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  1. Why yes you can use the Eotech reticle to range.
  2. TR, excellent points. OPSEC is lost on a lot of people, and I was shocked when I read they want an SSN. Now I have to rant a bit about "III%" Rant: The idea of what Mike V originally intended the III% to be is completely lost on a LOT of people. They hear the idea that III% of colonists resisted and they stop there. Most of these groups fail to grasp that Mike V started using the III% idea as a set of ideals to operate from, not as a concept of an organization. Some of the III% groups are quick to scream "we're not a Militia", which is utter nonsense - a group of individuals organized with a militant function or purpose is a militia, no matter how you paint it. And then there's the guys that use it as a marketing tool (the "threeshirters"). The III% ideals Mike V lined out are sound, but a LOT of the "III% groups" that have some kind of charter or bylaws completely miss the whole point. /rant
  3. If you want to really wake up to what is wrong with not only the Government but the Constitution itself I suggest reading "Hologram of Liberty" by Ken Royce. https://www.amazon.com/Hologram-Liberty-Constitutions-Shocking-Government/dp/1888766131
  4. Skillet


    That's what happens when you neck down a .50 BMG to .22. That and a broken shoulder
  5. Revolutions are a dangerous thing, more often than not what you end up with at the end of it looks like the current version of Libya than the Constitutional restoration most of us desire. The reality of life in the US right now is we are already experiencing a revolution, and it ain't the kind we want and we ain't winning it. Granted most of it is what we call a "cold war" with occasional flare ups but right now it's happening in both social and conventional media constantly and with a consistent message. The leftists are committed and engaged, spending tons of money and effort with movements like the Hogg kids stuff, Avakian's (yeah the old retead commie) "refuse fascism" movement, etc. etc. and they have managed to latch onto any and all allies they can get, which is why you see a lot of synergy among the LGBT, ultra-feminists, and other social issue groups. A prime example is how in the last few weeks the Socialist Rifle Association has started parroting Antifa memes and posts. Us? Hell we can't even get people to move past their egos to form a cogent message most of the time. F'rinstance: in almost every state there's multiple III% groups with very few working together. Hell in a lot of instances we are our own worst enemy. Example: at a second amendment rally here a few months back despite there being a good amount of folks that came across as plain "John and Jane Doe" they get the guy in overalls missing teeth waving a confederate flag in front of the camera, and that's the image that stuck in peole's heads. There are great people doing good work everyday but their story isn't getting out. IMHO for the next couple of years we'll what we're seeing now, and it'll increase consistently. BUT if Trump pulls off a victory in 2020 expect the left side to lose what's left of their collective minds and go all in as hard as they can. There are parts of the country that are lost. Look at how the media payed the violence from last weekend in Portland. Antifa was portrayed as the victim in most coverage and the prayer rally folks were "the antagonists". Take a gander at this read: http://coldfury.com/2018/06/03/getting-sporty/
  6. We've had some guys do this and it works well. The Airforce ABU (the "runway tigerstripe" ) looks really good after a dye job.
  7. I've got a couple of their triggers and I have to say I'm becoming pretty fond of this company.
  8. WD40 is pretty much fish oil, which is why it leaves such a nasty residue and a NONO on firearms. I've used a lot of stuff over the years but I always go back to non chlorinated brake cleaner and hoppes foaming bore cleaner for initial cleaning, and break free for follow up cleanings and lube. After hunting seasons I usually make a few good bucks doing a deep clean and lube on guys rifles. Never underestimate how much some lazy guy is willing to pay to have the job done right.
  9. See, crap like this is what actually drives people to join the NRA.
  10. I dunno, I see it as a solution looking for a problem. Seems like they would just train Condition 3 and learn to cycle the bolt.
  11. How did you get in the service having taken Adderall for ADD? That is normally a huge disqualifier, I've seen Bird's kids denied entry waivers for that despite daddy pulling for them
  12. Funny, I guess kids still lay down and throw tanturms in stores after they turn 18.
  13. In a real SHTF situation gold and silver are worthless. You can't eat it, protect yourself with it, or use it to treat injuries. Wanna live like a pimp after it hits the fan? Stock up on firearms and cases of ammo, cases of cheap vodka, shelf stable medicine and medical supplies, etc. Basically things people will absolutely need to survive. And ya better make sure you have a good group of pipe hitters to help ya protect it.
  14. Did you have to run them through a proxy? I ran into that issue when folks were embedding YouTube videos on ours.
  15. Ok, so this popped up on one of the threads I was browsing.

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