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  1. I guess it's time for the rooftop Koreans to dust those 'Woos off.
  2. I picked up a Celestion Cavalry monocular during a holiday sale, it's an 8x42 and like Tempstar stated, you really need a surface to stabilize against when using it. I'm pretty happy with it. This is the model: https://www.celestron.com/products/cavalry-8x42-monocular-with-compass-reticle
  3. Only makes sense. A person with a compromised pulmonary system is going ot be at a hgher risk and have a greater chance of mortality with any respiratory virus.
  4. Wear Trauma Pads (what some of us call crash pads) with ANY plate. Ceramic, steel, HPE, etc. That kinteitc force from impact has to go somewhere, and a good pad with foam that has some Newtonian dissipation characteristics isn't super expensive. CATI sells a pair designed for use with AR500 on eBay for around $15, but they can be used with any type of plate. https://www.ebay.com/itm/10mm-Trauma-Pads-Backers-Pair-10x12-Pads-For-AR500-Steel-Body-Armor-Plates/332696784209?
  5. This. The federal law defers to state laws. I.e. in Arkansas with an expungement a felon can have their civil rights restored but cannot posses a firearm without an actual full pardon from the governor. Some states go to the extreme (once again Arkansas) in which felons (even with an expungement) cannot carry any kind of weapon, such as a knife with a blade longer than 3" or black powder firearms.
  6. I've seen a few different places doing it. Rural King is citing they want to be able to have ammo in their brick and mortar stores so they shut down online sales. Buds is stating it's distributor network is not allowing them to cancel or modify any shipments, but for the time being it appears you can still purchase. I called Academy this evening and they are at business as usual, with only store hours having been changed. I really think the GalleryofGuns deal is more a move by Davidson's. Here's their statement: "Due to rapid developments regarding the COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily suspending online Gallery of Guns purchases until further notice. Circumstances at state levels as well as national concerns have led us to this difficult decision. ‍ We ask that you continue to utilize Gallery of Guns to find inventory, but then use the Retailer Search function to locate Gallery of Guns dealers near you and ask them to order the items for you. ‍ It is vital that you continue to support your local Federal Firearms Licensed dealers. No one can predict what will happen in the coming days and weeks but Gallery of Guns remains committed to our customers', vendors', and employees' safety and well-being. ‍ Stay tuned to the Gallery of Guns blog for further developments..."
  7. It may just be me but over the years I've noticed it seems to be easier to track someone moving with a visible laser turned on than with it off. I imagine that's because it gives the eye a smaller point to focus on vs an entire person.
  8. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vk74umgkdkrbal6/full.pdf?dl=0
  9. It boils down to winning the support of the populace, and with the support of the populace you get a great combat multiplier. A source of supplies, safehaven, intelligence collection, etc.. Without the willing support of the populace you're doomed to failure (i.e. The Tupamaros failed revolution), and you end up fighting for little more than a piece of paper. Vietnam is a good subject to study for TTPS, but the conditions were unique. The rural and tribal Vietnamese often hated the Saigon Government as much if not more than the Viet Cong, and when they were indifferent the VC would use force to get support. Either way they distrusted authority, very much like most rural Americans today. Foreign intervention will no doubt come at a price, and create a much more complex battle space. So instead of "A vs. B" It's "A vs B vs. C & D which also is in conflict with F, who might have a shaky alliance with A". Think of a chess game with six or more players, especially in urban areas. Only the players change colors and sides dependent on geographical location, with some remaining constant and other changing almost constantly. The cities are deathtraps. Places like Sarajevo, Grozny, and Donestk have proven that. Smaller towns will probably be stable, but larger urban centers are going to be flat out ugly, especially once basic utilities fail and diseases set in. A lot of people chant the "martial law" mantra but in reality the United States Military en masse with all of the guard, reserves, and law enforcement cannot secure all fo the urban centers. There's just too many people and too much ground to cover. At one point we had almost a third of the Army with guard support in Iraq and we couldn't even keep logistic routes secure. Which leads to the next point - you need to avoid direct engagements with any group that has superior capability. It's suicide. But if you target their logistic and support efforts while avoiding negative impact on the populace you'll do a lot more harm. I don't think any kind of civil war will be over quickly, instead I believe at the least it will be a long protracted regional conflict where hot spots popup, calm down, popup, calm down, etc. until one faction gains total dominance with the support of the people. What we'll likely see as an end state is a balkanized America in which people flee areas that do not prove secure for greener pastures. Areas may stabilize faster than others, and some areas may not stabilize for a decade or more. And outside interference will help drag it out. Cash strapped countries like Venezuela will be all to happy to supply the cartels with weaponry if it's in demand here in the states, and the cartels move what is in demand, be it meth, avocados, or AKs.
