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  1. North Star Warrior Company (formerly Minnesota 3% Security Force) is still active and recruiting. We are independent and not part of a national militia organization.
  2. Ideological Gambler That is probably the kindest description I have ever heard about him. But back to the 9th, I am just glad they did not follow through with a false flag. A war starting during this time of year would be devastating because of the cold and shortage of food.
  3. This stuff is really important. Unexploded Ordnance can kill decades after the battle is over. People still get killed from UXOs leftover from World War 1 and 2.
  4. Who said you can't build a tank in your garage?
  5. An Influenza Pandemic Planning Guide For Homeless And Housing Service Providers 2006.pdf
  6. 180_Block_Masonry_Homes__1954.pdf
  7. This has a lot of valuable information for preppers, survivalists, and militia concerning baking in primitive field conditions. Manual_For_Army_Bakers__1916.pdf
  8. FM_4-30.13_Ammunition_Handbook-_TTPs_For_Munitions_Handlers__2001.pdf
  9. I agree we should have a rally. I also agree that we should pick a better location and date. A rally held during warm weather months means more people would show up. I am just glad this didn't turn into a false flag against the militia.
  10. Perfect. Thank you. I'll try to add it to the NSW page.
  11. ATP_3-04.1_Aviation_Tactical_Employment__2016.pdf
  12. Air_Assault_School_Handbook__2013.pdf
  13. Created and used at Fort Benning, GA Tank Platoon SOP 2015.pdf
  14. Sig1980: Sent you an invite. Still trying to figure it out. Fixer: Thanks. Not surprised on the color thing. The DFL and communists have controlled the state for years from their enclaves in the Twin Cities and Rochester. I'm surprised the MN National Guard doesn't carry AKs and use T-72s and BMPs. Because they have those concentrations backed with legal and huge numbers of illegal immigrants they lord over the the other 90% of the state.

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