she knows only a couple covid positive patients and they are fine). Also dealing with local issues (NM SP "discussion", sheriff opinion, several business owners options, plus our own). And I am trying to get a public info event started here in Alamo. Seems people are sleeping/going along with the plan, or something. I'm trying to wake them up. Got a few but need to roll and go on offense. Because the agenda is rolling along as planned on takedown of America, right under our noses! Thanks for your work in your area!!
  4. I'm not sure I'm posting correctly, but this is important. Like Urgent. I got this info from a friend and it was posted on U.T. 4 hrs ago. You NEED to READ the report from the United Nations. That's right! It's published at "www.UNNWO.ORG". This is absolutely crazy, but true. The whole corona virus we all know by now was planned. That is the stepping stone for this New World Order. They are already recruiting for major cities. My fellow patriots, the only thing we can do is warn everybody. If this gets rolling, which already is, especially in blue states, we may be history. Here is a undercover investigator who tells what she has found. She actually applied for a job as "contact tracer" and past the test. Here's her info:
  5. OK fellow Patriots! This is not a joke!!! Pay attention as we are under attack and have been. I just received this info. Posted on U.T. 4 hrs ago. I checked it out myself. Go to UNNWO.ORG. Stands for United Nations New World Order. Read it. If this doesn't get you riled up, nothing will. Here's a short 45 min presentation about what is happening now, here in the USA. This reporter, "Helenof Destruction" actually applied for a job and past the test to be a "Contact Tracer" in NYC. Listen to what she has to say. And it is in that website UNNWO. Holy CRAP!!
  6. Welcome to all.... The 'New Mexico Civil Guard' and the Texas State Militia' is having a joint training exercise , on sat May 23rd,

    12 miles southwest of Vado N.M. All are welcome Some are overnight so it can be two day event.

    Please message me for details or questions.

    1. Grandpa Chuckie

      Grandpa Chuckie

      Hey, Dav. We are interested in possible attendance. Any idea number of people? What do we need to bring? Can only do one day, possibly. Start and end times? Approx location? Agenda?


      Is it public land or private?  If public, federal or state or county? This could be a big deal with state. Jurisdication for LEO.


      Thank you. 

