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  1. hey Chaos i know you may not remember me but i was with you guys for a bit.Its big Mike from Cape May.There is a guy looking to join and i wanted to know if you guys are still looking for members? Here in this site his handle is  ( swerve ) and he is interested in joining a group of like minded people?I hope you will consider him and he is worth bringing into the group? GOD Bless brother!!!

  2. Lol, great name. And understand the giggles bubba, retired 22yr guy myself
  3. Not really much to say, when I was in 75thRGT My 1SG gave Me the call sign. 5th CAG is where I retired from.
  4. Soon BROTHER, soon. Dont fret, times approaching. 2020 will show who runs their mouth, who just runs, or who nuts up and does their duty..

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