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  1. Sorry to hear this, they might have won the fight, but the bastards will NOT win the battle!! Keep on keeping on...
  2. Carried by 6, because I am willing to be that to defend my freedom, liberty, and justice for all...
  3. Ex Navy "EM" (Electricians Mate) CCL holder, business owner, and proud American who believes in our Constitution!
  4. Hi David, 

    welcome to 330!  would like to chat soon.  Thanks.

  5. Hello Terry, welcome here!  I would like to speak with you sometime if possible? 





  6. Hi Steve, welcome here!  I would like to speak with you sometime if possible?  Thanks!

  7. Hello Peter, welcome!  would like to chat soon.  Thanks!

  8. Hi, I'm looking to lead if there are any openings in Massillon Ohio? I have military background, (USN) I have CCL, and a bit of firepower if absolutely needed. Thanks.
  9. Massillon Ohio here, looking to lead or join something serious, I have a business so I don't have tons of time, quality time matters. Thanks!
  10. 330 I would like to either lead or be involved. Ex-military 86-88, CHL holder, 53 years old, out of shape, can't do much physically, but my mind and leadership abilities are intact.
  11. Ex military, CCL holder, AR 15, AR 9, and a few pistols, Mossberg 590A1 next...
  12. carriedby6


  13. Still looking for a active group? Sons of liberty could be for you. Question 1 age, 2 what branch and how long did you serve, 3 are you looking to be a leader of a group, Last What are your views on our country/government, and a revolution?

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