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  1. Fancy seeing you here bud! 

  2. Yes training is done in Cheshire and you need a non resident https://portal.ct.gov/DESPP/Division-of-State-Police/Special-Licensing-and-Firearms/State-Pistol-Permit
  3. I am pretty sure they train just south of Hartford. I will check on that. I am pretty sure you would also need an non resident license and that might be hard to come by. Something else I will look into.
  4. Sorry but the closest real militia I know of to you is my group and CT state militia. Both of train about 2 hours from you. Do you have like minded people around you?
  5. Btw that class is open enrollment if anyone is interested
  6. Us military small team tactics. Taught by our prior military members or we PMAG, NH3%, Ny and Penn Lightfoot, NYMAG all use DefTech. That's our group in the add photo. https://www.deftech.academy/schedule/small-unit-tactics/ Same as any other range and depending on class size will determine the number of RSOs over and above the instructors. Most only require a love of country. We dont even require a member to be part of tac team. Command structure is bases off unit preference, but the biggest issue in the patriot movement is a lack of national command structure. Hopefully the summit will address this. Our commander is our rindge liaison he is a third generation resident. I know NH 3per has one in the town they train in also how they picked him I have no idea.
  7. I can post our open trainings here when I have dates. The coins are harder to get. You must be vetted and prove you can take care of your family for a year without help. Food water medical supplies training in Bush craft. Then it still gets voted on.
  8. Lol, anyone who is open and honest about what they do has friends who agree but do nothing to prepare. They always say I'll just come to your house. The challenge coins are proof you aren't coming empty handed.
  9. Dark angels training schedule http://darkangelmedical.com/training/ Rindge NH Is a safe community. We work very closely with law enforcement there. Even allow them to use our training grounds and range.. all ham communication with direct channels to NH 3 percent the largest group in the state. We have several other locations for buggout all with different passwords and challenge coins. If you don't have a coin you will not be granted access
  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1426685330881524/
  11. American Patriot 3 percent you can find them on. Facebook as APIII Massachusetts. Not an actual militia but as close as you can get for your area
  12. As far as preparation for what, our group maintains 5k rounds per long gun and 1k rounds for secondary s. That's over and above what's needed for training. We dont believe in big out bags for if you need to leave you want as much as your vehicle can carry. Get home bags are way more important. Tearing we are all first aid certified and have 4 guys trained by Dark Angel. We usually do 4 man fire team training and have at least 3 full weekend ftxs a year. Our last one was counter sniper training. Keep your ground small keep it local. Our whole group can be side by side in less the 20 minutes. Unless its during work then 1.5 hours.
  13. Another side note about the rally Virginia is a Massachusetts ccl friendly state
  14. If anyone wants to go to the patriot summit I am leaving very early Friday morning like 3 am. Its almost 12 hours drive time. The VIP dinner is at 6 so this should give me time to set up camp and clean up before the dinner. I definitely would be willing to share my car and the over the road expenses .

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