  7. Vaccines are coming. I have my "Care-Giver's Guarantee of Safety" ready along with my "Notice of Liability". That's the paper part to resist vaccine. If they force vaccine on us, I'll give them an injection of lead. (Read the ingredients in any vaccine and that alone will make most people refuse-and look up the chemicals you are not sure) The more they push me, the harder I push back. We are sick and tired being quiet and pushed around. Just like in school being pushed around by the bullies. They only thing that stopped them was for me to give them fair warning, then lash out and beat the living s?!? out of them. Then they left me alone. Say applies today. Mess with us, and we give warn. Continue taunting us, we will bite!!!
  8. This is only the beginning folks. Better take your stand now. They are cracking down on us. Time to rise up! My wife used to be passive. Now the state has lit a fire under her! In Walmart tonight and an old couple were really upset. They bought an item and wanted to return it. Walmart cannot accept any returns for 3 weeks as the items may be infected!!! They were upset. Saying this is crazy land! And they and ourselves were the only ones we could see who didn't have masks. Maybe the ones without masks can think for themselves!!
  9. Traveling through Texas the other day, stopped at Costco in Lubbock. "Greeter" informed us we needed to wear a mask to enter. Showed our membership card and started to walk in. 3 other Greeters stopped us and said we couldn't go in without a mask, which we have for you. NOPE! Spoke with manager, tried reasoning, no avail. Cancelled our membership on the spot. Then back in NM we see in Alamogordo Walmart, Lowes grocery store, our chiropractor office, all employees wearing masks. Seems the NM King has ordered ALL businesses to wear masks. My big question on this whole thing, if this is so bad to shut everything down, how come they didn't shut the state down in 2017-18 (the WORST Flu-like Illness in state history when they had over 37K infected people an like 500 deaths. They didn't shut down the state then. And we are nowhere even close to those numbers. We will not comply. If your sick or immune system is compromised, or you have health issues, YOU stay home. YOU wear a mask. This is like school when one kid misbehaves, the entire class is punished. We are not going down this path without a fight!!!!
  10. They show their true colors, they want people to be sick and die!!! Vit C, especially when infused, not only makes people "feel" good, thousands of people have been "cured" of all sorts of ailments. The list of doctors who are/have used vit C is huge!! Even China in middle of Jan ordered 50 TONS of vitamin C to treat and CURE corona virus. Each critical ill (near death) patient was given 25grams vit c. Within days they were released. Subsequent patients were then given 20g, then 15g was equally effective. It worked so well, by Feb, another 50 TONS (2 semi-truck loads) of vitamin C shipped to Wuhan. (90% of world's vit c is made in china). This pisses me off! These jerk-off A.H. short be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. All MD take the oath to "Do No HARM" and vit C does no harm. Not one person in almost 100 yrs of being given vit C intravenously has died from the vit C! Check out Dr. Fredrick Klenner's paper he wrote back in 1040s-1960. Amazing! And others who followed up. Hell, more recently, look at Dr. Marik and his protocol for sepsis patients!! I getting upset! So called doctors" chastise this vit C MD saying he was fraudulent because nobody else can duplicate his year long use of vit C. Well, they are lying. They don't want a cure because the treatment has no side effects and the patients walk on of intensive care in just days. They don't need continued care! Dr. Marik saved a couple hundred people in one year with his protocol (25 g Vit c, w/ 50 mg thiamine, w/ 5 mg cortisone). Do research on history of Vit C IV use. Look at Dr. Buttar's rants on "curing" disease. He was sued about 12 yrs ago by the feds for "fraud", claiming he cured patients using IV nutrients, and shut down his clinic. Guess what! He fought back and after 7 yrs and millions of dollars, he WON! He has patients come from around the world, and he is now licensed in 3 states to do his "cures". How many Americans die by American doctors because of using prescribed meds........over 100k!!! And not one person has died of vit c. Never!!!! To overdose on Vit c, an adult would have to take like 2lbs at one time! Research how stage 4 cancer patients feel after getting vit C infusions!!!! Do some research! Then see why the medical establishment doesn't want this info out!!!! I personally know of a half dozen patients who are ALIVE, and feel so good and walking around, working, playing, having fun, who had some TERMINAL ailment that the conventional treatment reached a point that they were on hospice or go home and die slowly. They did the Vit c and/or ALA infusions. Every one of them noticed within an hour, they "felt" better getting the infusion, especially the Vit C. It works quick! And it is cheap compared to conventional!!!! My wife hates needles. They always hurt. But she can't wait to get her infusions. She does 2/day 2x/week. Just started and unbelievable in how she feels. Her attitude, energy, stamina. All better!! And no conventional drugs!!!!
  11. No! Not time to indict China, but indict Fausi, Birx, WHO, Gates, etc. Fausi bipassed the USA sanctions on virus genetic weaponization of the Corona. Tons of info back this up. And if want to get really upset, here's proof Fausi made US payments to China to bring this weapon back to the US and the damages done, watch this: An
