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  1. Not forgotten as I am a member and fully support also a member at Bridgeville rifle and pistol club, DSSA, NRA Life, DGR, USCCA and a approved firearms instructor here in Delaware and on the 15th in Dover everybody needs to show up for OUR support of our rights.
  2. Pretty much Delaware Gun Rights aka DGR is on Facebook but is very active against the gun laws they keep trying to pass so I follow them and meet up in Dover at legislative hall for protest other than that there has only been two others on here
  3. Im in southern de have only found 1 other on here in DE
  4. Is there more than a couple members from Delaware on MyMilitia ? If your out there let’s here from you????????
  5. Yo Gerard I will be at the legislative hall in Dover about 10:30 on Wednesday 10th if your free and know anyone else you could bring to support Delaware gun rights and our rights against moms demands laws they are proposing if you can I will have some 3% t shirts I bought your welcome to some they have my avitar pic on them well let me know or I’ll just be there
  6. Yes I have a membership but there are days every week that have IDPA and USPSA matches and during those days the range is open to spectators and then membership information is available for those that want to join it is a very nice place and talking about it I might go shoot today for a bit lol
  7. Gerard, I shoot at Bridgeville’s rifle and pistol club I am a member that’s the only place I go they have plenty of space to setup just about anything look up there latest YouTube video they used a drone to show the IDPA match. I have purchased and shot at shooters but it’s like freezing ? in there lol
  8. Wow at least it not just one from Delaware anymore I’m in southern Delaware in rehoboth at the moment looking for some property I can shoot in backyard from where you at friend?
  9. Miket


  10. Hi all here from southern Delaware looking for others that want the same freedoms and actions to save our country

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