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  1. Here Illinois we fought hard to stop the Red Flag law but we failed. However we did manage to get it scaled back from the original draft. I should point out the second paragraph of the law is only for extreme cases where the court must act quickly. I do not hear of it being used. Now we have it so now we have to live with it. Now we retool for the next political battle. I'm taking every opportunity to meet personally with all my representatives or write them
  2. Beto was the only democrat at the debate that made his position perfectly clear. His comment, O’Rourke delivered one of the night’s few memorable lines. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47, and we’re not going to allow it to be used against your fellow Americans anymore,” he said. It will be interesting to see how Beto rates in the polls. If he surges forward in the polls will be an indication of where the US is headed in the way of gun controls. Personally I think he committed political suicide with his gun grab comment but we shall see.
  3. Ok, help me out here. I watched the video "Battlefield Texas". IF/when a civil war breaks out where will the police and the military be? Who's side will they be on if they are even around? Thanks, Jim
  4. Politicians are under pressure to come up with some kind of gun control, any gun control, even if it doesn't work. It is all a 2nd amendment infraction. Contact your representatives and tell them what will work because they don't know. Illinois has a gun owner identification card (FOID) and it is a 2nd amendment infraction but I have learned to live with it . Been on the books for 50 years. I think it is effective with minimal inconvenience to the gun owners. Because of the FOID card Illinois can do daily background checks on gun owners. Furthermore the FOID card has allowances for private and gun show gun sales.
  5. I don't expect to much from the Federal Government in the way of gun control. It is much better handled at the state level because each state has different needs in the way of firearms control. An example is open carry, some state have it and some don't. A federal law on open carry is just not a good idea in my opinion. It is all very worrisome I must admit. But our local school district is conducting self defense training for all students, faculty and staff against active shooters. Stop and think there are rarely shootings at a police station, gun shop or shooting range because the criminals just don't feel safe in those places. Victims can shoot back. They are teaching people don't sit there and be killed, fight back the shooter can't shoot everyone. How many of us would like to get hold of an active shooter with our bare hands??? I would fight back with every throwable object I could get my hands on. If I could save one child it would be worth it. If you're going down may as well go down in flames. Self defense training addresses public shootings directly at the root cause,,,,the shooter himself not the gun. Self defense is a much different way of thinking. Mass shooters may think twice before shooting up a school full of students and teachers ready to launch a counter attack. Some teachers have already died saving students. I'm surprised conceal carry people don't become proactive in public shootings? They don't seem to be around or if they are they are unarmed or unwilling to get involved. Ask congress to look into that one.
  6. Ripcannon: you should research your state laws on Red Flag and find out what you are up against. I will offer advise that came from my Dad, "Don't attract attention to yourself". Think about, how many times have you been in trouble because you didn't follow those guidelines. There is power in knowledge so always run the numbers and verify what you hear. I'm so well known among my state representatives they know me by name and we often shake hands. I got that way with frequent emails and personal contact. Don't always contact them to bitch. Offer some out of the box ideas, they really like hearing ideas they can take to the legislature. I presented some ideas to an anti-gun representative and she actually liked my ideas. Truth is our legislators are quite uninformed about guns and current gun laws and what works and what won't. No surprised they get their info from the news media and they know less than the politicians. They need us to stay on course. We need to overwhelm the news media with facts and figures. I always offer to take politicians shooting with me so they can legislate on something they know a little bit about. I also believe the politicians need support from gun owners to get gun bills passed, then again I could be an idiot