  12. Hi TLV, We have been working along similar lines, but we're going bigger. We're going to try a "Notice of Liability". Been watching a bunch of videos on corporate law, also know as statute law vs common law. Here's the concept (actually people are using it all the time, courts don't want it known). If someone does something that causes harm, you have 2 paths, each of which has several routes. Statute/corporate law and you can go civil or criminal. Common law you can file for damages, or force them to stop doing whatever. 99% of all court case go statute law where you just about have to be an attorney or pay for one to represent you. The common law is one physical person against another. No representatives. Based on Bible principals. All court of records can do either. So, with the Queen of New Mexico shutting everything down, the only way I can figure to get to her is through her proxies, that is like the state police, who work directly for her or some other agent. My wife and I refuse to stay home. We go to the parks, take picnic lunches, we don't wear masks, we just don't comply. If a state agent stops us, I will had him the paper "Dear Mr. Security Agent" posted on this forum by "Fixer" April 10th, and he give credit to Western Rifle Shooters Association by Matt Bracken. I shortened it to one page. I will give this to the LEO for his review at a later date. But I want to serve him with the "Notice of Liability" whereby he will be for monetary damages for preventing me doing my God-given liberties. The notice is the start of procedings where I make a claim of damages caused by him. Person to person, not as an officer of the court, but as a man. That way he is not protected by his government bond. It's him. He is responsible. Then he would have to file a claim against his supervisor for ordering the LEO to do what he was doing. I don't care what his boss told him to do; it's the man who stopped me and prevented me from doing what I want to do (my God given rights). I have it in rough-draft but need to condense it. I have a couple of friends who have done this in a similar fashion and both went to court and the 2 district judges point blank asked the prosecutors if they knew what was happening (as they didn't and it was obvious). I one case, Judge Ritter here in Alamogordo, asked the prosecutor if he wants to proceed, but know that this man "defendant" (who turned it around to become the "claimant") will own this court if you do. The prosecutor with the LEO discussed the case and decided to drop all charges. Then the judge asked the "claimant", my friend, would he like to follow through with his claim of damages. My friend then said he would like to wait and leave the case open for some time before making that decision. Judge asked how much time would he like, and he said within the next 2 years. Judge Ritter then said claim is then held open for 2 years. That was it! So my friend can come back and continue HIS claim against the cop for damages. (which my friend said he wants them to sweat a bit and think).. Point here, we need to hold these people accountable for their actions, and not within the government bonds, because nothing ever happens to the individual. They ruin peoples lives. We are sick and tired of this crap! And we would like to get a rope, but that's not going to happen. So next is the common law court. Look at "Cal Washington" or "Inppwermovement". This part started with the smart meters. You're on the right path.
  13. Looks like the official death toll numbers are much lower than the "predictors" were saying. The "fear factor" was big, so the death numbers HAVE to be big too. This was a planned, coordinated event to take out Trump, the economy, and totally destroy this country. The economy is definitely stopped and think it will take quite some time to restart. But the death/illness numbers are way down. Look at this video by common citizens around the country comparing the "news reports" to what people are seeing:
  14. I was laughing yesterday at the Home Depot "Social Distance Captain" thinking this is so bizzarre! It is but serious as there is an agenda behind it. Look at this one video by Ben Swann:
  15. @The Wall, I'm sorry if I inferred we'd be back to normal in 2 weeks. I was referring to POTUS making the statement "the next two weeks will be painful, very very painful" along with several others declaring a "glorious event to occur on or before April 21". And of course, in this April history shows 2 past glorious events, the death of Jesus Christ on Passover, and his resurrection 3 days later. And we know God has used rulers of countries to accomplish His message/purpose. Yesterday, Sunday, we went to Walmart and we are saddened to see more extreme "social distancing" with barriers and floor stripes directing foot traffic. And our local Home Depot has altered their entrances. One door is for an entrance only, and the other on the east end of the building is for exit only. They are counting individuals as only 150 total customers are "allowed" inside. And there are colored duct tape strips on the floor directing "spacing" for individuals. And now, a "Social Distancing Captain" patrolling the store to ensure all individuals keep their distance. This is looking more and more like communist china. I started laughing almost uncontrollably thinking this is so unreal. I approached into hit 6 ft space a this "captain" allowed me to take his picture. If some one here can tell me if I can post it, I will. Everyone is going along with this "play". They are following everything. We think back about the concentration camps of WW2 and wonder why did the Germans allow that to happen. This is how it happened. Some "crisis" is given, and then a series of steps applied as the "solution". I'm not making like of this Corona virus, but people need to do their research. This virus is more contagious, but not any more lethal than the common flu. Listen to doctors like Dr. Rashid Buttar, any of the international doctors on "orthomolecular.org". If the government is arresting people for "violating the social protocols" put in place by leaders who really don't know what they're doing, and release convicted felons from prisons, and fail to indict and arrest known criminals (huge list we all know), this country is in BIG trouble. Something "glorious" needs to happen and quickly, or I believe this country will not ever be the same! May God bless all of us for sounding the alarm!
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