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  1. Files are courtesy of the CIA CIA-719.pdf CIA-808.pdf CIA-859.pdf CIA-816.pdf CIA-638.pdf CIA-824.pdf CIA-867.pdf CIA-727.pdf CIA-654.pdf CIA-840.pdf CIA-751.pdf CIA-018.pdf CIA-786.pdf CIA-646.pdf CIA-697.pdf CIA-735.pdf CIA-832.pdf CIA-689.pdf CIA-700.pdf CIA-743.pdf CIA-852.pdf CIA-798.pdf CIA-712.pdf CIA-658.pdf CIA-690.pdf CIA-755.pdf CIA-662.pdf CIA-707.pdf CIA-804.pdf CIA-626.pdf CIA-669.pdf CIA-038.pdf CIA-771.pdf CIA-847.pdf CIA-674.pdf CIA-383(1).pdf CIA-642.pdf CIA-023.pdf CIA-685.pdf CIA-723.pdf CIA-651.pdf CIA-790.pdf CIA-694.pdf CIA-783.pdf CIA-766.pdf CIA-634.pdf CIA-740.pdf CIA-677.pdf CIA-739.pdf CIA-828.pdf CIA-704.pdf CIA-747.pdf CIA-666.pdf CIA-800.pdf CIA-813.pdf CIA-794.pdf CIA-649.pdf CIA-839.pdf CIA-732.pdf CIA-856.pdf CIA-775.pdf CIA-762.pdf CIA-670.pdf CIA-758.pdf CIA-843.pdf CIA-860.pdf CIA-715.pdf CIA-701.pdf CIA-744.pdf CIA-833.pdf CIA-787.pdf CIA-655.pdf CIA-698.pdf CIA-726.pdf CIA-671.pdf CIA-681.pdf CIA-760.pdf CIA-734.pdf CIA-866.pdf CIA-010.pdf CIA-769.pdf CIA-823.pdf CIA-637.pdf CIA-738.pdf CIA-675.pdf CIA-848.pdf CIA-632.pdf CIA-772.pdf CIA-805.pdf CIA-627.pdf CIA-030.pdf CIA-851.pdf CIA-817.pdf CIA-643.pdf CIA-711.pdf CIA-025.pdf CIA-797.pdf CIA-754.pdf CIA-661.pdf CIA-722.pdf CIA-855.pdf CIA-686.pdf CIA-705.pdf CIA-659.pdf CIA-748.pdf CIA-765.pdf CIA-693.pdf CIA-633.pdf CIA-782.pdf CIA-650.pdf CIA-676.pdf CIA-750.pdf CIA-827.pdf CIA-793.pdf CIA-733.pdf CIA-844.pdf CIA-801.pdf CIA-776.pdf CIA-716.pdf CIA-759.pdf CIA-861.pdf CIA-648.pdf CIA-682.pdf CIA-812.pdf CIA-665.pdf CIA-838.pdf CIA-672.pdf CIA-680.pdf CIA-761.pdf CIA-699.pdf CIA-753.pdf CIA-710.pdf CIA-850.pdf CIA-664.pdf CIA-796.pdf CIA-806.pdf CIA-849.pdf CIA-717.pdf CIA-725.pdf CIA-768.pdf CIA-628.pdf CIA-865.pdf CIA-644.pdf CIA-818.pdf CIA-822.pdf CIA-737.pdf CIA-660.pdf CIA-692.pdf CIA-656.pdf CIA-687.pdf CIA-741.pdf CIA-784.pdf CIA-834.pdf CIA-749.pdf CIA-706.pdf CIA-854.pdf CIA-668.pdf CIA-811.pdf CIA-625.pdf CIA-837.pdf CIA-713.pdf CIA-799.pdf CIA-845.pdf CIA-721.pdf CIA-764.pdf CIA-773.pdf CIA-802.pdf CIA-730.pdf CIA-862.pdf CIA-756.pdf CIA-004.pdf CIA-653.pdf CIA-683.pdf CIA-640.pdf CIA-696.pdf CIA-777.pdf CIA-709.pdf CIA-679.pdf CIA-636.pdf CIA-781.pdf CIA-792.pdf CIA-826.pdf CIA-788.pdf CIA-869.pdf CIA-728.pdf CIA-830.pdf CIA-745.pdf CIA-702.pdf CIA-779.pdf CIA-736.pdf CIA-841.pdf CIA-770.pdf CIA-807.pdf CIA-718.pdf CIA-809.pdf CIA-629.pdf CIA-815.pdf CIA-858.pdf CIA-663.pdf CIA-752.pdf CIA-795.pdf CIA-691.pdf CIA-785.pdf CIA-708.pdf CIA-645.pdf CIA-688.pdf CIA-742.pdf CIA-835.pdf CIA-630.pdf CIA-864.pdf CIA-673.pdf CIA-767.pdf CIA-724.pdf CIA-657.pdf CIA-821.pdf CIA-803.pdf CIA-774.pdf CIA-731.pdf CIA-846.pdf CIA-829.pdf CIA-757.pdf CIA-820.pdf CIA-714.pdf CIA-863.pdf CIA-684.pdf CIA-810.pdf CIA-667.pdf CIA-870.pdf CIA-641.pdf CIA-853.pdf CIA-048.pdf CIA-791.pdf CIA-836.pdf CIA-720.pdf CIA-857.pdf CIA-819.pdf CIA-814.pdf CIA-763.pdf CIA-789.pdf CIA-746.pdf CIA-831.pdf CIA-729.pdf CIA-703.pdf CIA-678.pdf CIA-695.pdf CIA-842.pdf CIA-652.pdf CIA-016.pdf CIA-780.pdf
  2. I am a founding member of a patriot group based in Wisconsin. We have around 50 members native to the group. We also train/serve the community alongside other state and National groups putting our overall numbers above 300. I would love to meet, greet, and network with other groups and Patriots out there. Feel free to reach out.
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