  7. John, like I said the law is far from perfect but scaled back from the original draft. Also, did you miss this "Any person who knowingly provides false information in requesting a firearms restraining order would face felony perjury charges. The guy in your post, "Mr. X is a danger (because he owns an AR, wears a MAGA hat, an NRA t-shirt and makes comments on the mymilitia site". Mr. X is not a danger in my opinion and within his right to wear whatever he wants. However my style is strictly "Stealth". I want to blend in and not draw attention to myself. I do not want strangers to draw any conclusions of me or my activities. I never allow my neighbors to see any of my weapons. Open carry is always a favorite discussion topic among friends. I'm okay with open carry. I can open carry while mowing my own lawn. I enjoy seeing people open carry but I'm not going to do it strictly because it is not stealth. Stealth is the reason I like conceal carry. Know one needs to know when I'm packing not even my wife. I had to laugh one night my wife was doing laundry and was shaking out all the stuff in my pants pockets and a gun fell out along with my change. My wife was shocked, she new I carried but not used to actually seeing the weapon. No sense advertising your activities because often you're setting yourself up for theft. I do display an NRA sticker on my car and truck but even that is more for protection than advertisement. John, don't get be wrong, I'm not saying you are wrong and enjoy reading your views. I actually love these discussions. I have know idea where we are headed with gun control. I do recommend communication with your representatives and attending their meetings. My favorite activity was marching on the Illinois state capitol building with the gun owners of Illinois. It was great, 6000 gun owners looking to talk to our representatives. I made it as far as the governors desk, of course he was gone, likely hiding in the boiler room. We sent a powerful message to the legislature and everyone was well behaved. We told Chicago to go form their own state. Going again next year, come join us next year. IGOLD. https://www.isra.org/Events/AnnualEvents/iGOLD.aspx
  8. John, where is this taking place??? The Illinois red flag law started similar to what you described but during the debates gun owners protested and the bill was scaled back to what it is now. At least now someone won’t loose their guns over a domestic dispute. People making false claims could find themselves in trouble
  9. Illinois has a red flag law, here is how it works: A judge must hold a hearing within a week of the filing to review evidence and determine whether to issue an order. If the restraining order is granted, the person must remain away from guns for up to six months. Their firearm license will be suspended, and they’re otherwise barred from buying guns. If the individual is believed to be in possession of firearms, the judge would then direct law enforcement to seize those weapons for the duration of the order. Any person who knowingly provides false information in requesting a firearms restraining order would face felony perjury charges. The new Illinois law also allows for the filing of emergency restraining orders against individuals who pose an “immediate and present danger” of causing harm to themselves or others. In these cases, court hearings will be held on the same day the petition is filed, or the next day court is in session. These proceedings can be done ex parte, meaning the individual isn’t notified. If the order is granted, the person’s firearms can be removed immediately, at which time they can petition for a followup hearing within two weeks. Although much of the conversation around red flag laws has revolved around their ability to get guns away from those at risk of harming others, advocates have also pointed to their effectiveness in preventing suicides, which account for 60 percent of all firearms deaths in the country and around one-third of all fatal shootings in Illinois, according to federal statistics. The Illinois law is not perfect but better than what other states came up with. At least Illinois has due process. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/illinois-gun-laws-red-flag_n_5b11a669e4b010565aabfc12?
  10. Great video made by Lisa haven. We need to run the numbers on just about everything the news media reports. Most people don't do that, they believe everything they hear from the news media. The news media is dividing the county not the president. Lately, when the wife turns on the news, I leave the room and head for my shop where I do reloading. Reloading ammo makes me happy, the news media does not. I have already contacted my state and congressional representatives in the past week
  11. I recommend a Gun Owners of America membership. They keep me informed of anti-gun legislature. Join up
  12. What you say could very well be true. Personally I think what you’re saying is a bit of a stretch. In other words not likely to happen that way
  13. Don't believe everything you hear. He exaggerates several points. First, the 2nd amendment is not going away easily. That will require a 2/3 majority vote in congress and a 2/3 majority in a public vote. Not likely to happen. Illinois already has a red flag law, if someone files a false complaint they are charged with filing a false complaint. In Illinois a judge has to sign the order to take your guns and if the accusation turns out to be false your guns are returned in 2 weeks. The red flag law in Illinois turned out much weaker from inception to the final passing vote. Can this be abused or twisted around, I suppose but so can anything else. However, if the constitution is ever changed, it will probably be the beginning of the end.
  14. Interesting replies. I really need to hear this information and the reason I posted this.
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