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  1. Hello, I have posted for people to participate in the chat and have tried to get members to communicate and follow through with joining here, but I am having no luck whatsoever, only 2 people have joined the chat and now I don't even see them there.... If no one is interested, I cannot organize something that doesn't exist, therefore, because of the lack of interest, I will be soon deleting this militia and do something more productive with my time.. Thanks.
  2. Please leave your email here so I can invite you to the chat site OR simply click on this link: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a7138d009dc9e4d00a23e81191a57e21e%40thread.tacv2/conversations?groupId=012269d4-ef0f-49c1-8994-b8d0fc3a8f65&tenantId=8bf0e0fc-d332-4de0-a6ae-2dab53f65331 You will first be added as a guest, then possibly later as a member. Thank you!
  3. Ok, I want to encourage all of you to join the new chat, please follow this link to join: https://teams.microsoft.com/join/9srpykadf2gp Thanks!
  4. Ok all, there is obviously a problem with this software, so, I am going to use something different and actually better, I will post here what to do after I get it installed and running properly. Please see next page for chat link... Thanks!
  5. I apologize man, I am still learning how to navigate this site... it was posted for different individuals trying to find a militia to join, I was merely trying to help them... TY
  6. Hi Heather Ann,

    please follow the link below and find the militia for your area code.




    Click Here

  7. Hi Lovell,

    I am leader of area code 330 militia, please go to the link below and find the militia for your area code, thanks.


    click here

  8. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the option, obviously didn't look good enough... Thanks!
  9. Welcome! please look up your area code here: click here
  10. Welcome, please look up your area code here: click here
  11. Welcome Alex, please look up your area code here: click here
  12. Welcome, look up your area code on this page: click here
  13. Welcome, this section is for 330 area code, try to find your area code here: Click Here

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