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  1. So, which covering a story on the happenings in Oregon this weekend, CNN just referred to "Far Left GROUPS" AND "Far Right EXTREMISTS." Anyone surprised? Then they shared how it's not ANTIFA, but rather all the "white nationalists," who are committing all the violence and murders. You cant make this up, America...CNN is selling fairy tales to the ignorant.
  2. Wow, very cool! Seems to be growing a lot since I first signed up awhile back. Great news!
  3. So true. Bombs wouldn't fit the narrative. It's interesting to me when something non gun related happens, the person is guilty When it is gun related, the gun is guilty. I find it appealing that otherwise well meaning people think the answer to violence is to make everyone unarmed. 🙄
  4. Hello all from Indiana. New to the forum, I'm looking forward to networking with you all.

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