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  1. I think the whole tacticool thing was directed towards people that will run out and buy the latest camo pattern, replace a perfectly good canteen with a space age plastic wonderbottle, and has to have all the latest gucci kit, some of which they have no clue how to use properly (seen it more than once). Function over form is the point. Having an AR and standardizing doesn't make you tacticool. Having a $3000 AR with an OTAL decked out with another grand worth of furniture and a grand worth of glass on top when your max engagement range is probably going to be 300 meters due to terrain? Definitely Gecko45.
  2. Spinal injuries are no joke but they aren't always the end all. You can do it.
  3. I didn't hear it but I may have gotten distracted, been rolling up training outlines all day. If you did Bravo. Now everyone go do some PT first thing in the am.
  4. Rascaldees has a good point. I'd take it a step further and say shop locally owned small businesses whenever you can.
  5. The vid is still up, I just watched it.
  6. All great points. I'd add"All of you need way more PT".
  7. And that is what makes charismatic well spoken guy like senor grandmaster actually dangerous. They are able to take those various little existing and emerging groups and align their purposes and goals and get them to work together. Tactically he may be a joke but if he has the ability to forge alliances and bring people to a table and establish a common purpose then he's not to be taken lightly.
  8. That is an absolute truth. If you do not have the majority of the populace's support then you're boned. I study revolutions, and always like to use the example of the Tupamaros failed marxist revolution in Uruguay as an example. They alienated the population through their activities, kind of like how the rioting and looting are doing to the protest movements now.
  9. For them maybe. I want to see them correct a base over bolt malfunction with those nails. Maybe fat Albert can help once he gets the dirt out of his muzzle, That is if he doesn't have heat stroke.
  10. The GC is really kind of moot nowadays since the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006. You could be meeting all 4 conditions the GC requires of militias and a Combatant Status Review Tribunal could still declare you an illegal/unprivileged combatant.
  11. How ya doing man? I haven't seen a lot out of ya lately.

  12. One of our smart guys with connections has been digging and what he's determined is that it's not so much one big "mass" he's trying to create but a lot of small mobile groups controlled by regional and state coordinators. So he's not so much the threat here because he's pretty much just a mouthpiece. These coordinators on the other hand are tied into other affinity groups ranging from BLM to Eco freaks. The current thought is that within the next 12 months or so they will have cross pollinated with enough affinity groups and had time and access to training to possibly become an emergent threat with numbers.
  13. Welcome Cathy. One of the other admins will be along to post a welcome message with a bunch of useful links to more info. This site is not actually an "organization' but more of a meeting place for people to network, find groups, share ideas, provide useful resources, etc. If you have any questions or issues with the site please let us know, we're here to help.

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