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  1. Straight out of Orwell. Erase the past to control the future. It appears Mintruth is already established and operative.
  2. FYI CLS has been replaced with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3). The POI, slide decks, etc. can be found here: https://www.naemt.org/education/naemt-tccc/tccc-ac-guidelines-and-curriculum
  3. Funny how even when a kidnapped child's dead body is found at one it's not deemed newsworthy.
  4. Not a good way to approach those folks. The argument I use is "after they get rid of what they consider "assault weapons" then they're going to come after your "sniper capable" rifle". That tends to wake the Fudds up.
  5. One of the problems is that equality of opportunity has been turned into equality of outcomes, which is in no way just.
  6. Minneapolis is another Dearbornistan in the making.
  7. To the Leftistas anything right of Marx is fascist.
  8. No, and yes. This is where "never let a good crisis go to waste "started.
  9. Megatron I'm going to recommend a book for ya: The Hologram of Liberty by Ken Royce (aka Boston T. Party): https://www.amazon.com/Hologram-Liberty-Constitutions-Shocking-Government-ebook/dp/B00NRJEAN4 It's worth the read, and passing around. By and far among everything I have in my shelf that one stays loaned out the most.
  10. At this point in history is reconciliation between all of these opposing factions even possible? We've had an entire generation plus the majority of whom have been indoctrinated to believe socialism is the greatest thing on the planet, and are keenly unaware of it's massive failures and genocides. Plus frankly the majority of the people from any given faction are sleeping sheeple, happy with their breads and circuses as long as their iPhones work.
  11. I'm not referring to singular political ideologies. I am referring to how the majority of people in states think. How much does the average Georgian have in common with the average Southern Californian? A Texan with A New Yorker? It's not as simple as Pubs vs. Dems. It's asymmetric and when it gets down to it. Attached is what is referred to as the CW2 cube developed by Matt Bracken. If you care to read the article it can be found here: https://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/2010/07/bracken-cw2-cube-mapping-meta-terrain.html It's not going to be us vs. them. It's going to be us/those guys, these guys etc. vs. them/those guys, those other guys, etc.
  12. I would argue that the Confederacy did not totally lose the Civil War, at least not in the long game sense. It's 150 some odd years later and where winning a war could not prevail, history has. The current factions as they are now cannot coexist because they are headed in different directions, whether ethnic, cultural, religious, racial, or political. Leftists now realize they cannot coexist with us, and we cannot have one leader for both factions. It's a rebuke of the basest kind to the northern ideology of a big centralized government. I love the republic, but as a realist I hold little hope for its restoration in any way we truly want. As the days go by things become more and more balkanized.
  13. I've read that, it's a good synopsis, but it is a CGSC Thesis and not comprehensive. For those that want it for free: https://fas.org/man/eprint/marques.pdf
  14. 1-2 MOA with surplus is acceptable. Yeah when they were running $500 without the optic that was a helluva deal, I snagged one and picked up a POSP scope from Kalinka and was still well under a grand. Market demand has driven the prices up on them, no doubt about it. Same thing with the WASR-10Bs (the RPK clones). I snagged a couple when they were $399 and turned one into a Tabuk clone. Now if you find one they are way more than that. In the next few years we're gong to see some of the newer rounds gain bigger market shares, especially with the AR crowd. With SOCOM adopting 6.5 and the folks warming up to 224 along with the rifles starting to be produced by the budget companies I think those calibers are going to become much more mainstream.
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