  10. "the Montgomery County Police advised the family that they themselves are investigating the case as a homicide." That is a tell, and this family very well may get a huge settlement out of it, a few supervisors or scapegoats fired, etc. but it doesn't bring him back. The big thing is this has happened more than once across the country and it never seems to change. These red flag laws are an abomination and have got to go. But even more so we need to demilitarize the police. True, there are threats out there they face on a daily basis (we just buried a local cop here today that was shot during a routine traffic stop), but there has to be a way they go back to community based policing and quit trying to emulate Seals. Seriously, if you are a LEO and are afraid to go knock on someone's door in broad daylight to serve a warrant then you are in the wrong line of work. Even if it's high risk. Hell the ROE our troops have to follow over the last decade has been more restrictive in Afghanistan than the escalation of force policy most police departments in the US are using.
  11. I don't know about Kroger but I do know Wally World is having some problems, mainly with keeping up with the increased demand and some glitches in their dynamic stock tracking system, so you may put something in your basket, pay for it, and when you go pick it up it's not there and they have refunded the charges on that item. Dollar General has pulled a solid and is using the first hour they are open to allow only seniors to get what they need, and so far their stock levels have been pretty decent. Amazon is a total crapshoot. I have had some things we use on order and they are sitting in que with an "awaiting shipment" status. You'll be lucky to find anything in stock, and they are really cracking down on the price gougers.
  12. I actually spoke to a human at Amazon today because I've had an order waiting to be shipped for a week about this. They have had a HUGE run on things like food, medical supplies, sanitation supplies, etc. and their having to implement their own contingency plan to prevent outbreaks in their fulfillment warehouses which includes scaling back the number of workers on each shift, which means a significant slowdown in outbound shipments. The lady did confirm for the immediate time being the items mentioned at the ZH article are the only items they are allowing suppliers to restock in their fulfillment warehouses. She wouldn't say how long, but if you order something that is in stock you will get it, eventually.
  13. Cayenne has hemostatic properties in that it causes the smaller capillaries to constrict, promoting the formation of clots. One thing to consider is the size of the bleed and flow rate, even a heavy capillary bleed will wash a lot of the fastest acting hemostatic right out of the wound. Packing a wound properly with gauze provides pressure against the vessels will slow/stop the flow and acts as a scaffolding for clotting. If you ice cream cone the tail of the dressing and use that as the center point of your pressure dressing it's a lot more effective. One thing people often overlook is the fact that any kind of hemostatic agent usually requires surgical debriding the wound later. Not fun at all. On heavy bleeds the current school of thought is that you reserve using them for areas where a tourniquet or direct pressure is either ineffective or not possible to properly apply. On scrapes and smaller capillary bleeds they work well. But on larger areas or deep wounds they are kind of a last tool of choice.
  14. I don't think there will be a true 'rear area' in the sense a lot of people think. More likely small enclaves, safe houses, and other areas that can be considered permissive environments. This might be a good primer for some fundamental concepts of logistic operations: Rand Corporation Study: Vietcong Logistics

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