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  1. Wow. I love cabbage and sauerkraut but had no idea if these wonderful health benefits. Good to know!!
  2. I have A Walther Creed as a knock around pistol. It has been great!! My favorites are a Marlin model 60, my Walther Creed,my Mossberg 500 and my Marlin 983S 22 magnum. I also would suggest looking into a Savage 99(mine is in 300 savage), A marlin 336 in 30-30(I also have a Savage 340 bolt action 30-30) , Any 45acp pistol or rifle(the Hi-Point carbine is pretty darned good),a coach gun and a few of those Heritage rough rider pistols with both cylinders.
  3. I actually witnessed something similar to this over the weekend. Walking to my car from Bass Pro, I noticed an older pronoun(I,you,he,she,it,we,or they) berating a man, carrying a pelican rifle case. That's right-an empty RIFLE CASE!! It proceeded to call this man every name in the book including the typical MSM themes,then attempted to slap him. Too bad for the pronoun- a local sheriffs deputy just happened to witness the whole thing! I wish I had the thought to get this on video!! The pronoun threw a tantrum and was promptly arrested before a cheering audience.

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