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  1. Although there will be plenty of opportunity, this this meet and greet was not bad considering it was scheduled on Thursday or Monday and the weather was horrible and we had snow and the roads were crap. 5 people
  2. MON, JAN 27 AND 1 MORE Suburban Shield Meet and Greet The Hot Springs Vault · Hot Springs
  3. https://suburbanshield.us/ based out SD MON, JAN 27 AND 1 MORE Suburban Shield Meet and Greet The Hot Springs Vault · Hot Springs 6pm
  4. T Spencer we are located in custer by pringle also Jeffersonians and conservatives, we have 40A homestead
  5. SpartanOps


  6. I wrote about a very similar idea called secure the center secure the future, though my area little bit bigger went from North Dakota to Texas. South Dakota must be included because of solid American red state
  7. In my humble opinion, I think we've allowed the situation to grow exponentially without any pushback. They continue to do things like this and sometimes picking us off one at a time we allow. Because this is allowed the situation gets worse and worse. Just like the redcoats coming to take our guns this equates to pretty much the same thing. There’s no such thing as an illegal gun if you believe in the Constitution and the written text all these unconstitutional illegal usurpations of the law itself. Have become so numerous and commonplace that most just accept it. I’m not aware of any constitutional amendment that makes any weapon illegal. All I know I’ve heard it before high-minded philosophy will not get you anywhere. However, values in our core beliefs being changed right in front of our eyes is not who we are. I do not believe so. The more we allow this to continue the more they will think they will get away with maybe get away with a lot over the last 15 years
  8. Wrote this is 2012 https://www.ironpatriot.us/the-stuff-we-are-made-off/ ****Attention**** A must read. Only the message matters, so please take the time to Read. I want to tell you a story, a story about of the “stuff” we are made of, so indulge me, for you may find this beneficial.

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