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  1. I had most of the groups listed when I went in and rebuilt the links section, any idea what happened to it? NVM, found it: https://www.mymilitia.com/links/category/4-arkansas-militias/
  2. The Arkansas Spartans are an unorganized militia which serves to protect and defend the State of Arkansas as well as our families, communities, and fellow citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic. Our primary focus is preparedness and training for the preservation of freedoms as outlined in the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Arkansas. We also have a secondary focus of assisting communities during both natural and man-made disasters.
  3. There are many different types of militias in our great state, so finding one to fit you will not be hard. Trying all of them out however will be hard, as there are awesome people in all of them. If you like(and ride) motorcycles check out the Ruffneck Resistance RMM.
  4. There are many different types of militias in our great state, so finding one to fit you will not be hard. Trying all of them out however will be hard, as there are awesome people in all of them. If you like(and ride) motorcycles check out the Ruffneck Resistance RMM.
  5. The mission of the Arkansas Defense Force is to promote self reliance, mutual support, and freedom and equality among Arkansans. We support both the word and spirit of the US and Arkansas Constitutions. We train to do whatever is required to ensure that Arkansans are safe and free.
  6. If your looking for a group of men and women that care about our country and state. And want to make difference in our state and its community's . COME JOIN US! We are the couple next door, nurses, teachers, construction workers, firefighters, retired, men and women that have served our great country from all branches, just your everyday folks that want to see our children and grandchildren have a life worth living! WE WILL NOT LAY DOWN , WE WILL NOT SUBMIT ! !!! We are ASMC AND WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AND YOURS!!!! Get trained , get educated and let's make a difference!!
  7. We have to look even deeper, why are these young people on anti-depressants in the first place? What is causing the record number of mental health issues this generation faces? I believe the answer is that we have created a generation ill equipped to deal with the realty of life. And the worst of the worst choose to commit this kind of evil. I posted this in another forum recently: "The scrips are the upper crust of the problem and ignore the greater problem: Why do these people need these scrips at all? Theodore Dalrymple (a pseudonym) has written volumes on how society has created a culture in which a large portion of people were not properly raised, because normal parenting conventions and family/peer values are no longer important. Over the last 30 years we have consistently failed to teach young people to deal with reality and accountability. The reality of dealing with and overcoming failure, rejection, and all of the other sucky stuff that real life brings. Kids need good stable families. They need to learn the sting of not making the team and be mentored to be better so they make it next year. Insulating young people from the harsh reality of life during their formative years doesn't emotionally and intellectually equip them to deal with real life. So they end up on a whole plethora of meds to deal with issues they should have already been equipped to deal with. It's a people problem all right, but the core cause of the people problem is a parenting/mentoring and cultural problem. If you go back in the majority of mass shooting cases the shooters(s) by and large were either from broken, dysfunctional families or spoiled rotten. This is what the hippie feel good culture of the 60's and 70s has wrought."
  8. The pattern is that our society and culture has descended into depravity. In almost every instance of these kind of incidents you'll find a young guy that came form a really jacked up background who was insulated form the harsh realities of life as a kid, and isn't emotionally or mentally equipped to deal with life as an adult.
  9. Foresee? It's already a possibility. The concept presented in this video is possible now, all it takes it the effort to build the network, program the AI, and start production. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=9CO6M2HsoIA;t=8
  10. My nephew has been messing with them. You can basically do all kinds of stuff once you learn the programming language. The little one he messes with has a windows like interface and can do basic web browsing, and stuff like that but apparently these things are pretty darn capable little computers.
  11. C/H, yeah, age will get to ya. IMHO some kind of workout routine especially after 45 is pretty important. I based our 30/60/90 day workout plan off of one on this site: https://darebee.com/ Lotta good easy simple fitness routines that don't require any special equipment, $, etc. Just time, effort, and some self motivation.
  12. HF radios have really come down in price, I snagged a slightly used Alinco DX-SRT8 with power supply for $300. There are deals to be found, but when ya find them you have to jump on them because someone else will. Most serious enthusiasts take extraordinary care of their equipment so when they upgrade you can find some really hot deals on good equipment. The great thing about amateur radio is there are so many aspects of it you can spend an entire lifetime learning new things (hell even keeping up with technology).
  13. IMHO there are three critical task areas that can be done even by some that are really disabled: - Signal support (especially SIGINT) - Intelligence functions - Logistics functions Without these capabilities you risk being blind, deaf, and starving. Even the greatest gaggle of shooters in the world are going to be greatly impacted without support. These functions are serious combat multipliers. Things like knowing the threat's 5 Ws, being able to communicate in real time vs. courier, and being able to maintain an adequate load of 3Fs keeps you functional.
  14. If you find yourself in a conventional fight then you're doing it wrong. Unconventional warfare relies heavily on both the endurance and speed aspects of mobility and that requires a level of fitness beyond what the median adult in America has now. A good decent level of physical fitness improves your resistance to environmental stressors, helps you to endure lack of nutrition, increases your resistance to illnesses, and even benefits recovering from wounds. Bottom line: Stronger people are harder to kill and are a greater asset to their team. This goes back to standards. If someone is physically disabled and can't sprint 100 yards and engage targets then they shouldn't be trying to, there's plenty of other things for them to do to contribute. PT costs nothing but time and effort. Does a person that is physically able to workout but fails to meet any standard? In my book absolutely not.
  15. Best for team level comms? Motorola DTRs, frequency hopping spread spectrum gives you an acceptable level of security. Regional (i.e. statewide)? Go with at least a General license and invest (or build) a good NVIS antenna. A good option for those looking into digital radios are the Connect Systems radios. The CS 580 UHF runs around $130 and it a tough little rig, it meets some of mil standards for environmental exposure. http://www.connectsystems.com/products/top/radios%20CS580.htm