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  1. Because of what is happening in Virginia the unit has melted down and disbanded. As the saying goes ,"people want to talk about doing patriot s**t until it is time to do patriot s**t." I am the only member left and I have closed down the unit.
  2. It has been an extremely useful tactic. They also use the usual infiltrate, intel gathering, and then take over tactics also. We are still around and are located south of the Cities. If you are north of the Cities and looking we have 1 possible contact for up there at this time. But I don't know if they are looking for new people or not.
  3. Thanks for the shout out Security Guy. We are hoping to bring 2-3 vehicles worth of people from Minnesota. Right now we don't even have 1 full vehicle's worth. Things are getting real and people are saying "wait, what?....".
  4. NEVER SUPPORT THE CONVENTION OF STATES!!!! It is a Constitutional Convention and they can change the entire US Constitution with a simple majority vote. And the people and groups that have been pushing this from behind the scenes since Bush was in office have admitted they already have the delegates selected for every state. And there isn't a single Conservative, libertarian, Constitutionalist, or even Republican in the group. They admitted ALL the delegates are leftists, socialists, communists, and down right authoritarians. You are being duped if you go along with this. Never forget that it was a simple Convention Of States that was called to amend the Articles of Confederation which resulted in them scrapping the whole thing and creating the US Constitution. Now imagine that same situation but this time filled with SJW LGBTQ+ leftists.
  5. Law Enforcement has done an outstanding job at destroying militias across the state. They infiltrate, learn about the members, and then tear them apart from the inside by inciting and inflaming conflicts. Most of the former members are then so turned off about the militia they refuse to join back up because they think that is how the militia is everywhere. I and Sig dealt with someone that fits that description all to well in our last unit. The guy admitted to being a cop in another state before moving up here. Both of us have a suspicion he still is one. Last we heard that unit self destructed. We've tried recruiting some of the former members we know are good people and patriots.
  6. I posted this under SecurityGuy42's posting about the January 20th 2A Rally also.
  7. Also, plan on showing up in Richmond, Virginia on January 20th for the VCDL 2nd Amendment Rally. We need to show them we will not budge another inch. Show up and be peaceful but be prepared for worst case scenario. Follow the laws about what you can and can't have on VA state government property.
  8. It really seems like the deep state cronies are trying to secure their homes. They may work in DC (and around Langley) but live in Virginia. They can't allow the peasants to be armed around them.
  9. The rep is worried that the people will exercise their Constitutional Rights and they won't be able to pass their gun control plans. Tells you how this is shaping up doesn't it?
  10. Already accepted. Hopefully you can come up here once in a while to attend training with us.
  11. Wow, the cop stops someone who has been shooting indiscriminately around the town and is the one charged with murder. Oklahoma City grand jurors concluded Lieutenant Mitchell acted without justifiable or excusable cause in the events that led up to the death of Micheal Ann Godsey and engaged in “imminently dangerous conduct” toward her as well. How much you want to bet he was charged because he killed a transgender? The name doesn't seem to fit the sex for the descriptive.
  12. Thanks. Trying to come up with ideas of where else to try and recruit.

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