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  1. MissMontana... I've got some friends that have a pretty active unit in your area (I'm from the Flathead)... I can send you a FB starter link if you want it...
  2. We should meet up for some paper punching... I spend my free time at the Queen Valley range (when its not shut down by the forest circus)...
  3. Dingo K9 Armor Systems Recon/S&R harness set, New with tags, Size medium, Fits average size German Shepards, Malinois, Labs, etc. Have one in Multicam and one in Marpat available, got an "at cost" (2-fer, Regular price is $139 ea) deal from my company... These are new with tags... Same ones being used in the sandbox by a few security companies, I've been using these for about 2 years now and can't complain. "Made in USA, Berry compliant, Flame and Cut resistant, Waterproof, Provide approx 8 pounds of positive buoyancy/flotation. Triple layered shell with breathable comfort mesh linin
  4. Damn... Trying to remember how the saying goes.... something like... "On Thursday the birds fly over Kandahar with one wing covering their ass...." ... Not an exact quote but close enough...
  5. Anyone in the far east valley? (I'm close to the Mesa/AJ line)

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