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  1. Isn't III% Defense Militia the new name that Chris Shill aka General Blood Agent reflaged his 3% Security Force/Security Force 3% as? Too many people know about his "activities" and what he tried doing to his militia in the past (open insurrection in November 2019). So he had to rename it.
  2. @B.Maverick I think there are posts on here about the Chicoms. I think SecurityGuy42 even posted a link about their current infantry squad organization and equipment last weekend in the video section.
  3. Well B.Maverick, I hope you have enjoyed your time on this forum because i have a feeling LFR or another mod will soon bring it to an end. You can still access the resources on here after being banned but you just won't be able to post. As for the Antifa ass clown instigator who did the tweeter post....ball is in your court. And I guarantee the response you get won't be what you expect. If the Feds don't take you down first and you go thru with your threat.... Well, I hope you have life insurance. We won't fire first but a weapon pointed in someone's direction and the attitude
  4. Antifa is a joke and only a threat when they outnumber you. And even then if it looks like you can defend yourself they typically find easier prey. They are nothing but useful idiots and disposable pawns. Once they get their masters into power they will be purged like what happened to the SA, Bolsheviks, and the ones who helped Mao get into power. Tyrannical regimes always eliminate the groups that got them in power.
  5. Sent you some info/a place to look for units near you.
  6. So that's the version of the RPK Schwarzenegger used in Commando.
  7. I don't believe for a second Biden was the real winner without fraud. No one came to his rallies. He had less attendees than Killary did. And after the news about Hunter's dealings on behalf of his father you had people trying to change their votes from him to Trump. Here in MN we had the whole Ballot harvesting scandal with Omar (who somehow won). Which I don't doubt Keith Ellison the AG will sweep under the rug now and go after Project Veritas for "election interference". We also had the usual extremely questionable vote counts as always and counties reporting numbers many many many ho
  8. We are still active and recruiting. Message Hammer3sf and we can start the vetting process.
  9. And a story about Duncan Lemp. https://www.startribune.com/family-man-fatally-shot-by-police-wasn-t-extremist/572831892/
  10. Another story they ran in July. https://www.startribune.com/inside-minnesota-s-boogaloo-movement-armed-and-eager-for-societal-collapse/571821151/
  11. I was at the store this morning and saw a copy of the Star Tribune out for sale. The main story was that the Boogaloos Bois are the one who burned Precinct 3 in Minneapolis and not BLM or Antifa. So ignore what you saw on all the TV footage and cellphone videos. Those weren't BLM or Antifa members they were actually white redneck white supremacists wearing all black and shouting Black Lives Matter. I couldn't find that story on their website for some reason but I did find this one: https://www.startribune.com/charges-boogaloo-bois-fired-on-mpls-precinct-shouted-justice-for-floyd/57284
  12. Why bury them? Crows, buzzards, and coyotes have to eat too.

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