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  1. Great story, don't think I heard this in the news media. Another thumbs up for our veterans and men that are real men. I think it was Ben Carson that advocated in a active shooter situation people should attack the active shooter, the logic is the shooter can't kill that many people if being attacked by the potential victims. Anything is better than standing or sitting waiting to be killed. I figure if your going to die may as well go down in flames!!
  2. Missouri has lower real estate taxes than Illinois, much lower. But, everyplace has lower taxes than Illinois. Illinois is a financial disaster!! Illinois is nearly bankrupt, I'm trying to figure out what is going to happen next in Illinois.
  3. Good for Missouri. If I decide to leave Illinois Missouri would be a good home.
  4. This morning the news reports the 8 or so churches bombed in Sri Lanka by Muslims was payback for the shooting of the Muslim church in New Zealand. The New Zealand shooter opened fire because he had issues with the Muslims. Appears to be a cycle of terror taking shape. Sri Lanka had roughly 300 people killed, 500 injured without using guns. News media has yet to point that out that fact. What's next???
  5. Isn't that simple. If anything happens to the NRA the Dems and Socialists with think they won and gun control can finally move forward, The NRA know longer an obstacle. I'm really afraid the US will be like France where there are demonstrations in the streets. Sooner or later shots will be fire from someone. In Illinois between the taxe increases and some new gun control it will push people to the breaking point and they will be in the streets. I think most people here remember the Vietnam war protests. People felt the war was fundamentally wrong and it was. Today things are different, take money out of our pockets with taxes and dismantle the constitution (2nd amendment) and how do you think people will react????. In won't be good and people are going to get hurt.
  6. I have observed some changes in the NRA recently. They stopped emailing me videos on. the anti-gun propaganda. A few weeks ago they hounded me for a $26 or more donation. They were very persistent and sounded desperate so I sent them the money something I don't usually do. The NRA is our best defense between us and the anti-gun politicians. I'm afraid without the NRA bad things could happen in our legislature.
  7. Thanks, I think you have a fine group with Honerable intentions. While I have no plans to hide from public view I also have no plan to advertise myself either. My Dad preached to me as a teen,”don’t attract attention to yourself”, I still live by his advice. The gays and certain religious orientations should follow my Dads advice as well. Thanks again though
  8. Thanks but not interested in uniforms. I want to be more like the French underground and not stand out
  9. I contact representatives weekly sometimes more. Contact the representatives often enough and they actually get to know you. Always remain calm and stay with facts. Explain why certain proposed bills won't or can't work. Present them with simple common sense ideas of your own that have to work.
  10. Sounds interesting, I'll look into it Yes, I am having a good time here
  11. I met a Chicago police officer that said to never carry with an empty chamber. He carried a 1911 45 ACP with the safety off, bullet chambered and the hammer pulled back. He said "keep you fingers away from the trigger and the gun won't discharge." He also said, "in an emergency there isn't time to fiddle with the safety stuff." Myself, I carry my 1911 without the hammer pulled with a round in the chamber.
  12. 1D best overview of the bathroom doors and main enterance and overview of customers
  13. Glad to hear it, give yourself a pat on the back because communicating with your government is a better use of your time than stockpiling ammunition. I always invite my representatives to visit the gun range so they can see us shoot, talk to people, see the guns so they can legislate on something they know a little about. The anti-gunners I know don't understand guns. They actually think AR-15s and AK-47s are machine guns not understanding what semi-automatic is. I always love the topic of "high capacity Magazines". The anti-gunners think we deer hunt and ducks hunt with these magazines not realizing in most cases while hunting there are magazine limits already in place. I can hunt wild hogs on private property with no magazine limits but still only use 20 round magazines. Why lug around the extra weight. One problem in the USA is people can't carry on a calm conversation. People can't put themselves in the other person place for just a moment to understand their view points. My wife is a Democrat and I'm Republican and we love opposite view conversations . I learn from her and she learns from me. Ground rules are " no hitting below the belt". She is actually pro-gun these days because I have explained the pit falls of anti-gun. It is ok to be anti-gun as long as your views are fact based and accurate.
  14. That guy did a nice job on that video and for me it was thought provoking it makes me want to make a few comments. First, New Zealand did in fact pass a gun bill but to my knowledge know one has surrendered their guns or had them confiscated so lets wait and see. I think Gun confiscation in the US is a bit of a stretch. First, who would want the job because I think people are going to get hurt. A few weeks ago an Illinois police officers was killed serving an arrest warrant to a guy that wasn't supposed to have a gun but had one anyway. Ask yourself how many officers will it take to collect all the once legally owned firearms from honest citizens. I think it will be a blood bath on both sides and what will the gain be. Personally I plan to be arrested so I can take up space in the already overcrowded jails. How will they lock up all the honest gun owning citizens that would rather go to jail than surrender their firearms. Who knows, maybe they will have room for all of us. It would be just like Bernie Sanders to release the criminals to make room for the gun owner under arrest. I could be all wrong to. In addition, I think the politicians that vote for gun control will find themselves out of office after the next election. Even the anti-gunners will see their own constitution under attack and object at the ballot box. Far as I know the majority rules in the US and I don't think the anti-gunners have a majority. Well folks, I launched 2 letters today to my representatives, when did you contact them last, if ever? Better get busy. As I said before, I participated in the gun owners of Illinois march to the Illinois state capitol, I write my representative almost weekly. If the gun bills become law I'll be able to through up my hands and say, "I did everything I could to stop the gun bills". Bed time.

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