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  1. Sad but freakin true Brother
  2. Lol, great name. And understand the giggles bubba, retired 22yr guy myself
  3. Not really much to say, when I was in 75thRGT My 1SG gave Me the call sign. 5th CAG is where I retired from.
  4. Soon BROTHER, soon. Dont fret, times approaching. 2020 will show who runs their mouth, who just runs, or who nuts up and does their duty..
  5. May Odin bless us and let us use the light we are givin to open the eyes of the sheeple and lead them out from the darkness. If they do not want to come into the light may Odin GIVE me the blessing to end their suffering. If Odin spares them then let a thousand plagues wash over their home....

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As the de facto authority in american patriot militias we understand that we oversee a significant share of the publics perception of the militia, and with this many individuals and militias entrust their ideas, work, and data to our platform. We do not take this lightly as we mandate an extreme amount of responsibility and assurance of good faith, transparency, and due process. We will remain vigilant as a trusted force among our people. So help us God.
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