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  1. Not only that it is also where Musk's Starlink constellation is going to be, which the DoD is heavily invested in as a contingency comms platform. I think the optical inter-linking is going to make 5G kind of obsolete once he gets it active.
  2. Do everything you can whenever you can. Support your local units, train as often as possible, help those that are dragging. The fact you ask that question shows you haven't given up faith and resolve. Bravo.
  3. I suggest you post up an intro in your state thread located here: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/16-indiana-militias/ Also you can do the same in your area code: https://www.mymilitia.com/area-code-militias/ Chances are someone will reach out.
  4. That is who the smart money would be on. But IMHO it's not beyond Christians In Action or one of the MI's to do this either.
  5. If people would listen to the admins and set their groups up the way we tell them they should be setup then their comms are as secure as you'll find without paying for it. Setting the groups (miltias) to closed or even private keeps non-members from being able to read topics of discussion. On request an Admin will do a security review of a group with the owners. This works, and it is working now. The other thing is people need to really think about what they post in the wild (where everyone can see it). I see a LOT of posting that just hands out personal info willy nilly. Save that for close
  6. Absolutely, and you are right. Corp media barely covered the hostile takeover of Hong Kong and plays a major deaf ear to the human rights atrocities that regularly occur in China. I guess we can thank slick willy for his kid glove approach.
  7. They are already posturing for a move on Taiwan. Congress took the teeth out of the defense treaty we had with Taiwan years ago, but I think most western nations realize the significance of it from a standpoint of halting continuing Sino expansion in the pacific rim and would step in. Frankly it's time China gets a smackdown, and the same sentiment is starting to come out of Russia and other Asian nations like Vietnam. If they make a move on Taiwan the president is bound by treaty to provide them with defense goods. This isn't something he can unilaterally waffle out of.
  8. Exactly. There's an old proverb: He who looks only at history is blind in one eye, he who ignores history is blind in both. And with the way the current social situations are being steered I often wonder if the concept of chaos within a republic begets a democracy, which begets an anarchy, which begets communism is being applied purposely.
  9. Yeah, anything left over dies when the new congress is sworn in. But expect to see the usual suspect bills, i.e. an AWB, all the open borders legislation, etc...
  10. And we might as well rename anything named after the Duke of York, like New York, New York city etc.. After all he was one of the most notorious and brutal slavers in history. Throw that out there and see how fast their tune changes.
  11. Nope, I have raised hell about it, donated to both state and national rights groups, marched, been one of the key organizers in defeating anti-gunners at state level on ballots, and actively fought to gain ground in both our state (which we have) and at the federal level. Now what have you done?
  12. I voted for Trump, and that is because the likelihood of fighting to maintain group under him is a helluva lot less than this guy.
  13. We call those guys threeshirters, LOL

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